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  1. Right, haha yeah I'm a scrawny dude but I do get those distances. Honestly amazes myself most of the time. Coming from 5 foot 8, 140 pounds.
  2. Ahh my bad guys. Forgot the p wedge. I do have one in my bag. It's the mp 64.
  3. Thanks WUTiger, It says I'm not allowed to change my signature, assuming because I haven't posted enough yet, and i can't seem to find that list function either. But here it is.. Driver- Cobra amp cell pro 9*5, stock stiff shaft Hybrid- titleist 585 21*, stock stiff shaft Irons- 4,5,6- Mizuno mp 54, True Temper xp 105 s300 shafts (2* flat) 7,8,9- Mizuno mp 64, True Temper xp 105 s300 shafts (2* flat) Wedges- Titleist sm4 52*, 56*, 60* (2* flat) Putter- Odyssey white hot #6
  4. I like to play a draw so i do get a little more roll as oppose to most people who fade the ball
  5. I have tried 4 and 5 woods as well. Easier to get off the ground but still have that awful pull hook.
  6. It's either a big pull hook and I just can't get it more than 10 yards off the ground. Off the deck or tee. But that's not the only reason why I'm ditching it. With the distances I'm getting, do I really even need a 3w? That's not that big of a gap.
  7. Hey guys, i'm stumped. I've officially decided to get rid of my 3 wood. I've tried at least 5 over the summer and still couldn't hit one. So what I think i'm going to do is add another long iron to my set. i'm a 9 handicap and I consider myself a solid ball striker. So i know I can handle the lower lofted irons. I carry my drives around 280-290 and the longest iron in my bag, 4 iron, around 230. I also have a 21* hybrid that carries around 250-260. All that being said, i've tested out the sldr hybrid (22*) and averaged 265 carry with that, so it'll most likely be going in the bag next summer.
  8. yeah my grooves are just about completely gone. starting to get a little too rusty as well. and they've got some pretty nice dents. haha so i'd say it's time for an upgrade.
  9. thanks. that's exactly what i was thinking. as of now i've been hitting my 53* 110yds, 56* around 100yds, and 60 anywhere inside 90yds. i haven't been hitting the 3i much anyways. much more comfortable with the hybrid.
  10. also, my pw is a 47* if that helps.
  11. well i'm gearing up for the season and i need some new wedges. i'm most likely getting the titleist sm4 wedges. but here's my problem. i can't decide to get 2 or 3. my irons right now are 3-pw and i have a 53*, 56*, and a 60* wedge. that's 15 clubs including the putter, driver, hybrid, and 3 wood. since my hybrid and 3 iron are both the same loft and i hit them roughly the same either off the tee or ground, what i'm thinking of doing is taking out my 3 iron and get the 52*, 56* and 60* wedges. is that wedge overkill? i use my wedges probably the most. my other choice would be to keep the 3 iro
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