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  1. Shot 82 yesterday - 43 on the front, 39 on the back. And that's with an eagle on a short par 5 ... just couldn't make those 5 foot par putts yesterday. 82's not bad for me, but should have been lower.
  2. I work for Intel. I designed motherboards for new chipsets for quite a few years, and now I work as an application engineer in the field.
  3. Best hole of the summer - number 4 (13) on the back nine at Fish Creek . It was playing about 565. Hit my drive down the middle 320, and then a 5-wood 245 to about 8 feet from the pin. Made the putt, against my expectation. It's my only natural eagle on a 500+ yard hole that I can remember. Totally screwed the next hole, but man, nothing could knock me off my cloud for the rest of the back. :)
  4. Hi. Found the forum in my wanderings across the internet. Seems like a nice place to hang out and chat. :) Bit about me - I live in north Houston, and play golf several times a week. I've been playing about 15 years, off an on. Nice to meet you all, and I'll see you around.
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