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  1. Just got fit for a driver today....first time I ever went into the shop to get fit and was pretty surprised. I've always thought I hit it a long way but never really knew what that meant (and as usual I'm just as guilty as most ametures of inflating my distance numbers based on sight and feel). Ok, so here's what I found testing the TM R11S, with the Aldila Phenom Shaft (R, S), 10.5 degree loft When I started testing, the face/loft etc were all set to standard except I started off with a S flex shaft. Swing Speed average : 110 Average carry: 255 Average total distance: 275 Avergae back sp
  2. I agree...more hours practcing or at golf lessons are a much better investment than a whole bunch of new clubs...assuming your game has a certain level of consistancy then things like feel etc...count a lot more... [quote name="I-league" url="/t/56561/is-shaping-the-ball-overrated/126#post_698591"] Sure feel is important. But I think "feel" is mostly a function if the quality of the contact you make with the ball and the ground. Ping and Taylor Made offer 9-PW-SW sets but yeah some manufacturers force you to buy separate SW. [/quote]
  3. I agree to some extent....the whole reason for a lot of these specialist wedges being out there is because of messed up distance gapping between the short irons. Back in the day everyone carried 2 wedges that came with their sets..PW and SW. The PW was basically a 10 iron (4 or 6 degree gap to your 9 iron) and the SW was exactly what its name suggested....only meant to be played out of the sand with a much higher loft (usually 54-56 degrees with the PW being at 48-51 degrees). The stronger iron lofts these days has meant that manufacturers have basically taken the 10 iron out of the bag....whi
  4. Hi I currently carry a 5 wood (R flex) and a fairway driver (13 degree loft)…bought a new set of irons (4-PW) which have pretty strong lofts (I don’t carry a 3 wood because I get plenty of distance on all my clubs and hit the 5 wood very consistently to about 260 yards and the fairway driver gets me about 280-290 (but I am not as straight as I am with the 5 wood)). The 4 iron has a 23 degree loft and the 5 wood has an 18 degree loft. Unfortunately, its very hard to find an individual 3 iron that matches the set I have. This has left me with 13 clubs in the bag (I don’t carry a
  5. Really not sure how this tread went from shot shaping to a discussion about wedges...I think how many wedges a player carries is a very personal thing...as is the case with all the scoring clubs...wedge play is mostly about feel...so having the right clubs in your bag (I.e...what feels right to you)..is extremely important...if having a LW in the bag makes you feel better about your short game and gives you confidence...keep it in your bag...otherwise...there's no point carrying one (the same can be said about the driver (so many people keep one in the bag without hardly ever hitting it in a r
  6. Played the Gary Player Course in Sun City, South Africa once and I felt like I was putting on glass there (the greens were all very true but I couldn't believe the pace)...think I'd average 3 puts a hole at Agusta...at least 2 balls lost on 12 (one over and the other into the water) and I'd probably miss every green with the Sunday Pin positions (have to go for the pin, playing to the middle means I'd average a 4 put per hole!)...think 120-130 is a distinct possiblity...but it would be a dream to play there and I don't think I'd stop smiling for a very, very long time after!
  7. Usually....just rubbing the ball with my hands will be enough to get any gunk off...if the stuff on the ball is a little heavier, I use the flag sometimes to rub the dirt off...and if the ball has been hit out out of a plugged lie or some heavy rough and there's a huge amount of muck on it, I'll use the towel that I use for my clubs (that hangs on my bag). Hate using a new/different ball to putt with (I know a lot of poeple who do this in friendly games...its obviously a penalty in competitive golf)...find that a new/unhit ball has a lot more spring in it and I find it difficult to cont
  8. First Eagle must've been around 1990- dogleg right, par 5 (around 550 YDS), 5 wood off th tee (hit a hook and cut the dog leg), 2nd shot 4 iron to within 5 feet...made the put..was one of the happiest days of my life (game fell apart after that!). Best Eagle...Par 4- 400 yards...water on the left starting at 300-bunker on the right at 250 followed by trees on the right...hole pretty much long and straight...5 wood off the tee staright into the bunker...150 to go...from the bunker...choked down on a 6 iron and caught the ball perfectly, two bounces and straight into the hole!!!!!...game
  9. Not including wrapping two of my clubs around a tree (mistakenly of course): 1. Hit a a colonlel from the airmy once who was in the 4 ball ahead of me....got it really flush with a fairway wood and it went a lot further than I anticipated. The course was owned by the army, so when he went down, I was surrounded by Army guys (fortunately, he was ok and didn't want his colleagues to beat the crap out of me); 2. Hit an antilope once...playing at Victoria Falls (Afirca)...local course rules...two stroke penalty for hitting any wildlife!
  10. I'm quite curious about the results so far (not a big sample admitedly)...Jack was/is the most dominant golfer of all time...much the same (but more dominant) as Tiger is in this era...they both could/did hit the ball a long way compared to thier contemporaries...they both had/have nerves of steel...and they both intimidated whomever they played against (though I believe that Jack had far tougher opposition to contend with...first, Snead and Arnie, then Watson/Miller/Travino, followed by young Seve/young Norman/young Faldo). Wonder why Jack hasn't got any votes at all, while Tiger is running a
  11. Well...my old coach told me a wonderful story about Seve. Can't remember which golf course/tournament it was but Seve, Jack and Watson were playing a practice round and had a bit of a wager going (my old coach was in the crowd following it). Thye were on a par 3 (an island hole/surrounded by water)...Tom and Jack play 5-6 irons to within 10 feet...Seve pulls out his 3 iron, tops the ball and it skips off the water and onto the green, inside of Jacks and Tom's ball...Jack bets him double that he can't do that again...and Seve does the same thing...only this time its even closer to the hole!
  12. Two boxes of Wilson Staff FG Tour balls (my regular ball for the past few months)...super soft/great feel/durable and not too expensive.
  13. Well I started the thread and my vote actually went to Seve. The idea of the list, was to put down the names of golfers who you'd follow whether they were in contention or not, just because they could hit one shot in a round that defied all logic (to us normal golfers anyway) . To my mind Seve did this more aften than the others. In his prime, he could and did play every possible shot and then some (all the stories about hitting bunker shots with a 3 iron with spin are all true...as is the story Jack tells about the best shot he's ever seen in golf-250 plus yards out of a fairway bunker, over
  14. I think I tend to agree in lare part that shot shaping, from an amature's point of view, is given way too much importance...hitting the ball consistently well and the same way should surely be the aim (if not pro)...I think a lot also depends on how you're swing feels and how you're hitting it on a partcialr day. I know pro's who wont try to hit different types of shots if their swings don't feel great...they try to keep it simple so that they can score reasonably well on a day when everything isn't working how it should. I think the same approach in general should be adopted by ametures...don
  15. I have been thinking about all the thrills that major championships produce (with the first major of the year coming up)...more so than what other tournaments would produce (other tournaments are exciting as well...but I guess the majors (plus the ryder cup) provide it more consistently). Who in your view has been the most exciting golfer to watch...ever? I have limited the questions to those players who could be watched on TV and the poll contains the names of those whom I consider to be (or have been) the most exciting to watch.
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