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  1. 1. Lee Westwood- 274 2. Matt Kuchar- 276 3. Jason Dufner-276
  2. That's pretty much it, but I like the closed back. I wear my hats backwards a lot and I don't like the opening. Thanks for the reply, I'll take a look at the rest of the site.
  3. I've been looking for a black Nike or TW fitted/ flex-fit hat for a while. I can easily find the ones with the 20X1 and everything on the sides, but I'm really wanting just a plain one with just the TW logo on the front, and a swoosh on the back. Whenever I search for one, all I get are the new ones with all the extra stuff on them, or cheap ones with the velcro back. Just wondering if anyone has seen a fitted/flex-fit black nike hat anywhere on the internet. Thanks.
  4. I don't get mad when my playing partners, or fellow golfers on the course do all these things, I just wonder what they are thinking, and might get a little irritated if it's something bad. These things bother me, but don't ruin my day of golf. Although one thing DOES make me mad, and it happened yesterday. We were playing, and there was a group of 4 guys in front of us, in two carts, using ONE set of clubs...I hav eno clue how they even got on to the course, but thankfully they left after the 5th hole. Those were the slowest 5 holes I've ever played.
  5. One thing that I started doing a while back that really helped me was not focusing on the hole, but a spot where I wanted to ball to land. When I first started, I always looked at the hole as my target before chipping. Now I will pick a spot on the green, and try to chip to there. It has really helped me get the ball closer, instead of speeding past.
  6. It annoys me more when players hit into other people more than I dislike waiting for them to top it on a 2nd shot trying to get to the green in 2. I almost got drilled my a guy who was playing from the forward tees the other day. It was on a dog leg left and my back was facing the tee box. On my backswing the ball whizzed a foot by my ear. I had thought my buddy was messing with my and threw a ball over near me, but I turned around and there some random guy was, standing on the lady's tee. Sometimes we try to take our time on our 2nd shot in a par 5 if we have been catching the group in
  7. There is a cheap course where they don't have a starter in the afternoons, so it's "start when you want." The first hole is a drivable dog leg par 4 if you can hit it over a group of trees, we usually go for it. Whenever we play, our group waits until the green is clear. That way we get space between the group in front of us, and if we get close to the green, we won't hit them. It always seems like the people behind us are so anxious to tee off, they barely wait until we are on the green. This always makes me mad since it usually results in the group stand in the fairway waiting while you put
  8. I think they're talking about the guy who tries to coach you through your round, and he isn't even that much better.
  9. We have one of those too! I love asking him what he got. He'll act like he's counting and then say "bogey?" Then we'll say "no way you got a bogey." Then he replies "oh wait, 7..." haha.
  10. +1 Whenever we are on the tee box for a par 3, I always get asked "what club you using?" Then, if I hit it short, or long, my friend changes his club. We've always hit differently, why would he pick the same club? Not to mention I don't always hit my irons as flush as can be. Makes no sense to me. Also, when nobody pulls the pin out, so I have to go do it. It happened this Sunday. We were playing and I had around a 20 footer for birdie. My friend had just chipped on with his third shot to about 10 feet...and he didn't pull the pin. And you can take a guess as to who puts the pin back
  11. If I ever got a white driver, I would want it to be painted like this. Great job! If I had an old club I would give it a go, just so you guys could see me fail haha!
  12. Went to the range today after working on it for a couple weeks and took some new video (with better angles and some front views). I hit 7-iron and driver in the videos. Tried slowing the backswing down a bit. Here's 7-iron DTL: Driver DTL: Here's a front view for both the 7-iron and the Driver: Any and all feedback is appreciated! Anything you notice will help! Thanks. ***For some reason it won't post as the video, so only the links work, Sorry.
  13. It's better than spending it on drugs and strippers.
  14. On one hand I think that if he started to get a swing coach, he could get caught up in the changing and fundamentals of the swing, that he might lose what he has. One the other hand, a swing coach could really help him control some of those wild shots that he tends to have when bombing it down the fairway. Some guys try to change things, and they start to lose it. I'm curious as to what he will do about his putting though. Will he get a coach for that, or will he continue to improve on it by himself?
  15. I had ALWAYS wanted to play golf since my toddler years, but my Dad had a weird view of me doing sports young. Couldn't play baseball, golf or soccer. My Dad always said he would cut down clubs for me when I was little....Then I grew and didn't need him to haha! I started during the summer before my Senior year of high school. My friends and I found a 7 iron and a putter in a closet, and some wiffle balls. We then played a mini game around the neighborhood from lawn to lawn, using sprinkler holes as the holes. We then went and played a round at a cheap 9 hole course, and we all used the same s
  16. I love watching Feherty. It is really cool to see the players, or other golf personalities, outside of the game. The episode with Bubba really changed my view of him. Before, I just thought he was a guy with a temper, and I wasn't the biggest fan of his. It wasn't that I didn't like the guy, I just wouldn't root for him. After watching the episode, I couldn't help but root for him. I'm glad he won, and I think he deserved it. I also think Louis will start to rise. He's got a great swing, and seems to have his emotions in check. Who knows, this 2nd place finish could be the thing he need
  17. What do you think happens for Bubba from here on? How many more wins do you think he will get? How many more majors? How about Louis?
  18. Aww I was so close. I had R. McIlroy at -12...
  19. My friends and I only say "Bite!" as a joke. Like when we blade a shot and it keeps on rolling off the green.
  20. Most of the workers after 4:30 are kids my age. The oldest person is the one in the clubhouse, who is 24. They even let me leave the flags in on the chipping green, as long as I bring them to the clubhouse after I'm done. I pay for balls about twice a week, but I'd rather spend my golf budget on rounds when I can play them. I never go to the range thinking to hit for free. I almost always only bring my putter and 60 degree, unless I actually plan on buying a bucket and hitting. So whenever I hit some free balls, I've already paid for a bucket. There's only one place near here that offer
  21. This course makes you supply your own balls to use. There's a sign that says "no more than 6 balls" on the chipping green, but for some reason people who are about to leave love just smacking the rest of their range balls around it until their bucket's empty. This is the only time when I'll collect them and hit them at the range. I don't do it any other time, since the owner could still be using them and I don't know.
  22. Tell me about it, whenever I hit there I can see my money rolling away with every hit! lol. If it wasn't for the nice practice putting/chipping greens, I wouldn't go there. I have my own bucket of about 200 balls, but I can only hit them at a college when nothing is going on, which is almost never. A course that is a little farther away does $10 for I think about 110 balls, but they don't have nice practice facilities.
  23. Our lowest bucket is 8 bucks for around 50 balls.
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