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  1. I see this stuff all the time with my son. It is so frustrating but not a lot you can do.
  2. kregan


  3. We went to the final qualifier on Saturday and had a great time at River Bend Country Club. Unfortunately Collin didn't have a great day and placed 6th. A long putt for a score of 1 and a drive out of bounds for a 0 sealed it. The winner was in his pairing and scored a 136. They drove 6 hours from South Carolina to Virginia. Congratulations to them! We will be back next year!
  4. I am so proud of him!!! Top two move on to the Mid Atlantic regional and he did it! He placed first in chipping and second overall. Only missed first place by 7 points... his first drive was hooked out of bounds for a zero or it would have been a 10 point drive. http://app.bluegolf.com/bluegolf/appe_mapgabheintz13/event/appe_mapgabheintz1313m/contest/29/leaderboard.htm
  5. I was going to jump straight to the "I'm turning pro in a year" thread for him! LOL
  6. I am up for a fall get together, keep me posted.
  7. Hi guys, So I entered my 10 year old son in the 2015 Drive Chip & Putt contest and he WON his first qualifying round! I'm so proud of him! He tied for 3rd in driving and chipping, then placed 2nd in putting. I was blown away when they totaled to overall scores and he placed first! He is on the the leader board for boys 10-11 on the web site http://app.bluegolf.com/bluegolf/appe_mapgabheintz13/event/appe_mapgabheintz134m/index.htm His next qualifier is Aug 7. Good luck to all the other little guys and girls!
  8. Any more updates on this... It seems like a nice setup.
  9. I was smiling on the inside! Did I mention how civilized the game was, not a single F bomb all day, quite a feat considering the scoring.
  10. I had a great time and set a new personal record... penalties on 9 of 18 holes! The aerated greens didn't seem to hurt the putting to much (35 putts) but it really screwed up my drives. Erik, we discussed 5sk and concluded we need at least 6. .
  11. Stroke play is fine with me. I have only played once this season so who knows what I will do! LOL
  12. Sorry I have been a little out of touch lately. If you still have room I can play Sunday.
  13. Thanks for the invite to the group. I would be up for if I can get away.
  14. LOL not mean! Your name didn't come out so well in that test anyway!
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