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  1. Lag I would have to say you are pretty spot on. The best part of my game is by far my mid irons and I hit my eight just a little over 150. I do struggle a little off the tee and my 1/2 or 3/4 swing wedge shots are a problem. I always end up crushing it or I try to hold back to much and hit the ball fat. I will practice shortening my swing in hopes of deactivating that right leg a little. I practice daily wether it's playing a practice round or hitting the range, I'm very committed to becoming as good a golfer as I can. I went this evening to the range and tried modeling my grip after the di
  2. Well typically if I hit a poor shot it would be slightly topped and on the toe. Now that I've been adjusting my swing any bad shot will be hit completely fat. I have been really emphasizing engaging my hips which as also forced me to rotate my shoulders quite a bit more. I picked up a impact bag last night so I'm going to utilize that this evening. I will say that it's only been a few days and I've hit countless balls and spent even more time trying to analyze my swing in a slow motion practice swing. I have already seen improvemts especially with my driver I'm struggling to get the exact sam
  3. Thank you everyone for all of your advise, all of you have been very helpfull. Definitely have given me plenty to work on. I will try and post another video soon of my progress.
  4. Thank you for the recommendation SHARK already took a visit to the range trying to get my shoulders more into my swing. I think I may just end up taking lessons. If anyone has ne other advise or training tips let me know. As for my credibility as a 7 handicap I'm not sure why I would make that up, but thank you for the advise on my swing or lack there of. U know that's why I am always hesitant to participate in these forums, cuz someone always feels the need to rip on others for self satisfaction.
  5. New to the forum and thought I would post a video of my swing. Looking for as much advise as possible so don't be shy. I played quite a bit of golf when I was younger, just recently started playing again. Although I must say I have become addicted and have been playing around 3-4 times a week for the past few months. Looking to improve as much as possible so any advise will be appreciated.
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