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  1. Another reason for the length changes is to keep your distance gaps consistent. If you hit your 7 Iron 160 yards, the 6 should go 172-175, the 5 184-190. If you kept the 5 iron shorter your distance gap would drop to only 5-7 yards. No real point in having that club in the bag then. The longer club also have little more swing speed. Try hitting a wedge with a swing speed of a 5 iron. You'll end up with a lot of chunked and bladed shots.
  2. Not quite sure what age has to do with pulling a cart. There are enough people under 45 who have bad backs, perhaps a shoulder injury that precludes trying to put a bag on your back. I belong to a private golf club where better than 80% of the members pull a cart. To consider pulling a cart as tacky is a very elitist attitude. Do you look in disdain at the golfer that drives into your club in a rusty 95 Toyata as not worthy of being in your group because you've spent more n your clubs than they I'd in their car? I currently play OEM clubs but I used to play what you consider a clone I got into building my own clubs and ordered heads , shafts and grips. I learned about swing weights, shaft tweaking etc. my current job takes a lot of hours and I no longer have the time to do all my tweaking. I have found that evenoemproducts come in off spec in regard to lofts, lies and lengths as well. I do use iron covers. It protects my $1000 investment in irons, as well as the shaft of my driver getting dinged up by the irons bouncing into it. Back to the clones when I played in a legue there were a l ot of guys that had the newest and greatest irons, drivers etc that couldn't break 50 for nine holes. I regularly shot par with my clones.guess how many guys had me build them clubs like mine, properly fit, these guys dropped their handicaps and shot better scores than they do with their ill fitting clubs from the oems. Judging someone by looking in their bag is not only poor form but foolish as well. Never judge until get to know someone. Remember what you say about someone reveals more about you than the person you're talking about.
  3. Alright, I got my magnifying glass out, but I still can't see Kirk and Spock
  4. http://www.browning-golf.com/. Try this link
  5. Got out with my boys this morning. 38* at 9:15. Played 9 and had my best 9 of the year, 2 over. Parred the first 4 holes ( 2 sand saves,). Put a new putter in the bag, Cleveland classics #3 and only had 11 putts for the round. Looks like this will stay for a while. We'll keep playing up here until the snow flies.
  6. The pw and gw soles are not much different from the 9 iron. You could have the lie angle checked to see if they need to be adjusted. Check your divots and see if they are deeper to one side. This cold indicate a problem with the lie. Deeper on toe side would indicate they need tone bent a little more upright, deeper on heel side would need to be a little flatter. Blades do have narrower soles but a wider sole is supposed to help prevent fat shots.
  7. I agree. Sounds as if the clubs were originally bent up and needed a big adjustment to get them flatter. If you're hitting your chipping clubs good on full swings but catching the toe on chips,you may need to adjust either the ball position or your stance.
  8. 2nd swing has new burner 2.0 at 309 shipped. Check it out on eBay