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  1. I can remember a spray-on product called STRAIGHT that was advertised and endorsed by Bob Rossberg many years ago. Most likely some sort of oil or silicone product that reduced sidespin. It was clearly stated as being illegal for tournament play. You can also buy illegal "no slice" tees that have a cup face to prevent contact with your club face. Less spin, but less yardage too.
  2. This used to be called "fair trade pricing" which is simply price fixing. It used to be illegal in most states, but I don't know if it still is. I used to sell audio equipment years ago in a state that had "fair trade" laws. Certain brands could not be discounted or the manufacturer would cut you off. We got around this by offering great trade-in values on just about anything you would bring in. A disguised "discount". Some golf manufacturers (Ping and Titleist for example) seem to be very protective of their list prices. If price fixing is now "legal", you might be getting some great trade-in values for your clubs against these brands.
  3. Since the major manufacturers all introduce their "latest and greatest" stuff in the Spring for early sales, I would guess that with the current situation that sales are not going all that well and inventory levels are high. So I would guess that there will be a lot of gear needed to move later this year in order to make room for the 2021 stuff already in the planning or production stage. My feeling is that the manufacturers will either need to delay the introduction of next year's stuff or drastically move this year's stuff at greatly reduced prices. I agree - not the most pressing issue for us in these times, but if you're looking to buy some new gear this year, there might be some fantastic bargains in your future.
  4. Callaway Razr X Black driver, 9.5 degrees, Motore R Flex shaft, Jumbo tour wrap grip, excellent condition. $10. They will probably start banning garage sales anytime now......
  5. Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods all die in a plane crash and arrive at the Gate of Heaven. God is at the Gate, sitting on his high throne, and says "Wait a minute you guys - before I let you in here, I have to ask you a question - Arnold Palmer, what do you believe in?" Arnie steps up and says "God, I believe in hitting a hard draw and I believe in signing autographs for all the boys and girls" God says "Arnold Palmer, those are good things to believe in - you can take this seat down here to my right" God says "Jack Nicklaus - what do you believe in?" Jack steps up and says "God, I believe in hitting a high fade, and I believe in paying my caddy a good wage" God says "Jack Nicklaus - those are good things to believe in. You can take this seat down here to my left" God says - "OK Tiger Woods! - What do you believe in?" Tiger looks up at him and says...... "I believe you're in my seat" 😮
  6. I always walk whenever I can, even if I get free carts at my home course. Taking a cart deprives me of exercise. I'll take one if the weather looks threatening, or later in life when I get too old to walk. I do think I play better when walking. The slower pace seems to fit my game. It slows me down after making a bad shot and am less inclined to rush on my next shot.
  7. Nice to have a set of shiny new sticks to enjoy. But now, the real question - will you come on back here and let us know if it improved your game? Or are you scoring just the same as before?
  8. We have a couple of executive 9's down here in Florida that have both regular and oversize cups on the greens. I find it very annoying to hit to a green that has two flagsticks on it. Looks silly and distracting. I don't think many feel that the larger cups make the game faster or easier anyway.
  9. Fakes are more common with top-of-the-line brands like Titleist, Ping, Callaway, etc. Since most club heads are made in China, it is easy for the factory to run a "fourth shift" for themselves. I would not be surprised if these irons did not have any serial numbers etched into the hosels at all. Very easy to add some Dynamic Gold shafts and grips to a set of counterfeit iron heads. Big price to pay for something playable, but "worthless" if you want to trade them in.
  10. He's lucky he didn't try that on the North Korean Tour😁
  11. Maybe you can. At my age a 9-hole walk is plenty. And I play the shots, I don't "goof around" like you would.
  12. I walk 9 just about every afternoon when the private course I belong to is almost empty. Play several balls, so I get at least 18 holes worth of swings😉
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