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  1. We have a couple of executive 9's down here in Florida that have both regular and oversize cups on the greens. I find it very annoying to hit to a green that has two flagsticks on it. Looks silly and distracting. I don't think many feel that the larger cups make the game faster or easier anyway.
  2. Fakes are more common with top-of-the-line brands like Titleist, Ping, Callaway, etc. Since most club heads are made in China, it is easy for the factory to run a "fourth shift" for themselves. I would not be surprised if these irons did not have any serial numbers etched into the hosels at all. Very easy to add some Dynamic Gold shafts and grips to a set of counterfeit iron heads. Big price to pay for something playable, but "worthless" if you want to trade them in.
  3. He's lucky he didn't try that on the North Korean Tour😁
  4. Maybe you can. At my age a 9-hole walk is plenty. And I play the shots, I don't "goof around" like you would.
  5. I walk 9 just about every afternoon when the private course I belong to is almost empty. Play several balls, so I get at least 18 holes worth of swings😉
  6. Last round was boring as hell. Hard to believe nobody could put on a charge to catch a leader who can't shoot par on the last round. I should have quit watching an hour earlier. JB Holmes nearly caught David Duval with the worst round of the week. Maybe he needs to change his name back to John Holmes (anybody remember that, and why he now goes by the "JB" name?)😉
  7. If he can still make the cut, he deserves to play.
  8. The raised lettering suggests that this is a cast club, so certainly not old or collectable. Older iron clubs were all forged, with markings stamped into them.
  9. Check the trade-in value at the PGA store guide and maybe 2nd Swing. More often than not you will be disappointed, but once in awhile you can be surprised.
  10. I have quite a few vintage persimmon and laminate woods from the 60's, 70's and 80's. MacGreagor Eye-O-Matic, Titleist, Wilson Staff, Joe Powell, Toney Penna and others. Many of these have never been hit. Although you might take a set out on occasion to experience the game of days gone by, you can always appreciate the wonderful hand-made looks and craftsmanship of these classics. They don't seem to be in big demand here in the states, but I'd love to move these beauties along to the next collector at a more than reasonable price. They certainly don't deserve to head to the local Goodwill store.
  11. I've hit the Cobra SL irons at a demo day and thought they were pretty good. Now that the F9's are out, the F8's are being discounted at around half price. Time to buy a set and give them a run. One nice feature of single-length irons that nobody seems to mention: If you have graphite shafts, the necks won't get chipped up from bag chatter. Heads will be hitting heads instead of shafts. If you own a set of graphite shaft irons, you'll know what I mean.
  12. I think a lot of the "villains" today are made through all the available social media and general media exposure. There were plenty of "villains" from years ago that had it much easier. When he wasn't on camera, Lee Trevino could really make you hate him. Same goes with other guys, including Fred Couples, Tommy Bolt and Ben Hogan. Hogan was seen as pretty cold, aloof and mean. If he were playing today, he would probably be golf villain #1.
  13. Had to be the most boring final day event of the year. Slower than slow. NBC must have been disappointed to see what the final pairings were today. I would guess viewership was way down in the USA. Probably did well in Denmark, though.😉
  14. John Daly tried to reach that green several years ago at the Palmer tournament. Took an 18 on that hole.
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