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  1. My 905R is on the way... 10.5 NVS reg custom shaft
  2. Does anyone know what the options on stock shafts for the 905R? YS6 maybe?
  3. I'll buy one...without even hitting it.
  4. ProV1 Why play anything else?
  5. Thanks! Wow another Titleist nut. I played 962's until going to 690.CB I hate to use the "C" word but I'm giving a go to the BB 454. That is why I'm was so interested in the 905R. "C" does a decent job however we know that Titleist would blow it away.
  6. I intended to post 905 R oops
  7. Does anyone have a picture release date or stats on the new 905T? I used to play the 983K and switched to a BB 454. But I'd like to get back to Titleist.