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  1. Tried them both, with the graphite lost distance and was less accurate, also notice that the ball got loss in heaven........ Now wil try the Raxr X Forged and decide with which to go.......... Beleive that you cannot adjust the lie angle on the Raxr X Tour and this might influence in my decision since my present irons are 2 Flat -1/2. Regards,
  2. At present have Callaway X18 and need (want) a new set: I've looked at:. Razr X Tour S300; and X22 Tour Graphite Stiff (Aldila VS Proto 85). Don't have a way of trying the graphite irons and been told to make the change. How big is the change and feeling of these clubs. My hybrid has an Aldila VS Proto 85 shaft and feels great, i've gain many yards with this shaft............ Looking forward to your comments, Scuba
  3. Hi, will start getting info from your forum expecting to participate and also getting support and knowledge from you all. Here down south looking forward to an excellent autumn and expecting a lot of rounds. Regards, Scuba