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  1. Dege

    Lexi Thompson's 4 Stroke Penalty at the ANA

    Iacas, Wow man, you REALLY need to get a life. If you have time to pull all those quotes together, "crush" each comment with razor sharp reasoning, destroy any other view point other than your own. And STILL be wrong, wow. Hats off. As for Lexi, I don't have time to figure it out now because I was watching a rerun of Arnold Palmer and when I email in what I saw Arnie do, the King's gonna have one less victory......
  2. Dege

    Lexi Thompson's 4 Stroke Penalty at the ANA

    Iacas, this is exactly what's wrong with the golf rules as they are and as they are enforced. If you had quoted me completely "So we have officials out there. It's laughable we say they are there in case the players have questions etc. They are there to enforce the rules." Is this the first time you've seen a definition that doesn't define what actually happens? It is laughable. In your long post, full of pointless point by points reminds me of the pompous USGA officials trying to pat themselves on the back for "protecting the game". Time to update the rules. Pure and simple.
  3. Dege

    Lexi Thompson's 4 Stroke Penalty at the ANA

    The ONLY way to make this a level playing field is to have a camera on every single player, watching their every move. Otherwise we are saying the leaders will have millions of referees watching them but the rest of the field is off the hook. The statement about "protecting the field" is understandable but lets "protect" everyone. Not just the ones who get televised and scrutinized. We want to say our sport is self-governed and that we call penalties on ourselves. If that were so we wouldn't have debacles like this over and over. The plain truth is we can run afoul of the rules in a hundred different ways and not know it. So we have officials out there. It's laughable we say they are there in case the players have questions etc. They are there to enforce the rules. DJ said he didn't move his ball. The rules guys say he didn't. Play on. Uh, no, he did! He did move it. Bam, he did move it because much later the officials said he did. Now Lexi gets bitten by the same crap. Only this time we wait UNTIL the next day. I love golf and I hope it never dies, but the ones "protecting" it are making us look like idiots.
  4. I have a question about having my Titleist 714 AP1's bent. I took my 6 iron to PGAtoursuperstore to have the loft bent 1 degree stronger to adjust my gaps between clubs. One of the workers took the club and was clamping it in when an older worker walked by and stopped him. He told him they couldn't bend 714 AP1's because the clamping will damage the backside of the club. He said no problem with 712's or lower but not the 714's. He said if I wanted them bent, I'd have to send them back to Titleist. Has anyone ever heard this before?
  5. Dege

    Titleist AP2

    I play 710's and love them. These are my first "players" clubs and it was a smooth transition from my Callaway X22s. The pitching wedge is 45 degrees so I did end up buying the 50 degree gap wedge straight from Titleist. It's a 712 and if anything, I like it a bit better than the 710s. Not enough to buy the whole set mind you :) They're a great choice and for 400 dollars I don't think you will find a better deal anywhere for such great clubs.
  6. I have the 910F in 15 and 19 degrees in my bag. I did have the 910Fd in 15 degree for awhile but even though it was great off the tee, I personally could not hit it very well off the deck. I found the 910F to be almost as long off the tee as the Fd and SO much more forgiving from the fairway. I can't give you a direct comparison but I can tell you I had replaced my TM burner fairway woods with the 910's and on my home course I have found myself on in 2 on two of the par 5's for the first time. The 910's are long, high and straight. I'm sure they're both great clubs but I am certainly happy with my choice. It's changed the way I play.
  7. Dege

    Titleist fairway woods

    I have a 15 degree 910Fd and a 19 degree 910F in my bag. I've found that the 910F is MUCH easier to hit off the deck compared to my 910Fd. Of course this is off winter Bermuda fairways that get tighter and tighter until the spring growth. I'm hoping that off a "regular" fairway I'll find the 910Fd a little easier to hit. It is long and straight from the tee box though.

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