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  1. Well, After hitting a few different clubs, I ended up going with the the Big Bertha 06 4-PW, SW, Iron regular flex shaft, standard length, 1 degree up. I had the chance to hit them for the first time last night at the range and I am really impressed, can't wait to see how they are after playing a few rounds and getting use to them. Thanks for all of feedback.
  2. Thanks for all of the advice. I live in Seattle. Does anyone have recomendations or personal experience on a good place or person to get fitted by in this area.
  3. All right, I was given a fairly generous Gift Gertificate to Callaway Preowned for the holidays I have decided on a FT-I Driver but, I need some help deciding on some new irons. I am pretty new to the game and have only been playing for about 9 months, I have been playing at least a once week for the last several months and my scores are typically in the 90's. I have never had any type of formal instruction, I know I should, and I have every intention of doing so in the near future. My current clubs are a cheap $250 set of Dunlop Power Lift Clubs. I think they are just standard length and Lie angle I have read ton of reviews and I am having trouble deciding what might be the best for me. I am trying to decide between the Big Bertha 06 4-PW,SW Steel Shafts and X-18 4-PW,SW Steel Shaft, even slightly considering the X-20s. I realize that the big Berthas would probably be better intially but I am wondering if I would quickly want somethings else since I am so new to the game and think that I will progress fairly quickly. I realize that going and getting fitted and demoing clubs would be ideal but since I have to purchase the clubs at Callaway preowned I really would feel bad about wasting a stores time when I know I will not purchase from them. I am 6'3" with a 36.5 wrist to floor measurement, should I get clubs that are +.5-+.3/4 longer than standard and should I get them with 1 up lie angle? Any suggestions of feed back would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Your Home Course Website.

  5. Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Too hard to compare. Tiger is the man today but if Jack had access to the same advances in modern technology as Tiger.........who knows?
  6. What Do You Do for a Living?

    Independent Sales Representative