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  1. Exactly. This is really a silly, no, stupid debate. I work with kids in the First Tee program and the clubs are donated. You don't hear these kids whining about what kind of clubs to swing. If folks spent the time that they spend looking at new equipment (cavity back, muscleback, drivers, etc) and half the money they spend on new equipment on lessons instead, they would make a much more measurable improvement in their games than any club could make.
  2. See my setup below. Occasionally I will take out my Strata-Bloc woods, but I wish to save them.
  3. You should always have the loft/lie and length of your putter adjusted to fit you. Golfers today have their launch angle, clubhead speed, ball speed, loft, lie all measured and tested on a computer, yet they expect to just grab a putter off the rack and roll a few balls on the carpet in the store to pick a putter. Fit the putter to your stroke. My 1955 Macgregor M2 putter is 35.5 inches long with 5.5* of loft
  4. Actually, the process for older forged clubs was a little different than todays forging. Older clubs were 'triple forged and triple chromed' with a layer of copper, nickel and chrome. The game back then had a softer ball (wound balata). Today's trend is just the opposite, harder ball (even though you have a softer cover) and a milder steel to give the same 'softer feel'. Production of older forged clubs was more labor intensive with more hand operations which have now been eliminated in favor of lower costs and production. All you have to do is look at some of the Macgregors, Wilsons, Hoga
  5. Geez, 47 degree pitching wedges? What is the world coming to. That is about a 9 iron in my set. Things used to be so much simpler. My pitching wedge is 52 degrees. All other clubs are 4 degrees from there, which means that I have a 56 degree sand wedge.
  6. Yeah, that would be great, but you would have to search through a bunch of junk on the CD/DVD as well. Most of the magazines are loaded with so many tips, a lot of it contradictory, that usually only a few really apply to my swing. I now just cut out what is relevant and toss the magazine each month. True initially setting it up may take some time, but it beats having to sort through a bunch of old magazines to find something. Golf.Com has stuff out there from 2005 so you might already have articles out there.
  7. Also, you will find that many of the major magazines now have the same content on their websites. You can simply bookmark the link to the page or you can actually save the webpage to you hard drive.
  8. I too had a lot of magazines that I had retained just for one relevant article. It was getting ridiculous. This is what I did. First I clipped all of the relevant articles from each magazine. I could then toss the magazines. I then just put the articles in a file and would refer to them when I needed them. About a year ago, I purchased an all-in-one printer/fax/copy/scanner. This allowed me to scan all of my articles and store them in PDF format. It works great.
  9. I agree. Lee Trevino is a true gem of the sport. I could listen to his stories forever. He can be in the presence of room full of strangers and in 10 minutes they would be like old friends. It is to bad that we really don't have any modern players like him.
  10. I use are real blade putter, a 1955 Macgregor M2. I also use a Macgregor IM5 from the 60's. For me, putting is all about feel and for me mallet putters just don't deliver the same level of feel required. There is a reason that the BullsEye putter is still around.
  11. 'Club throwing' from the book Extraordinary Golf by Shoemaker. It is amazing what a change in perspective can do.
  12. You can't go wrong with the Mizuno's. I would also consider the MP-29.
  13. I have set of Wilson Staff Tour Block woods that I have been experimenting with at the range and using for practice. I am thinking about putting them in play this season. The difference is about 15-20 yards in length, but am able to control my shots better (more fairways). I have read recently that Tiger practices with persimmon woods.
  14. I buy mine locally. I don't really buy in bulk since I don't smoke that often (1-2 times a week).
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