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  1. Archie Bunker

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Actually, it reminded me of a PGA Championship years ago, where Hubert Green received death threats prior to his final round. Somebody threatened to kill him on the golf course that day, and he had a police escort during his entire round. Every time Dustin and Brooks left the tee yesterday, they were closely flanked left, right and behind by police officers. Seemed unusual.
  2. Archie Bunker

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Great tournament. Had me watching to the end. Congratulations Brooks (again!) To me, it looked like Dustin and Brooks had a police escort close by on every hole. Anybody else notice this? There were cops on all sides. No other group had this going on. Anyone know the reason?
  3. Archie Bunker

    Your First Set of Clubs

    Wilson K-28's and Sam Snead Blue Ridge clubs were the best you could buy in department stores back then. Top of the line clubs and balls were sold only through golf course pro shops. You usually bought balls (which were all wound back then) based upon compression ratings - 60 -80- 100 or so. Supposedly the higher the compression, the farther it would go. Of course, today we know better. My first set was a 'Bruce Crampton Signature" Dunlop model made in Scotland. I then had Ram Fastbacks and Ram Accubars after that. Couldn't afford the stuff being sold in the pro shops, where a Titlelist ball sold for the princely sum of $1.25. You could always step down to the Acushnet "Club Special" for 60 cents, but you would supposedly lose about 10 yards on your drives. How times have changed.
  4. Archie Bunker

    2018 Fort Worth Invitational at Colonial

    Congratulations to Rose for an amazing performance. Unfortunately, this made watching the tournament boring as hell. I shut it off an hour early. No excitement - can't stand watching pros play for second place. I like it much better when someone is forced to win on the 18th hole. Blowouts like this are just not exciting nor worth watching IMO.
  5. Archie Bunker

    Cutting the Cord…

    YouTube TV streams your local networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, etc) plus has Golf Channel and a lot of other sports and cable networks. Their cloud DVR is fantastic, with unlimited storage. Was $35 per month until March 14, now $40. Watch on any device (laptop, phone, ROKU streamer. Can't wait to get home and cancel my cable TV ripoff service.
  6. Archie Bunker

    Highest Price You've Paid For Green Fees

    I can remember the shock when greens fees hit $1 per hole in my youth. Since then, I've played Pebble as the highest price (although my company picked up the tab). Around $120 for the Phoenix area in Winter. Today I hate paying the $50 per round here in Florida's Winter. Looking forward to the lifetime membership deal I got back in 2000 that has $0 greens fees at a great northern country club. Too bad I can't bring that deal back to Florida.
  7. Archie Bunker

    Fan Ejected by Justin Thomas - Right, Wrong or Indifferent

    Sorry to see it, but JT is now a target for hecklers. Rather than going on a crusade, I would suggest that he has a set of foam earplugs ready in his pocket when things get on his nerves. In seconds, he can perform in his own quiet little world, without any effect on his swing. What you can't hear won't bother you.
  8. Archie Bunker

    Cold weather golf?

    Will play down to about 40F these days, hopefully without wind. Years ago, we tried to play at least one time each month of the year, as long as there wasn't snow. Frozen ground guaranteed long tee shots with plenty of roll. Flagsticks frozen in the cup; couldn't pull them out. Just bring a bottle of liquid warmth and have fun while you can.
  9. It looked like every time CBS did a shot of Kisner waiting around, he was in the process of dropping one big, slow loogie. What is it with these guys that have to spit all the time?I know that Tiger did on occasion, and Sergio made a mess out of one hole a few years ago. Do they have some sort of disease or is this just a disgusting habit they can't get rid of?
  10. Archie Bunker

    2017 Travelers Championship

    Great to be there in person and watch the drama unfold. I'm not a big fan of either Speith or Berger, but, but this is what I especially dislike about Berger. A year or two ago, he was injured prior to one of those limited-field tournaments and knew he wasn't going to play. Instead of withdrawing and giving an alternate a chance, he went to the first tee, hit one ball, and promptly WD. Collected $20,000 for himself. Seems a bit selfish and shallow to me. Doesn't ever look like a happy guy either. I don't think he will ever become a fan favorite.
  11. Archie Bunker

    Petition to CBS to show more golf

    I just set my DVR to record and start watching an hour or two later than "live". Lets me jump through those commercials and filler stuff that I don't care to watch. Simple solution, if you don't mind time-shifting a bit. With all the commercials, it's funny how you can sometimes catch up to the "live" broadcast.
  12. Archie Bunker

    Why do you walk when playing golf?

    I walk for the exercise it provides. I hate going to the gym for exercise, since I find it pointless and boring. In spite of the fact that I don't pay for carts on my home course, I rarely take one (unless it looks like rain or is unbearably hot). I will continue to walk until I am too old to do so. The cart guys at my club just don't understand why I prefer to walk, knowing that carts are free for me. Sad to see so many young people who refuse to play unless they ride around in a cart.
  13. Archie Bunker

    Solar Golf carts?

    Down here in The Villages, FL there are tens of thousands of golf carts in use every day, yet you never see anyone with a solar panel. They were advertised for sale years ago, but are apparently not worth it for the price. Electricity here is not that expensive, compared to the add-on price of a charging panel. We no longer see them advertised. However, I do have solar panels installed on my house in Connecticut, and they are great.
  14. Interesting. I wonder when sand rakes were first introduced to golf. I'm not sure if Jones, Hagen, Nelson or Hogan saw them during most of their careers. I watched an old b&w golf telecast on the Golf Channel some time ago, where Gary Player just smoothed the sand out with his wedge after hitting a bunker shot at Firestone CC. That was all the "grooming" anyone expected back then. When were bunker rakes introduced? And now for the "big" controversy: should the be left IN or OUT of the bunker?
  15. Archie Bunker

    Where do you draw the line? WINTER IS COMING

    I'll play on those occasional winter days when the temps go above 40, no snow and no wind. I've played when the flags were frozen in the cups and couldn't be removed. A pint of scotch helps a lot. Worst conditions are in the late Fall on a windy day - leaves blowing all over the fairway, even when the course tries to blow them off. Hit it and hope you find it.

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