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  1. WOW! I'm very surprised to hear this...seems that everyone (98.73% of people...haha) pointed me at the G15's or G20's when I was looking for new irons a month ago. I went from Callaway X-20's to the G15's and...HOLY COW! I'm super happy with the G15's...a mis-hit with these is barely a "mis-hit", the feel and total weight balance is amazing and I actually love the look of them at address...even the thick sole!
  2. Thanks Dale...that's seems like a great deal but I'm trying to stay committed to the lofts I think I want to play; 50, 54, 58. I'm currently playing Callaway X-Tour's in 52 and 58
  3. Yes, I'm sure the photos I've posted are professionally taken during peak conditions. This time of year you won't find a course down there in A+ condition but even there B- condition is beautiful. The greens are a little hard, the fairways may have some burnt spots but nothing to bad. Silverrock and Desert Dunes were a B+ on my scale right now while Escena was probably a C+
  4. Laquinta Mountain course, Desert Willow and Terra Lago are my next plays...I'll do it before summer ends...for sure!
  5. Silverrock...teed off at 7:52am...I played as a single..pretty much had the place to myself. Booked it through golfnow.com http://www.silverrock.org/
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions....I ended up playing here for $38.50...included 18 holes, cart with gps and range balls...it only got to 100 degrees...unbelievable!
  7. For whatever it's worth; I just finally went to Pings site to see what the lofts are on their wedges offered for the G15 set (which I have minus the wedges) Here's what I came up with. http://www.ping.com/clubs/ironsdetail.aspx?id=6968 G15® Iron Specifications Club Length Loft Lie Offset Bounce Swgt. 3 38.75" 20.0° 59.25° .32" -2.0° D0 4 38.25" 23.0° 60.00° .30" 0.0° D0 5 37.75" 26.0° 60.75° .28" 2.0° D0 6 37.25" 29.0° 61.50° .26" 4.0° D0 7 36.75" 32.0° 62.25° .24" 6.0° D0 8 36.25" 36.0° 63.00° .22" 8.0° D0 9 35.75" 40.0° 63.75° .20" 9.0° D0 PW 35.50" 45.0° 64.00° .18" 10.0° D2 UW 35.50" 50.0° 64.00° .15" 11.0° D2 SW 35.25" 54.0° 64.25° .13" 12.0° D4 LW 35.00" 58.0° 64.50° .10" 12.0° D6
  8. I'm thinking I might go play here for $59 http://www.laquintaresort.com/golf/pete_dye_mountain_course/
  9. You know what, it's really not that bad..for me I guess. Im really not that bothered by the heat..I've played out there when it's 115*...I do go prepared though...spray bottles, misters, lots of drinking water and ice are a must. I keep a small hand towel on ice at all times and wrap it around my neck for a minute or so once in a while... If you're in descent shape and don't dwell on the heat you'll have a blast...guaranteed...heck, I take my 67 year old father in law with me all the time...he loves it. Something's got to give I guess; the only reason you can play a $200 course is because it's hot...Once in a while you'll get lucky..it was only 102* on Monday when I played and yesterday the high there was only 88*...the same in LA...and 19* below their average.
  10. No, I booked straight through their site..it was cheaper. If you download an iphone app you even get another $10 off your total booking. http://www.escenagolf.com/sites/courses/escena.asp?id=876&page;=49227
  11. It's a very fun course...large landing areas so you can be aggressive off the tee...yet, protected greens with lots of bunkers...makes the approach interesting. The fairways could have been in better shape though...there was some dead spots here and there...not a huge problem though
  12. The money you'll save playing there will usually cover your extra fuel costs...but the real value in the quality of the course you get to play. Courses that are $150 - $300 in their peak season.
  13. Yeah, it's definitely hot all day. I just played that Escena course yesterday. We tee'd off around 10am, it only got to 102 degrees and we had the course to ourselves...only saw one other group all day long. We'd play an awesome hole, turn around and go play it again. We finished our "18 hole" round, pulled up to the clubhouse and the manager walked out and said; :You guys all done?" We thought we were in trouble for playing some holes twice. We said; "Yeah, we finally finished." He says: "You guys are welcome to keep playing if you want...no extra charge." So we played another 18...that made for a long day! About 20 Coors Lights and 10 waters later we were done playing golf...all for $20! Only in Palm Springs...
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