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  1. I guess he'll have to miss the next year or so following ligament surgery. I can't believe how he was able to swing so well considering the noticeble pain he was in all week. Also, his familiarity with the course didn't hurt, plus those unbelievably lucky lies in the rough that he seemed to get all week didn't hurt either. Wait a second....I'm thinking of someone else.
  2. Phil's got the Bridgestone, PGA, and Playoff events all coming up, not to mention the Ryder Cup. I don't think he played all that poorly considering what a flop (no pun intended) he's been at the British over the years. I think with all the time he's devoted to his full swing that he's neglected the flatstick a little bit. People seem to forget that he is still in the midst of making major alterations to his swing and thus the lack of success in the majors so far this season.
  3. Anytime there's golf coverage with Peter Alliss involved you know it's going to be terrible. I can't for the life of me figure out what the appeal is with that old weirdo, but somehow he keeps coming back year after year. Also, I'm not a big fan of Tirico either although he does seem to be at least a little more professional than Dan Hicks.
  4. I think that Adam Scott is hands down the BPWM at the moment. He has a great temperament and one of the most technically perfect swings you'll ever see. With a little more experience and a little improvment with the putter I think it is only a matter of time for him. I also like Sergio but only if he finally gets that putter figured out as well continued maturation. I also think that Anthony Kim is going to get there within the next few years. I really like how he closed the deal at two storied courses, Quail Hollow and Congressional, and if you can win at those two courses you must be prett
  5. Looks like this might be a great week to be an Aussie. Along with Norman, Scott and Allenby are looking in great form. I would love to see the Shark pull off the improbable which would thus allow him to play at Augusta again. Stranger things have happened (i.e. Ben Curtis 2003).
  6. I don't know about you, but I'm still waiting for Scott vs. Garcia to finally materialize. You would think these two enormously talented players would learn to how to close the deal on a 2 foot putt much less an entire tournament! I watched Scott blow yet another crucial two footer yesterday in Scotland when he was still very much in the hunt, absolutely pathetic for the supposed 3rd ranked player in the world! In regards to Kim and Kaymer, I think Kim has the goods to be an absolute superstar, and I'm still not sure if I could pick Kaymer out of a line-up at this point, but I've heard some
  7. As much as I detest Sergio's (AKA El Whino's) often petulant behavior I think there is little doubt that he is the favorite heading into Birkdale. He finally seems to have figured things out enough on the greens as to where he is now halfway competent, and he has always been an amazing ballstriker. Also, he's come oh-so close in the British before, which should play in his favor. I also like Lee Westwood and Adam Scott to posssibly take home their first major if El Whino doesn't play up to par. I think Phil may also finally be factor in the British, he's too darned good to have had only one
  8. Sometimes I think Willie Mac needs to get a grip on his emotions, heh, heh. It would be nice to see this moldbreaking personality contend in more tournaments. Like as is the case with Woody Austin it would be a refreshing change of pace from having to watch all these emotionless drones that dominate the Tour these days.
  9. Phillip Francis the 19 year old amatuer out of UCLA shot a 64 today at the John Deere birdiefest tournament, still impressive nontheless, and is only 4 strokes out of the lead heading into Sunday. If some of you aren't familiar with this kid, he had one of the most decorated junior golf careers in history. So the question I pose is are we watching the next can't miss prospect growing up right before our very eyes? Also, is there any way he'll be the first amatuer since another certain Phillip to win a PGA Tour event?
  10. I am probably one of the few who doesn't worship the ground Tiger walks on, but even I have to admit that was one of the greatest performances I have ever witnessed, not only in golf, but in all of sports. There is just something spiritual about what he does, it's almost kind of spooky. He was just put on this earth to win golf tournaments, I suppose, incredible! Anyone who thinks that he won't close the deal today is in denial.
  11. I think you all are forgetting how bad Dan Hicks is. I'm sure Hicks is a stand-up guy, but he makes some really, really silly comments at times. Just listen to him today, you'll see what I mean. On that note, Jim Nantz is the best in the business by far, even if he is sometimes more than a bit syrupy.
  12. Scott's short game and putting appears to be much improved since the last time he won on Tour. If he can just get a little more refined with that putting stroke in crunch time this could potentially be a really special year for him.
  13. Which youngster from the British Isles has more potential Fisher or McIllroy?
  14. Couldn't agree more on that one. Sergio apparently didn't get the memo that at 28 you should be well into acting like an adult instead of a petulant little baby. I think he's a strong candidate for biggest waste of talent as well. There should be no reason as to why he's only won six times so far on tour, and he should've certainly closed the deal at Carnoustie last year.
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