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  1. Very popular putter design back in the day. So effective, it was actually made illegal for tournament play at one point.
  2. I'm sure that many name-brand "designer" courses today just use distinctive elements preferred by the named designer. The named designer might just show up for a photo op one day on the course. There is a Gary Player course in Connecticut (Lyman Orchards) that has photos of Gary putting on one of the greens. Truth is, he just flew in by helicopter one day, got out, and hit a mid iron to the green, putted out and left for a tournament in Westchester. Probably had little or nothing to do with the actual planning and design of the course. But I do think Ross was more of a "hands on" guy.
  3. Employees must not be too happy about the move. Unlike Orlando, golf in Connecticut is extremely poor to non-existent December through March. Hope they bring their indoor golf simulators with them.😉
  4. Excellent points here, and excellent video to illustrate them. The swing seems so much easier when you apply them. Lately, I've focused on the height of my right elbow through the backswing which accomplishes the same thing for me. After doing it "wrong" for so long it felt like the "flying right elbow" we've been taught to avoid for years. But if you look at some of the longest drivers over the years (Nicklaus, Couples, Bubba and now Wolff) you will see some pretty high right elbows at the top of their backswings. But this just makes it easier to drop the club down into the "slot" and hit fro
  5. Sounds like you might like on of those "Square Strike" clubs as seen on TV. Nothing more than a chipper design that's been around for years.
  6. Make sure to leave some room in there for the bottle.😀
  7. I like to warm up the way the original Scots did - open the bottle, take a few swigs, then tee off..😉
  8. Our greens were punch aerated and sanded the other day. Anything inside of 10 feet is a gimmie today☺️
  9. I use the Count Yogi method - walk to the first tee, tee up the ball, and hit it down the fairway. Yogi never took a practice swing.
  10. I do like Player designed courses and ones that frame the holes with trees. Treeless links-type courses can be interesting too, as long as the designer has some interesting property to work with. I think a lot of courses cut down trees to make maintenance easier and speed up play. In some cases, trees are cut to improve air circulation and light around greens, which is good too. But I am a fan of courses with large, mature trees, as long as they don't get in my way😉
  11. During the last broadcast hour, the announcers kept repeating how Bryson "answered his critics" over and over again. Painful. I guess they had nothing else to talk about. A really long course, and the rough looked deep, but it didn't seem to matter to Bryson and Wolff. It was very interesting that Harris English accomplished an amazing feat - actually losing a ball on this course. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the only lost ball in the entire tournament. No water except for a couple of dry drainage ditches, and very little deep woods to lose your ball in. Perhaps the outcome would have bee
  12. Many if not most of the top club manufacturers have their club heads made in Chinese factories. I've read where some of these factories, after completing a run of heads for a major manufacturer, just keep the line running as a "fourth shift" for themselves. The heads go out to assemblers who do the final shafting and decoration, and you get a pretty good counterfeit copy. Some are hard to tell apart from the genuine. So legit manufacturers have to resort to serial numbers and hologram labeling to keep the real thing for themselves.
  13. Haven't played Kings North in years, but trust me - you won't forget it. Creative, interesting holes. 47 sand traps on hole number 18!!! Bring your wedges!
  14. If you play a course often that you are familiar with, you can cut down on the number of clubs in your bag and not miss them. Right now I play with 9 clubs in a carry bag as opposed to pushing 14 around in a big bag on a 3 wheel Sun Mountain cart. And my back feels better! 😁
  15. Most of the club head weight is at the top of the bag. If the bag is mounted on a 45 degree angle, you need to be aware of where the cart top cradle rests against the bag. If it rests on the hard bag collar, fine. If it rests under the collar, you will eventually see your bag getting ripped apart from the stress of bouncing around the terrain. That is where an upright cart works to put less stress on your bag. I've had bags carried on my Sun Mountain cart that ripped under the collar from this. The stress also makes it difficult to remove and take out clubs, especially on the contact side of
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