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  1. No, there's nothing wrong with his opinion. But it will undoubtedly fire Tiger up just that little bit more. He's already shown a bit of improvement and there's plenty enough time for him to get grooved before the Ryder Cup. If Tiger gets turned around, this quote won't be the sole reason why. But there was more to lose than gain by saying it.
  2. It's like one of those "Messin' with Sasquatch" commercials playing out in slow motion before our eyes.
  3. rudygu


    He makes me laugh so hard it actually hurts.
  4. Could have gone my whole life without that image being scorched into my mind's eye
  5. GIR seems good for an 18 which leads me to think your iron play is a strength (unless you play on a short course and you're hitting greens with your wedges). I would assume that your missed greens are right around the green, so the 1.94 putt avg leads me to think chipping is a weakness. On the fairway %: it seems low compared to your GIR. Leads me to think you don't miss by a huge amount...not a huge amount OB. But you probably have to chip out from under the occasional tree limb. Do you play on a shorter course with relatively narrow fairways?
  6. I'm not a huge fan of the OWGR, but they are what they are. They span multiple seasons so it's possible for any one season to not be represented well. Consistently good showings, as well as playing well in big events is rewarded. For the time period it covers, Tiger dominated. For a snapshot of this season, look at the money list or fedex cup srandings
  7. Foley's students did pretty well at the Bridgestone...
  8. That's a pretty low course rating and slope. I use Scorecard to track my handicap and stats and it also displays handicap for individual rounds. On one really easy course I sometimes play (65.4, 105) I shot an 86 and my handicap was 22.2, but on a more difficult course (70.3, 113) my 86 yielded a 15.7 handicap. If you're playing by the rules of golf and tracking all your scores, your index should be accurate.
  9. rudygu

    Fantasy Football

    I'll play. yahoo works for me
  10. No problem at all. That's what I got from it. If you are a very consistent ballstriker and really want to fine tune your launch angles then you could use the shaft to do some of that. But, weight and flex play a much larger factor in overall ballstriking. If 2.5 degrees is the most extreme case Wishon has ever encountered, I'd imagine that most are effected much, much less. Wishon's site is a good resource. I'm glad I could help.
  11. Yeah, now they are suspending play...right as the guys who got to play in the good weather yesterday are starting. The guys who teed off late yesterday and early today are really getting jobbed. Peter Alliss is cracking me up.
  12. I doubt it. No one ever mentions the Ping Redwoods, the pricier Odysseys or Mizuno putters when the ever-present "Scotty Cameron is overrated" threads pop up.
  13. Shindig: I don't think the effect of the shaft on launch angle is as big a of a deal as the manufacturers would have us believe. Here's a quote from Tom Wishon: Here's a link to the main article. Some interesting stuff in it. http://www.wishongolf.com/faq_tech_a...php?techKey=30
  14. Good idea. I'll try and catch that.
  15. Nike should be very happy with the coverage of Tiger's putter so far. I turned it on this morning to the announcers talking in depth about the technology behind it and how well it works. Accompanied by some nice shots of the swoosh and grooves on the face. At -6, it must be working ok for him, even though they showed him missing a few putts. I wish I had gotten up earlier and seen more of McIlroy's round.
  16. Lol you definitely have any situation covered. If not for the pic, I'd have never believed they'd all fit with all the headcovers.
  17. I haven't played the newest Pro V1x as much as the Nike balls, but for me driving distance was very similar among all three. If forced to rank all three for distance I would say One Tour D, Pro V1x, One Tour from longest go shortest. Same order for driver spin, least to most. If I were ranking wedge spin and putter softness, I'd say One Tour, Pro V1x, One Tour D, from most to least. I prefer the Pro V1x here. It feels ever so slightly less "clicky" than the Nike balls, without being mushy. Really hard to describe.
  18. I don't think so. Here's a link to the main article: http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-equip...2010-golfballs
  19. If this chart is to be believed, there's not much difference...at least with the wedges. http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-equip...alls_spinchart
  20. I'll take a guess: Tim Herron. I believe he is from close to the OP's listed location. Also, he used to live in Arizona, but recently moved back to MN.
  21. As others have pointed out, he's played those greens plenty of times with great success. I don't think it's ridiculous to speculate that maybe his interview isn't the whole story. Whatever the reason, he just feels better with the Method right now. Maybe it really is because he suddenly can't putt slow greens with his Cameron. /shrug
  22. I don't think offset really contributes much to hitting it left, but I don't like it either. The r7 tps's may be just what you're looking for...I've never hit them, but I don't remember them having much offset and they look pretty nice at address. IIRC the Callaway x-20 tour also have little offset, but they have a chunky top line. I played the i10's for a little while, but sold them because they have more offset than I like.
  23. Nike has been pushing the hell out of the Method putters. For months, Stewart Cink and Paul Casey have been pimping them on Twitter, etc. I'd bet it's just a perfect storm of Tiger lacking confidence in his putting and Nike pushing/offering incentives. Normally he'd just tell them to shove it, but maybe with his recent putting woes he's a little more open to it.
  24. I think he just wants a change of pace. I use a couple of different putters just because one feels more right on any given day. It's not that unusual, even on Tour. Using the same one for 12-13 years like Tiger has done is far more unusual. He kept his putter and routine constant for a long time because it worked. Now that it's not working, it only makes sense to mix it up.
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