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  1. play every hole with bogey being par, so 2 shots to get on par 3s, 3 shots to get on par 4s and 4 shots to get on par 5s. assuming you 2 putt every green, thats 18 over. instead of trying to reach the green,(except par 3s) lay up so you have an easier shot in with a short iron. only go for it when you know you can get there, say short par 4 with a good drive leaves a smooth 9 iron left, but dont go for it if you have say 5iron or more as these are harder to hit and unless youve done quite abit of practice with them or feel comfortable, then lay up. easy way to lower scores without practice. i bet you could try this method in your next round and you will possibly break 90, maybe low 90s. oh and btw, get a sw and lw (56 and 60), much easier. do you use your pw out of bunkers?
  2. im taking lessons at the minute as i do not like my swing at all. ive only had a few and have been working on a better takeaway, and approaching from the inside on the downswing. the thing is though, what is really pissing me off is the fact that my club points WAY left (right hander) at the top of the backswing and my backswing is sometimes too long and flat. i play with a cut mainly, which is why i have been trying a more inside approach to the ball. does being laid off at the top of the backswing contribute to coming over the top? i know the pro i am with will give me advice on how to correct it, but can anyone give me tips as to how to get the club in a better position at the top
  3. it was not a great answer at all, as i asked at what point should you switch to blades and i said if i were to get cavity backs, i may need to change when i get better, but if i got blades, i would not have to change. this does not mean cavity backs or blades. i asked when you should get blades
  4. i asked when should you switch to blades not whether i should get blades or cabvity backs. get it right before you say something
  5. people may think " hes off 14 so theres no way he can hit blades" but i hit my irons better than most. there is a guy off scratch at our club and i hit my irons with the same distance and control as him but the reason he is better is because he is about 50 yards longer with his woods and has a short game better than mine. we actually swapped clubs and his blades were no different to my clubs.
  6. i do know how i play with blades actually, and i hit them the same as my irons. how will playing with blades make the game harder if you are already a good ball striker and can hit blades reasonably well? ill admit it will take time to get used to them, but ive got a good 7 months to practice. whats the point in cavity backs if youve got a swing flaw like over the top and the ball goes reasonably straight and you then think you have got a good swing when you havent. blades will not cover the swing flaw up and will force you to improve your swing with practice to be able to hit them
  7. blades are not solely meant for tour pros, i was merely suggesting that if you are a 5 handicap or below, you should be at a level where you are more suited to blades than cavity backs and if i were to get to 5 or below, i would certainly favour blades over cavity backs. if you cannot hit blades and you are 5 or below, then there is something wrong with your iron play
  8. ive been playing for about 2 years and am playing off 14. my current clubs are mid sized cavity backs and the reason i am off 14 is because i cannot hit my driver very well (average about 220 yards) and due to the fact that i have not got a full set of clubs (driver, 6i, 8i, 9i, sw, putter) so some greens are out of reach. i hit my irons very well and it is probably the strongest part of my game, my distances are: 6i - 180 yards 8i - 150 yards 9i - 140 yards sw - 100 yards so you see, i have trouble on the course where i would normally use a 5 iron because i have to muscle a 6 iron the same distance and the 7 iron and pw distances, so i am looking for some new irons to last me a while and was wondering whether you think i would be ready for blades based on the distance i hit my current clubs (btw im fairly consistent with them) as i was thinking if i get cavity backs and get to about 5 handicap or below, i would need some blades anyway, but if i got blades now and got down to 5 with them, then i would not have to change clubs.
  9. i have actually hit the 1st green at my club, 305 yard par 4 and on a separate day, hit 310 on the second, 500 yard par 5 but i do not do this consistently. both were downwind and i tried to hit them as hard as i could (probably about 110mph clubhead speed) but very rarely do i get close to this distance. i average about 230 yards
  10. i have the same issue. i have been playing regular sized grips on my clubs, but was told on the titleist fitting day in august that i needed midsize grips. he told me to grip the club, took one look and said midsize, with no measurements or anything. i hit my clubs fine, but at times the club also feels loose during the swing and will switch when i buy my next set of clubs. btw i wear XL glove
  11. i also feel it is easier for me to generate clubhead speed as it is easier to maintain the lag in the downswing, rather than a wide takeaway, where i feel little or no lag and it does not feel the same
  12. i will try the early wrist cock with my driver on the weekend and see if it works. i have never really thought to swing the driver the same as my irons before, and was working on a wide takeaway with my driver, however, in my last round, i averaged just 215 yards with the driver which is very poor ( but 57% fairways hit) and although i shot 80 (3 putted on the 18th for bogey), i only hit 4 GIRs and felt this was due to my bad driving. i think that if this early wrist cock were to get me more yards, say 230-240 average at least, then i could break 80 consistently
  13. when i first started playing, i did not hinge my wrists and as a result i only got my 6 iron 150 yards. i had a few lessons with a pro and he told me to hinge my wrists early in the backswing, and i have been using this method for a whileand can now get my 6 iron 175 yards and my 8 iron 150 yards and have got my handicap down from 28 to 14 this season. however, i am having some issues with my driver and have not been hinging my wrists as i do with my irons and my drives lack power and i feel i cannot get any lag or the same feeling as i do with my irons at the top of the backswing. should i be hinging my wrists early as i do with my irons and would this get me more power as it has with my irons?
  14. chipping on the green is not new, and mickelson has done it on the pga tour, so are the greens on tour badly designed?
  15. btw i forgot to mention i only have 6 clubs. driver, 6i, 8i, 9i, 64 degree and a putter ( i have anger issues) and this was probably why my GIR stat was so low. i have never broken 80 but have hit several 80s this year. I 3 putted the 18th for a bogey and an 80 and also bogeyed the two easiest holes on the course, the first and the tenth. on the first (350yards), i hit my drive into the trees so had no option but to chip out and got bogey, and the tenth (265 yards) i landed in the fairway bunker and had 60 yards to the green so used my 9 iron (no sw or pw and 64 wont get there) and thinned it off the back of the green. i also had relatively easy putts on 16 and 17, one about 6ft the other about 4 ft both for birdie and missed them, so, had everything gone right, i may have shot a 75, but once again, i could not break 80. what more do i have to do? (besides getting a full set of clubs!)
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