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  1. Got out to play today which was a pleasant surprise. I play Broadlands a pretty decent course near my house. It's not in great shape yet but not terrible. The greens are pretty shaggy I'm pretty sure they haven't been cut yet. I ended up shooting a 85 which I was very happy with. It was pretty windy and I'm still dialing in all the new sticks. I absolutely love my M1 3w. I hit it 3 times all off the deck and absolutely smashed it. It was a nice day to get out hopefully we will get some more decent weather it's pretty unpredictable this time of year.
  2. Happy birthday Erik I'm enjoying a very good stout in your honor.
  3. Well this is my 5 from today. First one was the best last one wasn't horrible. Middle three well you can see for yourself. I've had a problem so far this year hitting everything out of the toe with all my clubs. These results seem to matchup with what I'm feeling.
  4. If he's still considered under the radar my vote would be Justin Thomas. I have a good feeling he will get a major maybe even a few. It would be fun seeing him and Spieth battling it out on a Sunday in a major.
  5. Sporting event is really tough but Id have to say being a spectator Pebble when Tiger won by 15 (as long as I could follow him of course). Ive always wanted to see that course its on my bucket list. What better way then when he brought the course to its knees to start the Tiger Slam. Watching the GOAT at his peak how cool would that be. Historical event would be seeing the first shots fired at Fort Sumter. My wife and I toured the Fort last summer and it was amazing. I can't explain the feeling I got seeing/being there. It might sound funny but I was emotional knowing thats where the Civil War started. I know its not a positive event but its significant. Also no one died even though there was 34 straight hours firing on the fort.
  6. It's awesome you started this thread. I'm not going to give you swing advice your a hell of a lot better than me. I do have a question for you though. What are you taking video with? If it's your phone my suggestion is to film in slow motion. You can see a lot more in my opinion.
  7. No not horrible but the badgers definitely got a terrible seed. Should have been a 5 maybe 6 at worst. I completely agree on automatic bid being lame.
  8. I got out to the range today unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take any video. The place was so packed I would have had to go outside to have room for my tripod. I don't know what I'm doing but I'm consistently hitting everything out of the toe. Not sure if this causes some my issues with pulls but that tends to be my pattern. Irons are basically a straight pull with a small fade or draw driver is a pull with a small draw. Hopefully it warms up soon so I can get some video.
  9. Big ten ball is its own animal. A lot of teams have problems playing that style. They start getting frustrated and force themselves into taking bad shots. Both Michigan St and Wisconsin can make it to the final four or both lose in the sweet sixteen.
  10. That was a hell of a win. Four straight sweet 16's for bucky. It would be great if they could get one more win for this group of seniors. I like what Hayes said after the game.
  11. I also think booking tee time so close together causes some of this. I understand the courses are doing it to make more money but it sure does bog down your pace of play. There is a place close to home that books tee times 8 mins apart. Needless to say I don't play there very often. A few years ago it took us 5 and a half hours to play 15 holes on Memorial day.
  12. Ha ha very true and funny. I don't really play with anyone who I consider slow. A few practice swings and go even if they are let's say allergic to the center of the club face.
  13. Do you think ability level has something to do with how long it takes? A few of my buddies would be hard pressed to make 330 just based on how many shots it takes. Or at least that's how it feels.
  14. Myself and pretty much everyone I play with are pretty good at playing ready golf. Whoever is ready to putt plays. We drop one person off with a club and take the cart to the other ball when possible. Saying that I do like enjoying my time on the course. I find it relaxing.