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  1. I'm sure people have thought of many different ideas to prevent losing a head cover on the course. Here's mine. I walk with a push cart and I'm always afraid my putter cover will drop off somewhere along the way. It's happened a few time before. I bought one of those retractable lanyard key chains on Amazon (the one I got has a carabiner on one end) and some alligator clips. Attached the key chain to my cart, the clip to the lanyard and my head cover. No more lost head covers.
  2. Dege


  3. I understand the concern about bending a short wedge mainly because you are messing with the bounce, however where I play 99% of my golf (northwest Georgia) the most bounce I have found useful in hazards, traps or rough has not been over 10°. Taking a 54° wedge and bending it one degree from it's 10° bounce would leave me 9°. Plenty for the conditions I normally face. The real issue for me is I LIKE the 46,50,54,58 setup for the simple reason that it makes the variations of the short game so much easier to manage. Conversely having a 18-20 yard gap between the 5I to hybrid to 4 wood has c
  4. That's close to what I was talking about earlier, though I was looking to bend the 54 to 53 or bend my 52 to 53. The gapping would be all 5's. ie 43 48 53 58.
  5. Quick report. I put a 4 iron in and took the 50 and 54 out and played a round this morning. Seemed like every approach shot in I needed one of the two wedges, lol. Used the 4 iron once. And only because I wanted to hit it. I'm thinking I've got the optimum setup for me. The fewest draw backs. Purely subjective of course but right now I'll stick with the bag of wedges.
  6. I guess it really boils down to a question of do I want to accept a big gap at the top and have the wedges I want at the bottom or get used to bigger gaps at the bottom but fill in the gap at the top. On my home course where I play 90% of my rounds my current setup works very well. Maybe once every 3 or 4 rounds do I wish I didn't have that gap between the 5 iron and hybrid. When I go to some other courses that gap is much more noticeable. I have gotten a lot of great advice here and I'm going to do my homework and see what works best. I most inclined to look at removing one wedge from the
  7. Wow, I'm glad I brought this to forum. I'm getting some really positive feedback. I am going to approach this from two ways I think. First and foremost is get to the range with my hybrid and learn to take 10 yards off. That would be problem solved for the most part. Since I don't do anything but full shots with my PW (in my mind as WUTiger said, it's a 10 iron) I can keep my four wedges and be happy. The other thing I will do is take my 52 degree to the range and see how much I can vary the distance on that club. I can work my wedges pretty well with partial swings and knock down shots.
  8. Thank you for the replies. Yes, it would be 43-46-50-54-58. Seems like 5 wedges but at 43 degrees the pitching wedge seems more like a 9 iron and other than situational chipping, I only use it for full swings. The reason for the 3 degree gap between the AP3 pw and the 46 degree Vokey is they are different type clubs and the gapping works. Still, I agree it seems like a lot wedges! lol. I do play them all at full swings though the 58 gets the majority of partial shots. If I went with the 48 degree wedge that I bought with my set, it would give me the cover distance the 46 does current
  9. So I have a set of Titliest AP3's with a 43 degree pitching wedge. To keep a 4 degree gap and 10 yards between wedges I've gone Vokey 46 50 54 48. My set stops at a 5 iron 25 degrees. From there to a Hybrid 22 degree, 18 Degree Fairway, Driver and of course a putter. 14 clubs. I really would like something between the hybrid and 5 Iron since there is an 18-20 yard gap there. So, I could remove the Vokey 46 degree and use the wedge that comes with the set, 48 degree, then bend a 52 degree to 53 and keep the 58. Would be like 110, 95, 80 for the wedge gaps. that would give me room to put
  10. Iacas, Wow man, you REALLY need to get a life. If you have time to pull all those quotes together, "crush" each comment with razor sharp reasoning, destroy any other view point other than your own. And STILL be wrong, wow. Hats off. As for Lexi, I don't have time to figure it out now because I was watching a rerun of Arnold Palmer and when I email in what I saw Arnie do, the King's gonna have one less victory......
  11. Iacas, this is exactly what's wrong with the golf rules as they are and as they are enforced. If you had quoted me completely "So we have officials out there. It's laughable we say they are there in case the players have questions etc. They are there to enforce the rules." Is this the first time you've seen a definition that doesn't define what actually happens? It is laughable. In your long post, full of pointless point by points reminds me of the pompous USGA officials trying to pat themselves on the back for "protecting the game". Time to update the rules. Pure and simple
  12. The ONLY way to make this a level playing field is to have a camera on every single player, watching their every move. Otherwise we are saying the leaders will have millions of referees watching them but the rest of the field is off the hook. The statement about "protecting the field" is understandable but lets "protect" everyone. Not just the ones who get televised and scrutinized. We want to say our sport is self-governed and that we call penalties on ourselves. If that were so we wouldn't have debacles like this over and over. The plain truth is we can run afoul of the rules in a
  13. I have a question about having my Titleist 714 AP1's bent. I took my 6 iron to PGAtoursuperstore to have the loft bent 1 degree stronger to adjust my gaps between clubs. One of the workers took the club and was clamping it in when an older worker walked by and stopped him. He told him they couldn't bend 714 AP1's because the clamping will damage the backside of the club. He said no problem with 712's or lower but not the 714's. He said if I wanted them bent, I'd have to send them back to Titleist. Has anyone ever heard this before?
  14. I play 710's and love them. These are my first "players" clubs and it was a smooth transition from my Callaway X22s. The pitching wedge is 45 degrees so I did end up buying the 50 degree gap wedge straight from Titleist. It's a 712 and if anything, I like it a bit better than the 710s. Not enough to buy the whole set mind you :) They're a great choice and for 400 dollars I don't think you will find a better deal anywhere for such great clubs.
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