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  1. I've sat on more pairs of expensive sunglasses than I can count. Just found the best sunglasses I've ever had...and they are unbreakable! Excellent polarized lenses, 2 pair for $75, 100% UV protection, guaranteed against breakage for 24 months. I'll never go back to another brand. They are at REKS.com
  2. After a very long lay-off from golf, I'm picking up the game again as I near retirement. Just purchased my first new set of clubs after about 40 years. Last set I had was a set of McGregor clubs with wooden shafts and no iron numbers, just niblick, mashie etc. They were hand-me-downs from my grandfather when I was a teenager. I was fitted for and bought a set of RAZR-X clubs 3h, 4h, 5-PW. I really need to purchase another wedge since the Callaway PW that comes with the set is a 44 degree loft. Amazing how the technology and come along over the past 40 years. These clubs so much easier to hit with and I'm much more accurate! So, my question is which additional wedge is a must have and will provide the most utility? A gap wedge at about 49 degrees, or go with a sand wedge at about 54 degrees? Can I get by with just one new wedge or should I just buy both? Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. After a long layoff, I'm finally getting back into golf and I'm about to purchase a new set of irons. I've tested several and have narrowed it down to a set of RAZR X irons with hybrids. I need some help deciding which set to go with: (3h, 4h, 5-9, PW) or (4h, 5h, 6-9, PW and SW) Thanks for any recommendations.
  4. I'm looking for a new set of clubs this year and over the winter tested irons from several manufacturers, including Callaway and Titleist. The best feeling club ended up being the Titleist AP2. Here's my predicament - I've got enough points saved on one of my credit cards to get a full set of Razr X irons with no additional out of pocket cost to me. If I buy the AP2s from a local store, they'll cost me $800 or $900. So what to do? Spend hundreds on the AP2s, or go with the Razr Xs at no cost, except my credit card points. Will I learn to love the Callaway's? I'd appreciate any opinions from those of you who may have played both clubs. Thanks.
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