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  1. I think next time he asks if I want to play I will make it conditional that he doesn't pull any of his usual stunts on the green. If he's not willing to accept those terms then that's fine - we don't play. Win / Win That might just do it.
  2. He normally plays other sports where distraction and gamesmanship are more acceptable - he just thinks golf is the same. He knows that putting is one of my strengths and does what he can to put me off my game - did him no good yesterday - crushed him 5&4 - sank some bombs and kept him pretty quiet. Just getting a bit tired of his antics - he isn't getting the hint so maybe I should do a Bubba - He is very thick skinned and maybe I just need to hammer the point home more forcefully.
  3. I like to think that golf is a gentlemanly sport where etiquette takes precedence over gamesmanship. A good friend who is very competitive and also a good player just can't help himself. He is ok for the most part but whenever we are on the greens he invariably stands and fidgets at some point during the final Phase of my routine. Commonly he will stand stock still somewhere in my field of vision until I'm about to pull the trigger.... At which point he will sharply crane his neck through 180 there is never anyone or anythiNg .... As he wears a peaked cap actions are Purely intended to break my train of thought and concentration. He will also strategically stand with his shadow across my line, behind my putter head and alsO cLose to the hole and then proceed to fidget as described earlier. In this instance I will break my routine ask him to move and then start afresh. Any idEas how to get the message through? I have asked several times but his competitive streak prevents him from behaving properly such is his desire to win. Any Suggestions appreciated.
  4. Hi All, Just wondering if any of you have had a similar injury to me - here's the deal. Golfing last week in wet cold conditions, wind got up and it got REALLY cold wind chill was severe. Last 6 holes were awful due to the fact we could not even feel our hands. Anyway when we got back in and my circulation returned it came to light that I had a numb patch on the back of my left thumb that runs from the nail to just past the main thumb knuckle. The is also a little tingling in my pinky in the same hand. Went to see my doc and he thinks that I may have banged a nerve without knowing when I could not feel my hands due to the cold. Although reading online I could easily have tweaked the medial and or median nerve in my forearm- which can cause the same symptoms. Has anyone else had a similar injury ? How did you deal with it ? My Doc says it's ok to continue playing but went to the range yesterday and it feels real jangly if any pressure is applied to the thumb or surrounding tissue / wrist. BTW I still have full use of the thumb it's just numb on the up side. Not sure what to do for the best, any advice would be most welcome.
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