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  1. V1 also has a free app for droids
  2. i think a net and camera and flight monitor is the best way to make swing changes. but hitting off non-shock absorbing mats can be bad for your back, shoulders, elbows and wrists. just to be on the safe side, stay away from hitting a lot of irons and practice more with hybrids, woods, and drivers. anyway, i think it's easier to focus more on your swing while indoors especially here in florida where its incredibly windy.
  3. people talk about release like they know what they're talking about... hold a tennis racket or baseball bat like you hold a golf club and "release" it. pretty sure you won't find it to be any different than your golf club. i had these grips and the only reason i stopped using them was because a buddy of mine convinced me to do the "flat line frequency" fitting which requires standard grips. FLF shafts are bullshit by the way. not worth the price of admission. anyway, the grips work. when i switch back to standard tapered shafts, the jumbo grips are going back on.
  4. Ernie deserves consideration but If he can't get in on merit, I don't think he would want to play. Or unless they invoke the "ernie els" rule and offer a special invite to a deserving player every year which i think they kind of do already. On a side note, the field I would like to see at the Masters would include the following: -Top 40 American Pros -Top 10 American Amateurs -Top 20 International Pros -Top 5 International Amateurs -past champions that don't otherwise qualify assuming they have full status on an official tour I think some people forget that the Ma
  5. after i take my stance, I like to lock my knees, push my butt back a touch as a bend forward until i can put my hands flat against the center of my thighs (with soft elbows), and then unlock my knees.
  6. I don't think the PGA Tour understands the concept of playoff. This has to be one the most confusing and unbalanced systems in sports. The FedEx Cup is suppose to crown the best player on the PGA Tour, yet it includes points from NON-PGA Tour events. Last time I checked the Masters is an Augusta National event, the US Open is a USGA event, the British Open is not even in this country, and the PGA Championship is a PGA of America event. PGA Tour events only should count towards the playoff. By including the majors and the WGC events, the top 60 have a huge advantage. And the playoff system itse
  7. New technology. Ball goes farther. Courses get longer. More maintenance. Green fees go up. What's the point? We just end up paying more money and playing less rounds. Also, I was at the Honda a few weeks ago and you see all the same shots. Watching golf has become somewhat boring: 300 yard tee shot, 160 yard 9 iron out of the rough stops on the green, putt. Its become a bomb it and hope tour. Technology gets better and the talent on tour decreases. Too many robots. Much less creativity. I would like to see one exhibition match where these guys play with the same equipment Jack used in his prim
  8. hey bud, there was nothing wrong with your distance from the ball with your original video as long as you felt balanced. and don't worry about the length of your swing. it is what it is. what you were missing was load, lag and compression. you have to load the right hip and let your arms swing. as your arms continue to the top, you should be unloading your right hip. this change of direction will create lag. before impact your body should be compressing downwards from your hips. your head should be lower at impact than at address, anywhere from 1 to 3 inches. this is how you get forward
  9. this is my point, people only watch when there's nothing else on. no one wants to watch the ladies when the men are on, so why compete with the men on the weekends? between the PGA Tour, European Tour, and Champions Tour, there's plenty of golf to watch on the weekends...but nothing on monday, tuesday, wednesday. i pretty much just watch the ladies us open because i know the usga is on NBC, otherwise, i have no idea when and where to find the ladies. what's on the golf channel monday, tuesday, wednesday? golf news, highlights, instruction, maybe a replay from the men's 2000 us open for the 50t
  10. the number of tournaments they play in the US every year is on the decline.
  11. I feel the LPGA is missing something with their schedule. Why do they compete with the men? I don't know about all of you, but I get enough golf on the weekends with all the mens tours. And if I do watch the women, I'm only watching to see the handful of attractive women on tour. I think the LPGA needs to do 2 things with their schedule: 1, start their tournaments on a monday and 2, start their season after the FedEx Cup and play in the warm states, hitting all college campuses. Their goal should be to get every tournament like the PGA's WM Phoenix Open 16th hole. Fraternities and Sororities a
  12. guess it depends on how far you hit the ball and the tees you play from. me personally, my average drive is 260 and i always play from the back tees. i set my bag up to hit every par 4 in two, so i carry two fairway metals and 4 hybrids on the top end and on the bottom end i have a pw and 57 degree "utility" wedge. i think most people carry too many wedges. i use my pw from 110 to 125. i use the 57 from 90 and in. and i just avoid the 90 to 110 yard shot on par 5s. when laying up, i either smash driver off the deck to within 90 yards of the green or hit to my 9/pw distance. just play to your s
  13. power comes from opposing forces. I've never seen the real videos, but Elk talks about a twirl. i don't think he's describing a tornado, but tornadoes are formed by cold air and hot air trying to get around each other. same thing with an exercise band; two hands pulling in opposite directions to create tension, you let go with one hand and it snaps back. the golf swing works the same way. A lot of instructors try to tell you the swing should be effortless and fluid and tension free...that's crap. Could you bench press 200 lbs like that? nope. Your muscles need to be activated and stay activate
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