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  1. Thanks bud i need you to come to the range this spring and help me out. I need your expertise.
  2. Up until last week my 2nd longest club was a Callaway X2 hot 4w. I hit it well off the deck and tee. I just picked up a TaylorMade M1 3w. I have the M1 driver and love how it looks so I decided to pick up the 15° 3w to match. I do like that it's adjustable if I start struggling I can turn it up 2° to basically make it the same as my X2 Hot.
  3. Not sure how many warning are alloted ?.
  4. How's it hanging up there EJ? Glad your still here. I picked up a new set if Mizuno MP54's. I've wanted a set of forged Mizunos since I was in high school. I've been doing a lot of extra work and my wife "put" them in the budget for me. They were $479 free shipping no tax. They are definitely different than what I played last year. They seem to spin quite a bit more and I can definitely tell the difference in lofts. I hit a 4i today that went quite a bit higher then I'm used to. That's fine though I don't care if I'm hitting a 7i instead of an 8i.
  5. So today I was luck enough to play golf in February in Wisconsin. I changed my irons, 3w, and hybrid going into this season. I haven't posted much since October that will be changing. My wife and I bought a house which is a awesome yet a pain in the ass all at the same time. On Halloween (my birthday) our furnace wouldn't work and on christmas eve a big piece of ice fell off our roof and smashed our A/C unit. Those issues plus some other remodeling has kept me off TST and completely away from golf. I played in a scramble on 10/23/16. Haven't picked up a club until Saturday since that outing (well except to move them from our apartment to our house). I will hopefully be playing a similar amount as last year and working on improving my swing. I will be getting a updated swing on here once we get some more good weather. It looks like it will be back into the 30's in a few days. This was my round today. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Jakester23/round/1336229 I felt pretty good other than a few swings. Its pretty cool to get 2 rounds of golf in already this year.
  6. Had my best score this year 79 (never broke 80 before that). But that wasn't my best round. A week after the 79 my wife and I closed on our 1st house. Had an outing the following weekend that I didn't really want to play after dealing with the house headaches. We shot -7 as a team. There was a 14 hole strech in there that was by far the best golf of my life. I would have been around even through that strech. It was about 45° and 30 mph winds. I've never had that much control of my swing.
  7. I made a few changes going into this season. I'm excited to give the new sticks a go. I'm going to be able to play tomorrow which is amazing considering its February in Wisconsin. Driver-TaylorMade M1 Aldila Rouge Black Stiff 60g 3 wood TaylorMade M1 Aldila Rouge Black Stiff 60g 3 Hybrid- TaylorMade M2 19° Aldila Rouge Black 85g Irons- 4-pw Mizuno MP 54 KBS Tour Wedges- 50,54,58 Ping glide wedge SS grind. Putter- Edel Torque Balanced Ball- Snell My Tour
  8. Welcome. Theres a ton of good information on TST so stick around and read through as much as you can. Now back to your question. For me personally I didn't really start improving until I made a dedicated effort to practice. Its definitely more fun to go play a round but you don't have a chance to hit shot after shot with one club or working on a correction. I suggest to read through this thread. https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/54840-simple-specific-slow-short-and-success-the-five-ss-of-great-practice/?do=findComment&comment=756790. Also if you aren't taking video of your swing at the range I suggest doing that. Take a down the line and face on. There are thing you can see from one view that you can't see from the other. What you think your doing and what is actually happening typically aren't the same. If you are having problems around the green this thread was a life saver for me https://thesandtrap.com/t/39411/quickie-pitching-video-golf-pitch-shot-technique. Feel free to ask questions and good luck.
  9. How are they that much different?
  10. Do you feel like all CB are the same? Lets say comparing a MP54 and a Ping G30. Would the MP54 be more workable than the G30? If so why?
  11. You can wish in one hand and shit in the other, see which one fills up first. My Grandfather may he rest in peace.
  12. This is what I was thinking thanks for weighing in.
  13. I aggre but he's not usually considered an all time great. Not by most of the people I associate with at least.
  14. That's a good list but it's why this topic is relevant. Walter Hagen has the 3rd most majors all time and is the only guy with double digit majors besides Jack and Tiger. He's almost never regarded in the top 5 all time.
  15. I play with a guy who has Titliest everything besides his putter (and he badly wants a Scotty). He always complains how Titliest doesn't have a good enough clothing line ha ha ha. I personally have a pretty mixed bag. Edel putter (which is sticking around for a while) ping wedges, Callaway irons, and TaylorMade Woods. This is the 1st year I'll have a matching Driver, 3w, and hybrid. Just got the 3w and hybrid.