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  1. Absolutely wonderful broadcast! Watched on GC and Peacock stream. Amazing play from the ladies. WOW! Awesome short games,and the amateur Megha Ganne, she is a force to be reckoned with. If I were her, I think I'd play (Maybe) college golf for a while, but turn pro as soon as possible. This should be the standard for ALL golf broadcasts going forward. Less commentary,less drama, more golf action. Shot tracer is a must. Will be fun to watch today's final round.
  2. I purchased a small, about 4x6 clip board once. Put a strap on it and attached it to my golf bag. Seemed to work just fine.
  3. Recently, a very good golfer, (consistently in the 70's) and I played a few rounds together. His idea was that golf sets were wrong, and a golfer needed only a few clubs for his game to improve. He said yardages of: 75, then 100, then 125, then 150 were all a golfer needs. That makes four clubs. Yardages over the 150 distances needed to be something you could hit straight, a fairway or hybrids club. He said from 175 then closer to 200. That makes six. A driver that you can hit consistently and straight, around 200 yards and a good putter. Total clubs eight. It seemed to make sense. BTW, he had
  4. I understand that any handicap golfer that can play consistently in the 80's, is a good golfer. According to USGA Handicaps, isn't that better than over 70 percent of the players?
  5. It is the thought that there is a "secret to the golf swing" that I have yet to discover. It is my eternal Holy Grail , my personal crusade. I know I am conning myself. It does not exist, but I keep trying.
  6. Half way through the bucket, on the range, that no matter how much you practice, your game is as good as it gets, with little improvement. However, I keep trying...………...
  7. I remember watching Miller during his playing days. It has been said that there were maybe 3 golfers that hit the ball pure; Hogan, Trevino and some say Miller. This was before Tiger. I watched the 63 at Oakmont and marveled at his accurate iron play that day. Amazing. His ability to hit his irons to exact yardages was awesome. And yes, he played against Nicklaus, and Weiskopf. His golf swing knowledge is greater than many other players. And yes, he was a good announcer.
  8. IMHO, the "rule" should be: IF a student competes, regardless of gender, then THEY are eligible for ANY and ALL tournaments, and matches including team or individual results. Besides, the young lady did play from the.............(ahem) Men's Tees, correct? So, maybe some jealousy here...........whatever!
  9. Personal taste with a respect FOR the game is what might be missing. I have always felt that proper attire should be required for golfers. Does not need to be expensive, but tasteful. A simple golf shirt, and business casual slacks, or shorts are fine. Even dress styled jeans are OK, pressed and neat. Not sure I like untucked shirts, but that may be more comfort over style anyway.
  10. Senior golfer here. Just tried a "iron fitting" with launch monitor and several clubs and shaft combinations. Clubs were Taylor made M2, Callaway Steelhead XR, and Ping G. Fitter suggested Graphite shafts, saw immediate swing speed increase. Adjusted for lie, was simply a choice of which club I liked best. These were game improvement clubs. A step up from my current Ping G30's. Get fit for proper irons and you should see improvement.
  11. IF she broke a rule in Round Three, she also teed off out of place in Round Four? NO..................WHY NOT? There should be a "time limit" on when rules can be called. From say anytime during a round, until the START of the NEXT round? Also......................PGA / LPGA Tour should stop taking messages from outside the tournament about rules infractions. I guess "score" doesn't really matter does it? I mean anyone can call a penalty, and adjust your score? Sad!
  12. Just found out I won! Purchased TWO Sunday tickets. Any suggestions on hotels near / far away? Where is a good place to find info on getting there, driving to course, a shuttle? Tried the masters.com and they didn't have anything. Thank you
  13. From what I remember, Arnold Palmer, and television were made for each other. He was the darling of golf fans and television just loved him. As his persona grew, so did the attention around Nicklaus and other pros. I remember a few headlines that were, "Palmer Loses Another......", rather than (pick a named pro) won the tournament. It was a phenomenon. And a few pros were jealous of him, but when they saw the winnings increase, they began to enjoy the spoils. Same as when Nicklaus began to dominate, and as Palmer didn't win the majors, the media began the search for a "next Nicklaus". There wa
  14. I think WE amateurs over read our putts!!!!!!!!! Well, at least I did. As stated above, look at the line, commit to it and hit it so it travels PAST the hole! I have had fewer three putts since I tried this. Not making more putts on the first try, but more second putts! Helped my score.
  15. All Time Best Swing.............? In my opinion, there is only one to have, Sam Snead's. Along with the brain of Jack Nicklaus.
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