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  1. I personally consider Eric to be the most rude at times. He can be a major smart ass, he never has an encouraging word to say, which probably promotes other people to follow his lead. I know exactly what it feels like to state my opinion in the forums and have someone shoot it down. I once posted something to do with the fact that I played at a highly competitive level. I went on to say that given the right doors would open, I could possibly tune my game up to the point it would contend on tour. I said that given 5 years and unlimited rescources I could be playing on the Web.com tou
  2. I would agree that it does Rory a disservice to make a direct comparison to Tiger... at any point. It's simply not fair to Rory. I honestly don't think he is the golfer that Tiger once was. To quote Graeme McDowell: Tiger is a once in a lifetime golf talent, and Rory is a once in a decade golf talent. My thoughts behind starting this thread were to simply say: I am once again feeling the buzz and excitement of an unbelievably talented golfer making his way onto the scene. I think everyone can agree, they too are feeling something special again. Rory is to Tiger as T
  3. I wrote that a month ago when he was missing putts, and it was meant to be sarcastic. Check the time frame. And by the way, I'm the thread starter... so no, I don't think he is a chump. I think McIlroy is the "it" guy right now.
  4. PGA.com leaderboard sucks!!! Why is 5 people the max # of players I can watch?? That makes no sense...
  5. Look... if it quacks like a duck it must be a duck. Those things sure do look like bunkers. Just because the PGA deemed them to be played "through the green" doesn't mean they get a new name.
  6. Quote: I saw a few bunkers myself in the 18th fairway on Live From the PGA Championship last night. I haven't played the course but i can see the TV just fine. I think iacas is trying to say the bunkers are played "through the green" which means they are not technically played as a hazard. A picture of the 10th green at Kiawah with a... you guessed it!! http://golfweek.com/news/2012/aug/05/pga-championship-ocean-course-hole-hole/
  7. I think Chamblee's beef is with mainly with GOLF and the general direction it's heading. However, he could've chosen a better way to voice his frustration than to use Tiger as the centerpiece of his opinions. I personally think that in order to stay out front in this sport you have to continually work on your game. Tiger will most likely win a few more majors. If that happens it will ultimately be because of the talent that Tiger posesses and the hard work/dedication that he put into his game. Foley will be praised, but Tiger should ultimately recieve the glory. This is the reason
  8. I forget most of you are northerners... We slap our bitches around here and tell 'em to cook us some supper. I mean really, you guys could work for the democratic party the way you've mis-construed what I've said!
  9. I agree with everything you just said. I also understood exactly what iacas and others were insinuating. Thank you for saying it with taste instead of an unprofessional barrage of insults. There tends to be a high school method of ganging up and throwing a punch in these forums when someone is getting attacked for his personal opinion. My post was merely to tell a humorous version of my efforts in the adventure of teaching my wife to play golf. Obviously I miscalculated the age and maturity of the audiance. It is also entirely possible they are among the men I
  10. What is all this "holier than thou" shit your throwing?? Your post (#64) says "Don't"... as if to say "don't attempt to take your woman to play golf with you." You then followed it up with a quote you deemed hilarious about how its always the guys fault. Have you changed sides now? Maybe you should change your avatar to a bandwagon...
  11. No, but I married a humdinger of a female. I love her to death, but... lets just say damn good looking does not = considerate, self-less, & understanding. I wrote that post mainly for enjoyment, but mostly from experiance. Not every man is blessed enuff to find a perfect woman. Men, we fall into one of two catagories: you are either one of the fortunate ones who doesnt realize how whipped into shape you are, or you haven't been married long enough to see the needy side of a woman. Ten years and a few kids into a marriage and she'll try to have you tuned up like a NASCAR. It's in
  12. To all women: Men dream about a woman that simply enjoys the game of golf and is a pleasure to play with (I know I've had this dream ). Its not even about how well you learn to play the game (because we all know the last reason we brought you was for competition). The reason men want to share their interests in golf is because of the joys, heartaches, frustrations, and rewards that sadly bring us satisfaction. All men ask is that you come, you participate, you give it your best effort, and try to have fun. We are letting you peek into our adolescent minds and see what makes us
  13. Please do not attempt to teach a female over the age of 18 to play golf. You are opening a door that will lead to total destruction of your relationship with that female. You have been warned!
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