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  1. Seriously? Have you played Table Tennis? It is very hard to play even mildly competitively. You should see the reaction time, the dexterity, the speed, and the strength it requires to hit a tiny ball traveling 50-60mph on such a tiny table. Maybe you should watch a clip on YouTube of the professionals. It really isn't that easy and I would say it is at least as hard as golf. All the comments on this thread say they don't take into account the finesse and techniques required of the sport, but don't you realize that it takes just as much for Table Tennis? Don't bash what you don't know.
  2. I vastly prefer walking over riding. I am a beginner myself and half the fun for me is being outdoors on a beautiful day in a beautiful park just enjoying the scenery. At the courses I play, the carts cost just as much as the round of golf does! I find this to be outrageous. Walking is great, I just hate it when people with carts ride your tail even though you are keeping a good pace. I never understood why people wanted to get a round done with as soon as possible... I feel it is an experience to savor and as long as I'm finished with 9 holes in under 2 hours I think I am doing well.
  3. I am 23, 6'1", 138 lbs and this is my first year golfing. I drive the ball about 200 yards... the trees always seem to get in my way. On the odd ocassion when the ball doesn't hit any obstacles, I've been known to get between 230 - 260, with 280 being my highest.
  4. I wanted to see Cirbie win... I always enjoy the underdog challengers. Especially since half of those girls are elitist you-know-whats. I really wanted to like Christina and Lori, but my god they are taking things to the extreme. Be competitive but don't be so rude and obnoxious. They have to see that they themselves suck - otherwise they'd be on the LPGA already!!! My favorites this season so far is Sam because of her accent, Susan the new pro, and Kim because I think she has the best game. I severely dislike Adrienne because of her attitude and overall butch appearance. Dana is somew
  5. My marriage. And along with that my house, my car, $2400 a month in "maintenance", and one of the two dogs we had. Golf is better than all of those things anyway.
  6. Why would you want to be on the golf channel? You'd make more money hustling. Plus, you don't even need to be a great golfer to be a great golf gambler. Dewey Tomko is my hero.
  7. I was in the same boat as you a while ago when I first started and I eventually ended up with the Integra Quadratic 10.5*. I find that this loft is more than enough to launch it high. It ended up costing me $110 shipped. You may want to look at some of the used goods such as the marketplace here, or at the other well known sites such as GolfWRX or Free Golf Info. They have great deals on used equipment and I find it easier than eBay. Component heads are of superb quality, and you shouldn't dismiss them just because they don't market that much. Take a look around for something from Tom W
  8. Good question... Driver: $110 3 Wood: $35 Hybrid: $30 Irons: $70 Lob Wedge: $12 Putter 1: $40 Putter 2: $82 Bag: $50 looks like $429 plus around $35 in shipping and handling, not to mention the headcovers, gloves, and balls. yikes.
  9. I am in the hunt for a new putter and I can't seem to decide which I like more. Right now my eye is set on the Cleveland VP line mainly due to the awesome alignment aid. I tried it out in the store and I found that I liked the look of the black model with insert, however I preferred the feel of the milled version. So, which one of these factors is more important? Also, are milled putters really that much more accurate? Do they last longer? I guess I am looking for some pros and cons either way to help me make this decision. Or, conversely, some other putter suggestions. And finally -
  10. I usually play the local muni course which is about $9/9 holes... not a bad deal. Other than that, in Kenosha we have a couple great public courses in the area. $22/18 for weekday 18 at a really nice course. Personally, I play a lot more when I have coupons and always go twilight rates. I also love fall rates and usually wait until the end of the year to get in all my golf. So, I guess I've never paid more than $20 for a round of golf. I walk all the time by the way.
  11. If you want to build muscle for the sake of having muscle then do more weights at lower repetition. However, to tone muscle you want to do lower weights and more repetition. I'm not really sure which is better for golf. Some people say that a saw-tooth pattern of workouts is a good idea. That is to say, a few weeks of trying to gain muscle and then a few weeks of toning. I haven't tried it personally but have had heard of good results. The real problem is that you can't gain muscle and lose weight at the same time through exercising so perhaps this might be the closest thing to a soluti
  12. Well he did say 3 years is what he is shooting for. I think its possible... he has shown flashes of brilliance. His drives are monstrous and I think he just needs to work on his short chipping game. The putting looks average but I don't see it as a large obstacle. Plus, if he can make pars from the top of hills and on rocks then learning the easy shots should be no problem... right? I'd rather see him on tour over Brian any day. I can't believe he has so little class to berate another person's game on national TV. Not just once, but over and over again... that guy is just one cocky and
  13. Well, tonights Big Break was okay... not very exciting. I'm very disappointed to see Brian still in it... the guy is just a major league a-hole. At least Gerry is genuine. I'm rooting for a Josh v. Hiroshi heads up match.
  14. Wow I wish I lived near you. You should have bought extras for people on this forum or eBay. I know I would have bought a new HiBore XL for $100, and the Cobra Baffler if it was just as cheap. Thats just insane... I'm so jealous!
  15. I've been meaning to pick up some colored balls lately since now that its late in the year and I golf alone I have trouble picking up the ball when it comes off the club face... especially when it is bright out or I mishit. There is a pretty popular new item that is talked about over on the FGI forums that I plan on ordering and trying out soon. The price is a bit high, but it looks like a great product. I'm not trying to schlep it as I'm just an average consumer... but I think that it just looks so bright that I'll never lose a ball again. Vision Golf Ball UV Yellow http://visiongolfb
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