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  1. Don't assume you cannot hit the double black diamond...it is extremely forgiving....I don't consider myself a great golfer and the black diamond out performed all drivers I have tested in the last 2 weeks. That club is amazingly stable and the gravity core does what it says. My miss being high in the toe and I moved the weight there and my ball speed stayed up. If you are spending the money to buy a new driver do yourself a favor and try it.
  2. I am currently playing a titleist 913d2, I went in today to get fit and preorder the new great big bertha. I also hit the R15 but after 10 shots with that I put it away in a hurry. I was messing with a few stock shat offerings with the great big bertha the golfsmith manager brought me the double black diamond. I told him that I did not want a driver that was that hard to hit (based on Mark Crossfield and Rick Sheils reviews of the driver). So I said why not and I hit it with the fujikura speeder 665 evolution 2 shaft. And after 20 shots my numbers were the best I have ever seen and I hav
  3. I bought a box of them and I did not care for them....I normally game the chrome soft and that ball is amazing. But the trueviz in the sunlight putting I did not care for it. The ball was a little easier to find in the tall stuff. However I did give them to my wife and she loves them but she usually plays with bright pink balls so the bright factor did not bother her. I did not notice any increased focus but they may work for other people.
  4. Went in to get fitted into the new big bertha driver........ended up getting fitted into the alpha 816 double black diamond......DISTANCE really big DISTANCE, got a couple weeks to have money in my account before that thing drops!!!
  5. Last couple trips. Arccos tracking system.....really great addition. Taylormade Rsi 2 4-gap super sweet sticks Callaway Chrome Soft balls....
  6. I went to Golfsmith the other day looking for an iron that was a little easier to hit. My current iron was the Apex Pro. I have been struggling with some serious iron related issues since switching from my former Ping i20's. I know the manager at Golfsmith and he sold me a set of Taylormade rsi 2 irons for $350. So I decided why not. So I kept my Apex irons just in case these did not work out. I attached my Arccos trackers to them and off I went. Believe the hype on the forgiveness of these irons. Mishits are so much better and the loss of distance off the toe and hell are nearly not n
  7. Thanks for the response, I had visited a few of these courses on the web. These would have been the ones I would have picked on my own so this just cemented my picks!!!
  8. I am heading to Port Charlotte area in a couple weeks to visit my parents. I was wondering if anyone has played in that area and have any suggestions for some good courses in the area to play. My wife and I plan on playing 3 days and we would like to play something cool with swamp like features or lots of palm trees. We have never visited Florida so we have no idea about the Florida golf. And my parents are no help on this topic. Thanks in advance
  9. Two Callaway Mack Daddy wedges 56 and 60, and a box of Callaway SR2 balls
  10. My last pair of Ecco's were spikeless and very comfortable. Noticed slipping on wet condition. But I think the look is a little sloppy. Bit DNA's are the best of both worlds
  11. I used to own a leupold with slope. Amazing function. But when I started playing in the Wyoming Open I had to sell it on Craigslist and I took a huge hit. And I then bought the same Leupold without slope.
  12. They absolutely do!!! You barely notice them on your feet. The real thick part is under your heel it gets thin toward your toe . I walk 150 rounds a year and this is my new shoe forever. You get the comfort of a spikeless shoe with the traction of a spike. And they look good while doing it (spikeless just look sloppy if you ask me)
  13. I just got a pair of DNA's and those things are the most comfortable shoes I have ever walked in!!!!!!!! you will love them. I have played two pair of Ecco and they are comfortable but nothing compared to the DNA's
  14. I have played them. I didn't really notice any difference from my normal ball the 330rx also. Its a good ball but just as you said the sticker shock on a Maxfli. They are worth a try. I am sure you will stick with the bridgestone after you test them.
  15. I just retired my clicgear 2.0 with about 3000 miles on it. I went with the sun mountain micro cart as its replacement only because I had a pro shop credit and they had one sitting there. You will not be disappointed with that purchase
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