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  1. 😉How about just one big hole for the front nine? Par 20, 3600 yards long. Imagine this on your home course. You tee off on #1, and keep going until you get to putt for the first time on the 9th green. No cutting over fairways; you have to follow the layout of the existing 9. Crazy idea, but something to think about over the winter. It sure would be a lot cheaper to maintain. Without 8 greens of putting, play should move along pretty quickly. (Sorry to get a bit off topic, but I didn't want to start a new one)😉
  2. Archie Bunker

    Golf Rangefinder Recommendation

    If you wear glasses or sunglasses on the course, you may prefer the LaserLink rangefinder. You don't need to put your eye up against the eyepiece, Hold it several inches away, aim the red dot and release the trigger. Works for me.
  3. Archie Bunker

    A *Serious* Loss of Distance!

    Getting old adds mystery to the game. I'm 67, yet when looking at a video of my swing, it looks pretty much the same as when I was in my 20's. I find it hard to accept that my drives just aren't going as far these days. With the amount of rain we've been getting lately, roll is non-existant and it gets frustrating. I hate to move up to forward tees to compensate, but that's probably what lies in my future. One suggestion I could give you is to look into a tricked-up driver. I demoed the XXIO Gold driver (Cleveland/Srixon) some time ago and was quite impressed. Pricey, but designed for seniors. Lightweight, with a whippy low-kickpoint shaft. You might miss a few more fairways with something like this, but you will hit it farther.
  4. Archie Bunker

    Closed Courses You Formerly Played

    It sure is. Mother nature can make any golf course that isn't maintained go "wild" in a years' time. Expensive to keep a golf course looking like a golf course.
  5. Archie Bunker

    Closed Courses You Formerly Played

    Many years ago, I played a course called Cutter Sound outside of Stuart, Florida that was designed by Gary Player. Loved the design, but the developer eventually went bankrupt and the course was abandoned for a couple of years. Another developer took over and had Chi Chi Rodriguez come in and re-design the course. Chi Chi took the back nine and reversed most of the holes. That's right - you teed off where the greens used to be and you played to a green where the tees were. No modification to the land, so it was very, very weird to play this familiar course "backwards". But a lot of fun! Imagine your home course if you had to play it "backwards". Kind of interesting!
  6. 😄Not a bad idea. I'd love to join the "59 club"....
  7. Archie Bunker

    What Kind of Grips do You Use?

    Cord grips are great in the rain - they never slip. All other grips are a challenge when it rains, unless you have a pair of rain gloves. Worst grips in the rain are the kind with the thin membrane on top - Winn grips. Like trying to hold onto a wet eel.
  8. Archie Bunker

    To Join Or Not?!?!

    Before you choose a course, you should make sure you find that course very visually interesting and challenging, since you will be playing it most of the time. There are plenty of courses that I know I would not join because of this. I've been a member of the same course for around 30 years, and I never get bored with it. It can be a big investment, so take your time.
  9. Archie Bunker

    Are graphite shafts only for old dead people?

    Graphite shafts are typically much lighter than steel. If you walk and carry your bag, you will notice the difference in weight. You can get any flex in steel or graphite. However, the stiffer flexes in steel seem to be much heavier than graphite stiff flexes.
  10. Archie Bunker

    Cutting the Cord…

    I had no problem recording Golf Channel or CBS PGA events when I had YouTube TV. Just add "PGA TOUR" to your recorded show library. Records all Golf Channel rounds as well as the weekend CBS broadcast. And you can re-arrange the program guide to put Golf Channel on top. No need to scroll through the guide. No service is perfect, but $40 per month makes more sense than $80 (or more) per month from the cable tv thieves. YouTube TV made some bad deals with the local networks that may block plenty of your DVR recordings. It is the single reason I switched to PlayStation Vue. My advice is to "free trial" them all to see what works for you.
  11. Archie Bunker

    Your First Set of Clubs

    Nearly all of the clubs sold back in the 60's and 70's were hand made in the USA. Most irons were forged and woods were....wood. Some real nice furniture-grade stuff. I still have a bunch of them in my basement - top condition, some never hit. Each wood carefully tooled and finished by hand. These guys were artists, and famous for their designs. Nothing like what is being done today. I always wanted a set of "high tech" Shakespeare clubs back then (the ones with the black fiberglass shafts). Shakespeare made fiberglass fishing rods back then. Gary Player was their tour player, and everyone thought he was using those black fiberglass shafts. In fact, he hated them because of their torque, and played with steel shafts painted black to fool the public. True story.
  12. Archie Bunker

    Cutting the Cord…

    It doesn't block all shows on CBS or NBC for example. But if you record, let's say, "America's Got Talent" and try to watch your DVR recording the next day, you cannot because the VOD version is available. Your recording will become "available" about 8 months later (!) for you to watch. On the VOD programs they tend to run the same commercials over and over until you want to tear your hair out (if you have any). No fast forwarding through commercials on VOD. I find that PlayStation Vue doesn't have this annoying shortcoming. Nice thing about streaming - you can switch often with no hassle from a cable company. FYI - PlayStation Vue works on both Roku and Amazon Fire devices (YouTube TV doesn't). The interface for PSVUE on Amazon Fire TV is much nicer than it is on Roku IMO.
  13. Archie Bunker

    Cutting the Cord…

    Streaming services are the way to go, although you can't lose by adding a OTA antenna to the mix. We used YouTube TV for several months, then switched over to PlayStation Vue just recently. Why? It seems that the "unlimited cloud DVR" that YouTube TV advertises is, in fact, quite limited. If you record a first-run network show (CBS, NBC, FOX, etc) and try to play it back when a VOD (Video On Demand) version is available, access to your recording will be blocked for months. And you CANNOT fast-forward through commercials on the VOD playback. The amount and repetitiveness of these commercials will drive you nuts. A deal-breaker for me, as well as many others.
  14. Archie Bunker

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Actually, it reminded me of a PGA Championship years ago, where Hubert Green received death threats prior to his final round. Somebody threatened to kill him on the golf course that day, and he had a police escort during his entire round. Every time Dustin and Brooks left the tee yesterday, they were closely flanked left, right and behind by police officers. Seemed unusual.
  15. Archie Bunker

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Great tournament. Had me watching to the end. Congratulations Brooks (again!) To me, it looked like Dustin and Brooks had a police escort close by on every hole. Anybody else notice this? There were cops on all sides. No other group had this going on. Anyone know the reason?

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