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  1. Been playing the 2012 NXT Tour, but the 32 dollar price point is more than I want to be paying per dozen. I realize I might scrifice a bit of playability by dropping down to a 27 dollar ball, but what I'm looking for is the ball that will cause me to sacrifice the least. I'm not looking for more distance off the tee, but I'd also not like to lose to much. I'm at the point of my game where I'm comfortable with everything outside of 100 yards, and really want to master those shots from 100, really 80 yards and in. So, here is a little about me: Swing speed off the tee: 99-101mph
  2. Well, as long as you buy something....just gotta feed the beast, right?
  3. Sometimes...not often....but sometimes, we need to show some self control. What were you on the verge of purchasing, but decided to leave behind after really thinking about it. For me it was a used R11 fairway wood. It was 110 bucks and in really good condition.
  4. I am currently using a tour edge backdraft putter that I picked up in a Golfsmith for cheap about 2-3 years ago. I've never been thrilled with the putter, but I've never really been unhappy with it either. I have an opportunity to get the Taylormade Monza Corza putter from 2006 from a buddy before he sells it at his Garage sale for 40 bucks. Should I go for it? What are your thoughts on the putter?
  5. I, like you, just decided it was time to upgrade/start carrying additional wedges. My current make up is a PW/AW/SW/Lob Wedge. I walked into the store, mind made up that I was buying either a vokey or cleveland wedge and when I asked the salesman which he would reccomened he said neither and pointed me in the direction of the Mizuno MP T-11. I was skeptical, but he brought me to their launch monitor/video flight path simulator, and 30 min later I was sold. I hit all three clubs for about 10 min a piece and my personal preference ended up being the Mizuno. Now, you might not feel the same wa
  6. So, I ended up buying my 60 degree wedge. Went with the Mizuno MP T-11. Absolutely love it. Will probably go back for the sand wedge when I don't feel too guilty for spending the money. Still want to hit the woods though. So now its down to Sand Wedge vs. 3 Wood.
  7. To tell you the truth, I'm a lot less set on the Vokeys since I've been doing some research on the SV wedges. To tell you the truth, I know my skill level, and I'm not at the point where I expect the ball to land 15 feet from the pin and check back 5-7 feet. I'm looking for a set of wedges that I can hit well, consistantly every round, and that have the playability that I can improve with.
  8. I'm in the middle of an overhaul of my entire bag. Until about a year ago, I was still playing a set of Wilson's that was bought for me when I was a Teenager. I'm 26 now, and needless to say, It was time to upgrade. Here is whats in my bag now: Rocketballz Driver V-Steel fairway wood (DO NOT LIKE...was given to me as a hand me down and I never hit it well) Old Rescue 4-AW burner irons Old Sand Wedge (56 degree loft) Putter I want to replace the Sand wedge with a Vokey 56 and add a Vokey 60. Also, I need to replace the Fairway Wood and Rescue.
  9. Well, if that holds true, then I'd like the ball that is going to give me the most consistent shot, with the best playability in both the long and short games, not including the tee shot.
  10. Hey guys.... For the longest time I was playing DT Solo's and loved them...untill I hit something else and saw how much yardage I was giving up. So, i decided to stick with Titleist and when the Velocity came out, I bought that. I really liked the ball, saw a dramatic improvement in yards, and didn't mind the feel around the green and on my longer iron shots. My question is, will I get a better feel from one of the NXT lines without sacrificing too much of the distance I gained from the Velocity. I'd really like to start playing a new ball consistently, and am trying to narrow it do
  11. So, I am a Taylormade guy thru and thru....for whatever reasons. I like the way the clubs feel, perform, and mostly the way I play. I currently play an r5 driver which was given to me, but have decided to upgrade. The clubs I am looking at now are r11 (not the s) Burner Superfast 2.0 and Rocketballz Obviously you can see my pricepoint. I was debating between getting fitted at golfsmith or golf galaxy, but at the last minute decided to get fit at a country club which Taylormade Lists on their website as a "Taylormade Fitting Center." They use the Launch Monitor and Ball
  12. Currently, I don't play with a glove. I have tried in the past, but I found it uncomfortable/a hassle. Does anyone else feel this way, or am I missing out on some benefits I don't know about??
  13. When I drive the ball it gets up in the air a lot more than I like to the point where I think I'm losing yardage. Is that a sign that I may need a 9.5 loft instead of the 10.5 I have now?
  14. Hey guys, Im new to the site, and this is my first post. Recently, i've begun to get a lot more serious about playing, and this summer I'm looking to play a lot. I replaced my irons last summer, and now the hunt for a new Driver begins. I've been playing a Taylormade r5 for the past two-three years. It was given to me. I'm now ready to replace it, and I've narrowed the search down to three clubs. I'd like to stay with Taylormade because I'm obsessive like that, so now Im looking at the: r9 - used Burner Superfast 2.0 Rocketballz If anyone has any insigh
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