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  1. 15" hole - Why 15"? Why not 24"? I totally agree that one of the reasons for golf's decline is slow play. Here's more reasons: 1) very poor TV coverage - too many talking heads and "human interest fill ins"; when I watch golf on TV, I want to see actual play 100% of the time, 2) "prima donna" pros - I want to see a tournament where the pro has 15 seconds to hit the ball once he is within 10 feet of his ball and its his turn or suffer a one stroke penalty for every 10 seconds thereafter. Plus give every spectator an air horn to be used whenever they wish and a flash camera too.
  2. I like the suggestion that you control your emotions; its just a game, not a life or death situation. And don't be a prima-donna like most pros, you don't need absolute silence to hit a shot, a 5 minute pre-shot routine, or ten minutes to line up a putt. I am reminded of all of the rookie poker players who take a full minute or more to think before each play and make the game miserably slow, and its all because they saw someone on TV doing it. To me it makes a person look like a moron who cannot analyse the situation and make a quick decision. 90% of the time, the person taking a long ti
  3. 1. Never offer any advice relating to another person's golf game, unless you are a Nationally-known, professional golf instructor or a top 20 pro on the PGA Tour, AND the other person ASKS for your advice. 2. Pay attention to what the other players are doing; know when its your turn to play; tend the flag if you are the closest to the hole on the green; watch the others' shots to be able to help them find their balls on errant shots, etc. In short, your are playing together as a group, do your best to let everyone know you are into the game and not distracted. 3. Turn the @#$% cell pho
  4. I wouldn't consider myself a watch nut, but I have 3 favorites I wear based on what I am doing. - My daily work and dress watch is a 2007 model (the year they came out with the full link watch band) 18K Rolex Datejust with diamond hour markers; this is jewelry and an investment, - My non-water sports outdoor watch is a Seiko Titanium with a black face (weighs almost nothing - great for golf), - My watersports watch is a Seiko Scuba Divers watch with a SS band (made like an older Datejust band) instead of the rubber that comes stock. Its a wonder that anyone wears a watch anymore as everyo
  5. SirMilton

    I Believe...

    I believe most pros have signed contracts with Satan. I believe worm burners do not burn worms. I believe Mulligan was a optimist. I believe less than 1% of golfers know the proper definition of a foursome. I believe most course marshalls are ex-Marine drill sargents who just like to pick on people. I believe the comment "nice shot" is lame and could easily be replaced by a more descriptive statement or silence. I believe the main objective of playing golf is to have fun; getting some sun and exercise are also admirable objectives. I believe stric, anal-retentivet adherance to th
  6. Get real everyone. Most golf is played on private country club courses and most private country clubs do not allow black members because the membership wants it that way. Black boys look to the best chance (most slots) they can get for a professional sports career, basketball first, baseball second, and football third (higher risk of injury) and it has become such a economic game that white boys are almost totally excluded from basketball where blacks also attend school. My nephew is a 6' 10" high school sophomore that can dribble or shoot with either hand (and really well!) and at his hi
  7. Every pro that I have met personally was a complete and total jerk. They are just about all unbelievably arrogant prima donnas. Much like Tiger Woods saying no amateur could break 100 at the U. S. Open. They all seem to think they are Gods. The more successful they are the worse they are, and the young and successful are unbearable. Further, the image they present on TV is total bull; they all behave like rock stars and revel in late night carousing, drinking, women chasing and generally raising hell when off the golf course. The ones who pretend to be family men are often the worst at
  8. A perfect day for me would be to have a 10:00 AM tee time (after all of the dew has dried) hit the men's grill for lunch at the turn, and then do the back nine. I really get irritated when a course has a Marshal or a Marshal/Starter that won't allow you to take a lunch break. As a matter of fact, I don't like Marshals much at all; they all seem totally tactless and somehow don't realize you are the one paying their wages.
  9. At my club the course isn't extremely well-maintained and areas that would give you a free drop in a well-marked course simply are not marked. If I get a bad lie in a place that's obviously not as it should be, I'll move my ball. There is one other rule I ignore, if I get a clump of mud on my ball when in the fairway, I clean it. There should not be mud on any fairway. The rough and any hazard is another matter entirely. I rarely play for millions of dollars like the pros, and don't expect to ever do so; thus, I'm not so anal retentive about the pros' rules.
  10. Most of the time I play a course with very tiny greens, some are about 400# or less (or a 20' diameter circle) and hitting a green usually puts you within less than 10 feet, over 20' is rare (maybe once a round). So I probably only get 5 or 6 GIR and pitching and chipping well are critical to scoring. But you have to putt well enough to consider a 6' putt or less a "gimme".
  11. What a bunch of bull! Women have everything needed to play in the Masters except male genitals (maybe if they wore a jock strap with a sock in it?). If the Masters would invite all of the women who win one or more LPGA tour events each year some would place in the top ten every year and within 5 years a woman would win. Not many women can expect to putt for an eagle on a 600 yard par 5, but that's a tiny part of the game. Watch the LPGA, some of the women seem to be able to put the ball in the middle at 275 as frequently as men make 6" tap ins, and the women seem to shoot at the flag mu
  12. Tee shots - the ball is clean, the lie is perfect, absolute precision (as with a putt) is unnecessary, everyone has the same shot, and I hit a excellent tee shot on 16 or 17 holes every round (why is it that there is always one poor shot?). I still putt by feel and find it easy, but boring. Approach shots are my weakness and I don't like my weak area, which is natural for most people. One of my major pet peeves is playing with people who do not watch other people's tee shots. I probably see only about 1/3 of my tee shots and while I can guess within a 30 foot circle where my ball lies,
  13. I have been very fortunate to play 5 rounds with one or more pros, but the best golfer I ever played with was a professional hustler on a high end municipal course where a lot of doctors play. I happened to take a day off in the middle of the week and the starter matched me and this guy who had a John Daly type body with a couple of guys who quickly revealed themselves to be doctors. The two doctors were almost scratch golfers and at that time I was about a 3and we all played the first 3 holes very close with the John Daly Type struggling. One of the doctors suggested we play for $10 a ho
  14. I whole-heartedly agree that the PGA would never have anyone "throw" a tournament and also agree that every professional should be regarded as honorable and honest until proven otherwise. However, courses are designed and redesigned everyday to favor one type of play over another. Tees are moved, forced carries can be shortened or lenghtened, trees are planted, bunkers are moved or added, OB lines are moved, greens are reworked, rough is cut differently, etc. A course can be set up to favor fades vs. draws, long vs. short, accurate vs. inaccurate. And regardless of how any course is set up
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