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  1. Thank God. They get far too much already. It's a golf tournament anyway. I was wondering if all they were doing was to annoy the players. Blow that air horn at the top of your backswing?
  2. With some of they guys I play with, you would need to put a bathroom stop in between...😁
  3. Nothing beats walking for exercise. I will walk with a push or pull cart as long as I can. I find the course much more enjoyable that way. Years ago, a couple of my partners played Pebble Beach. They took a cart; I walked. I got to see and experience the course down the middle, and they took the cart paths, which are way outside the holes for the most part. I think my Pebble Beach "experience" was much better then theirs!
  4. Only Billy would be able to tell us if he was anchoring or not. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us. In one interview, he admitted holding his forearm against his thigh and stroking the ball with his wrists, with the back of the left wrist facing the target.
  5. Wow. What a tedious mess. I could have re-gripped 8 irons in the time to watch this video using simple 2-sided adhesive tape and paint thinner solvent. I guess you could go through this messy, time-consuming process if you didn't have either.
  6. Fast forward to the 54:20 mark on the first video (Casper vs Saunders) to see Billy explain his stroke. Anchoring or not? You be the judge.
  7. Actually, both Casper and Palmer stood so very close to the ball, they could barely move anything but their wrists. Try it yourself. So maybe they weren't intentionally anchoring, but forced to do so via their close proximity to the ball. Their forearms were glued to their bodies.
  8. It would be interesting to compare these "bad" balls with "good" balls on an Iron Byron or modern test launcher similar to what the USGA uses. See if there really is any difference in performance.
  9. Yes, thank you - I did read it. Hard to imagine how Casper could stand very close, freeze his forearm right up to his wristbone against his thigh, could not be considered anchoring. Looking at the link and reading the copy, I could see how it could read either way.
  10. If your arms don't move, it's one less part to worry about. Everybody has their own putting style. Worked pretty well for Casper and Palmer. Palmer even putted knock-kneed to eliminate body movement and make himself more stable.
  11. Looks like Arnie would be ok today but Billy might be in violation. Casper admitted in interviews that he would lock his left forearm against his thigh and stroke the ball with his wrists only. Palmer accomplished pretty much the same thing by anchoring his elbows and putting almost entirely with his wrists. You don't see anyone putting like this on tour these days, but it is interesting to try this for yourself on the practice green. Either way locks in some stability to your putting stroke.
  12. Greens seemed to be generally much slower back then. Longer putts were more difficult to judge the speed. Arnold Palmer's stroke had some anchoring similarities back then too. His elbows were glued to his sides and he used a lot of wrist to hit the ball. Anchoring too? Is the simple technique of holding your arms to your body considered "anchoring the club"? Seems to be a hard one to define, since the wrists can move independently to the arms.
  13. Was watching a Shell's Wonderful World of Golf the other day and noticed Billy Casper's unique putting style. Billy was a very "wristy" putter, and used a rather short, mallet style putter. Stood close to the ball, and anchored his left arm securely against his left thigh during the stroke, which was done entirely with the wrists. Tried this myself, and it seems to be a rather effective way to putt. But would this be considered "anchoring" by today's standards? Most of the "anchoring" today has been done with long or belly putters. Billy used a standard putter with a short shaft length. It looks as though Casper's technique anchors the arm, but not the club. Illegal or not?
  14. Hogan used to take a bunch of golf balls back to his hotel room before a round and "balanced" them with some method. Marked a spot on each ball that he believed was the "center of gravity". Might have just been some mojo that he believed in, and that would inspire confidence. But the old would golf balls back in his day probably were not as "balanced" as the precision manufactured balls we use today. May have actually had some benefit.
  15. Florida is great from around November thru April, but you might want to go North or up into the mountains for the Summer. It is not surprising that so many PGA tour pros have a home in Florida - it is year-round golf. You can get stretches of hot and humid days just about anywhere in the lower 48 states, but you are guaranteed that every Summer in Florida.
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