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  1. 1. R. McIlroy (-11) 2. L. Donald (-9) 3. H. Mahan (-8)
  2. All I can say is good luck to you octabogey when you are 100yards from the pin and you have to carry the water to get there... You could spend 200dollars + easily filling the gap between your 44* PW and a standard 55* SW... How much are a new set of diablo's these days? Now add in 2 maybe 3 wedges.. Now how much will you appreciate the fact that your PW travels 140yards.. These Game Improvement Irons can be very decieving and will not always help you where it counts (@100yards) But like I said... Good Luck and I hope you hit em Long(when needed) and straight!
  3. Can someone please clarify if all GI irons have some degree of offset. I understand this may mean nothing and that my swing may be upside down; but I tend to hit the ball from right to left and the offset is pulling it further left... I am currently looking at buying a second hand set of Mizuno MP-52's but I havent taken them for spin yet.. Any ideas or advice would be very much appreciated..
  4. I had the same problem until my friend pointed something out to me. At address with the driver, my right shoulder would sneak in to reach for the ball at my left toe. I worked on squaring up my shoulders and getting those legs going and it seemed make a huge difference. Now to figure out why Im going right ;) Hope that will help you.
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