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  1. I have a KZG SPX that i would like done.. not sure about the graphics yet
  2. I think it looks great! Are you interested in doing other driver paint jobs?
  3. Thats awsome GolfGuy! I have heard allot of great things about Mizuno so I think you will be very happy with your purchase! Got any pictures? I actually just picked up my new clubs a couple weeks ago and the golf courses here are just starting to open up the driving ranges so I think I will be going out to hit them more tomorrow! Again, congrats on your purchase! Got any pictures of your set? Mitch G
  4. It's really hard to say what irons would be best for you. The thing I would recommend most would be to go to a major golf centre near you and try out lots of different types of iron sets. The other thing which might be good is if it's within your budget, get a fitting session. A fitting session will help ensure you have or get the right flex of golf shaft as well as the right length for what you should be swinging. It will also help you get the proper lie angle on your clubs. I have been looking at the Callaway Razrs because I have a friend that is considering purchasing a set. I
  5. Glad to have you on here FivePutt! Its always great to have more people interested in the sport as well as diving right into forums like these! There are many experienced people on here with some great advice! Mitch G
  6. I know what you mean. Some of them seem to be very positive. and then others have really had bad experiences with them. The best thing to do would be to try them out before buying them to see if they were right for you.. Not sure if thats possible for these at all... Mitch G
  7. These are skins too, including one that looks like Bubbas.. But some interesting ideas
  8. Check these reviews.. http://www.golfgearreview.com/reviews/Manufacturer-Henry%20Hatton-Category-Irons.html http://www.freegolfinfo.com/forums/tm.aspx?m=704687&mpage;=1&key;=
  9. Good to know Jamie. I have never airbrushed anything. Is it relatively simple for someone to do who is proficient in airbrushing? Unless your interested in doing them through the mailing system.. What area are you from? Mitch G
  10. I think if you got proficient at doing these detailed driver customizations, you could make a decent side business out of it! I'm actually thinking of starting up a business eventually for fitted mid to high end clubs, and would consider this as a part of it or maybe find someone who would do these personal clubs to contract that too. How do these paint jobs stand up to wear a tear out on the golf course? Mitch G
  11. No problem, if they end up working out for you and the finish lasts good for you I would be interested in getting a driver done as well if your interested. I'll of course pay the shipping and what not if you are willing to do that. Let me know. Mitch G
  12. Depending on how the clubs already fit you would effect how much the fitting and adjusting would cost. The main parts of a fitting in my opinion consist of your club shaft length and flex as well as the club lie which is the angle your club is adjusted effecting how flat your club sits on the ground. If you have to change your shaft length or flex then the price can vary greatly depending on the shafts you decide to go with. And adjusting the lie is often relatively simple for a proper club maker. If you have any questions about the process or costs I would suggest contact
  13. Well I think it all depends on your opinion for the background color. Check out this thread that another guy did on an old driver of his. http://thesandtrap.com/t/55592/old-driver-new-paintjob I think the ones that you did are pretty good too, I personally don't feel that it would be distracting for me when addressing the ball but thats all personal opinion. Now if you were going to do an emblem or some kind of symbol you would probably want the backdrop to be fairly simple so it doesn't take away from the main part of the picture. Even the blue sample you have woul
  14. If you wanted to be patriotic you could always do your country flag or something of that sort. Or an emblem that means something to you. Family name or initials with a classy backdrop.... Mitch G
  15. That looks so good! Really impressive work Balls! Are you interested in doing other drivers for a fee? Mitch G
  16. I think they look pretty slick, not that it would change the performance at all. And like golfingdad said some golfers might find it distracting. I like how you can make a unique style driver. Mitch G
  17. I know allot of the bigger stores will allow you to use them at the in store simulators, but I don't know about taking them out to a driving range or anything like that. If you can locate a Demo Day thats happening at a club or range near you that would probably work good. I have noticed that usually in the spring you can find some pretty good deals at some of the major retail stores like Golftown. http://us.golftown.com/Iron-Sets-C44.aspx?s=Price%20DESC,%20ProductId%20DESC&c;=44&p;=9 http://us.golftown.com/Iron-Sets-C44.aspx?s=Price%20DESC,%20ProductId%20DESC&c
  18. I've been looking at rangefinders and have found that anyone who bought the Leupolds have been very happy with the products. How has yours been treating you Dan? I'm still looking at all the different rangefinders. Don't really require the slope function, but I want something that is really accurate and I don't have any golf shops near where I can test any out. I have been avoiding the purchase but I think it would really help me nail down my distances and improve my accuracy as far as knowing exactly what my clubs hit. Sometimes it seems like the fairway markers are out quite a bit. Maybe
  19. There are a couple ways to do it. 1. If you have any major golf retailers near you, you could go in and see what they have left from last years stock. Often that will be on pretty good sale so you would get slightly better clubs than if you bought the current years stock. This will also give you a chance to try out the different clubs to see what you like best. 2. You can buy online and look for some good golf deals. Google will bring up allot of good bargain golf locations like rockbottomgolf.com and so on. If you decide to go this way and you do have a golf retailer near you,
  20. I think allot of people wear it because it as seen as the normal thing to do when you start. You don't really know why when you start, but everyone does so I guess thats the proper thing to do. I think thats the mind set anyway. And then after a while not wearing a glove may start to feel really foreign and odd. For myself I have stopped wearing a glove because I found it did not help my game at all. Mitch G
  21. If you already have clubs I would recommend practicing like BlueDragon suggested and working on obtaining a consistent swing before getting fitted. If you are looking at buying a new or used set of clubs right now I would suggest a basic fitting to give you your proper shaft length and flex, and possibly your club head lie. However in saying this during a fitting many people adjust loft and offsets to either get specific or more distance, or to help prevent slice or hook. I wouldn't suggest doing any of this seeing as through lessons and playing for the next while might slightly or even
  22. I would imagine it is a customized putter that certain companies can add any logo they want to it as requested, so I don't think you will be able to find exactly where this specific one came from. Mitch G
  23. I agree with GGConner. It is better to find a wedge or set of wedges that suit you rather than the SW that comes with your iron set. The other reason I would go with the 3H, 4H & 5 - PW is that it gives you another club distance with your hybrids. Thats just my opinion though. Mitch G
  24. Does it look like this at all?? if so check: http://345golf.com/ Mitch G
  25. I have almost always used a glove just because I was told that it was better for grip. A couple times I have found myself without and although it takes a couple swings to get used to I can't say that its really felt that odd to swing without a glove on. Starting this season I think I will try playing without and see how that feels for me. I recently had some clubs made up with leather grips that really felt tacky when I was trying different grips. They are supposed to increase grip in warmer weather as well as with increased moisture. Well at least thats what they say. I will have to f
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