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  1. Each and every one of us have role models, people that we look up to and who we like to be. There is an old saying that one should live ones life like a bamboo tree - the taller it gets the lower it bends - I see that it Bubba Bubba is a breath of fresh air for the game of golf. Bubba has shown such grace in light of all the fame that has come his way. I am very impresses by how he is handling himself. I learned that the importance of staying true to your friends, family and the fans. I learned that one should give a deeper meaning to life and focus on the th
  2. First, I would like to congratulate Bubba on his win at the Masters. About a year ago I did a research on two centers in golf, and studies almost 100 tour pros swings, to learn as to how their two centers in their body worked. I was specially intrigued by Bubba's swing. He has the most extreme and most exaggerated spine angle at impact than any other player on the tour and this stretch of the hips generates tremendous amount of power. I have no idea as to how he is so consistent with his ball striking - All I can say he is a phenomenal talent Here is my resea
  3. Here is a video link to a research that I did about two centers in golf. This may help answer some of the questions posted in this forum.
  4. Tiger Woods -13 Keegan Bradley - 9 Rory Mcilroy -8
  5. I have an Old Odyssey - I have had this for almost 12 years, I dont think it has a model number that I can remember. But lately I have been in the market for a new putter, more curious than anything else to try something new.
  6. Tiger has tremendous talent and so did Jack - But it would be have been interesting to see how far Jack could have taken his career wins with new innovation in equipment and golf course design and layouts, if he was Tiger's age. My hat off to both of them!
  7. It was so hard to say good bye to my Cleveland CG1. Switched to Titleist AP - I can tell with these irons that they are made with more exactness. You have more feel for the shot and yet they are more forgiving.
  8. There are few things that are common among all these pro is - there right shoulder is lower than the left, which puts you spine at an angle slightly away from the target and they all have a flex in their knees.
  9. I like the principal of what Sean teaches. However, one has to understand the two key differences between an arm dominant and body dominant golf swing. One has to have a body dominant golf swing in order to get real results from what Sean teaches. I like what he has done with Tiger swing.
  10. I fully agree with you. Ernie is a man of principal and has earned his place in the history of the game. I think the Masters need him more than him asking for an invitation.
  11. Golf appeals to the idiot in us. When I look back I can see that idiot in me - I thought to myself hey I have good hand and eye coordination, how hard can this game be ( but the mind was not coordinated - it reminds me of Bobby Jonnes quote - Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course - the distance between your ears ). I would stop being an idiot and take lessons. Golf, like the measles, should be caught young, for, if postponed to riper years, the results may be serious. ~P.G. Wodehouse, A Mixed Threesome , 1922
  12. Played a round of golf this past weekend with couple of guys from Michigan. Course conditions were muddy and slopy due to some heavy rainfall on Friday and Saturday. But I was please with few quality iron shots. My pitching and putting has improved that made up for few bad shots - shot 79. If the weather is nice like it has been in KY I am planning on working on my long irons and getting my ball flight under control - Last week I was hitting them little high, which drives me crazy specially if it is windy.
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