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  1. The annual Pirate clownstomping is about to begin. That team isn't very good. Heck, the friggin O's hammered em.
  2. Hopefully the cattle prod up the bung approach yields some solid intel.
  3. He's blasting you guys and you're blasting him right back. All over stuff none of you can prove.
  4. Religion has definitely been used to keep order. To me the main purpose/benefit of religion is hope. And just so you know, you guys are just as wrong as Domenic is right now.
  5. So far 14 confirmed dead, 50 injured. I would expect the death toll to rise as more info comes in. The suspect is in custody. The guy walked right into a movie theater with a rifle and a handgun (an additional gun stashed in the theater), tear gas grenades, body armor, and a gas mask. Tossed the tear gas and then opened fire. The suspect appeared to be in his early 20's. I'm glad they took him alive. I hope he winds up spending the rest of his life at the SuperMax ADX out there in Colorado. Supposed to be a living hell.
  6. The crew here does a good job of finding proper avatars for those without avatars.
  7. Discussions are being had about changes to Big 10 governance that would allow Big 10 commissioner, Jim Delany, to boot Penn State from the conference.
  8. I've never said that. I really don't know of many people that are saying that. It's clear that Paterno was a key enabler for Sandusky. It's clear that PSU was more worried about it's football program than preventing/stopping child rape in it's facilities. It's clear that a good amount of the student body at PSU still doesn't get it, and continues to blindly worship Paterno while they make themselves the victims.
  9. http://thefreehreportonpsu.com/ Go straight to the "Key Findings".
  10. Excerpts directly from the Freeh Report. Regarding timeline of events: May 3, 1998 - Sandusky assaults victim 6 in Lasch Building shower May 4, 1998 - Curley notifies Shulz and Spanier that he has touched base with Paterno about the incident August 1999 - Curley emails Spanier and Schultz, discussing Sandusky's retirement options. "Joe did give him the option to coach as long as he was the coach." and suggests the possibility of coaching 3 more seasons February 9, 2001 - McQueary witnesses the assault on victim 2 in the Lasch Building shower February 10, 2001 - McQueary reports the assault to Paterno. Paterno tells McQueary, "you did what you had to do, it's my job to figure out what we want to do." February 11. 2001 - Paterno reports the incident to Curley and Shultz, as Paterno did not want to interfere with their weekends February 27, 2001 - Curley emails Shultz and Spanier and says he has changed his mind about the plan, "after giving it more thought and talking it over with Paterno yesterday." Curley now proposes to tell Sandusky "we feel there is a problem" and offer him professional help." "Additionally, I will let him know that his guests are not permitted to use our facilities." August 2001 - Sandusky assaults victim 5 in Lasch Building shower January 12, 2011 - Shultz, Paterno, and Curley testify before the grand jury October 29, 2011 - Sandusky attends Penn State home football game and sits in Nittany Lion Club in Beaver Stadium November 4, 2011 - Criminal charges filed against Sandusky November 5, 2011 - Sandusky is arrested November 9, 2011 - Board of Trustees removes Paterno as head football coach Seriously there is no defending this stuff. This is just the Paterno related stuff. If you read the whole timeline you get a clear picture of an incredibly corrupt and out of control football-first culture that allowed these disgusting crimes to happen. The kids on that campus crying victim, guarding Paterno's statue, and chanting "We are" are complete morons.
  11. These kids just really don't understand what's important: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/football/ncaa/07/18/penn-state-students-paterno-statue.ap/index.html?sct=hp_t2_a4&eref;=sihp The more I hear the more I believe a year without football will do them some good.
  12. I think Chamblee should have canned whoever was coaching his swing, while he was on tour.
  13. Who knows. I'd like to think there is a heaven.
  14. The BoT asked Paterno to retire in 2004 he told them no. They wanted to pass a policy that would limit the power of the University President and Paterno. They were told not to do it, and it was never voted on. Paterno ran that place. Lots more information is going to come out. That place was such a mess and Paterno was in charge of the whole thing.
  15. I fully expect Penn State to suspend it's own program for a season. If that does not happen the NCAA should and probably will step in with the death penalty. That school/culture needs to get it's perspective back. There are more important things than football. Perhaps a year without football will do everyone in Happy Valley some good.
  16. Believing in something happens after death gives the old and sick comfort. I don't see anything wrong with that.
  17. Those charges will will be dropped as soon as his mom realizes the checks stop rolling in if he's out of the league or in jail. I think she comes down with a mysterious bout of amnesia. Dez and his mom are both trashy people.
  18. The blind worship for Paterno will do more to destroy that university's reputation than the actual scandal will. The scandal can be limited to the few bad people. The worship of Paterno is a much bigger issue involving much of the alumni and supporters.
  19. PSU has begun the process of de-Paterno-ing itself. PaternoVille has been renamed NittanyVille. The artist of a mural depicting Paterno with a halo over his head, has removed the halo from the painting. I'm sure this is just the beginning. ESPN is also reporting that the NCAA is hinting at serious penalties.
  20. No one really does it single-handedly any more. For political reasons. I'm just saying, over the last 50+ years, the US has more than shouldered it's duty to the international community. Let someone else deal with it. The US can bury it's head in the sand like the French.
  21. How has your swing changed? Did you see it on tape when you started? Have you seen it recently?
  22. Until science explains it, we have religion. And is it so bad that the old and sick have something to believe in, instead of just thinking when they die nothing happens?
  23. Korean War (1950–1953) Communist North Korea, supported by China, invaded non-communist South Korea. UN forces, principally made up of U.S. troops, fought successfully to protect South Korea. The Korean War was the first armed conflict in the global struggle between democracy and communism, called the cold war. Bay of Pigs (1961) The U.S. orchestrated the invasion, an unsuccessful attempt by Cuban exiles to overthrow Fidel Castro's communist regime in Cuba. Vietnam War (1961–1973) In 1955, communist North Vietnam invaded non-communist South Vietnam in an attempt to unify the country and impose communist rule. The United States joined the war on the side of South Vietnam in 1961, but withdrew combat troops in 1973. In 1975 North Vietnam succeeded in taking control of South Vietnam. Dominican Republic (1965) President Lyndon Johnson sent marines and troops to quash a leftist uprising in the Dominican Republic, fearing the island nation would follow in the footsteps of Cuba and turn communist. Lebanon (1982–1984) U.S. troops formed part of a multinational peacekeeping force to help the fragile Lebanese government maintain power. Grenada (1983) President Reagan invaded the Caribbean nation of Grenada to overthrow its socialist government, which had close ties with Cuba. Panama (1989) President George H.W. Bush invaded Panama and overthrew Panamanian dictator and drug-smuggler Manuel Noriega. Gulf War (1991) Iraq invaded Kuwait, and a U.S.-led multinational force came to Kuwait's aid and expelled Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's forces. Somalia (1993) A U.S.-led multinational force attempted to restore order to war-torn Somalia so that food could be delivered and distributed within the famine-stricken country. Bosnia (1994–1995) During the Bosnian civil war, which began shortly after the country declared independence in 1992, the U.S. launched air strikes on Bosnia to prevent “ethnic cleansing,” primarily by Serbs against Bosnians. The U.S. became a part of NATO's peacekeeping force in the region. Kosovo (1999) Yugoslavia's province of Kosovo erupted into violence in the spring of 1999. A U.S.-led NATO force intervened with air strikes after Slobodan Milosevic's Serbian forces uprooted the population and embarked on the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo's ethnic Albanian population. Afghanistan (2001– ) The Taliban government harbored Osama bin Laden and the al-Qaeda terrorist group, responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States. After Afghanistan refused to turn over Bin Laden, the U.S. and UN coalition forces invaded. The Taliban government was ousted and many terrorist camps in Afghanistan were destroyed. U.S. and NATO troops remain in Afghanistan to support its fragile new government. Iraq War (2003– ) The U.S. and Great Britain invaded and toppled the government of dictator Saddam Hussein. Troops remain in Iraq to combat the insurgency that formed after Hussein's defeat.
  24. I'd be interested in an Afghan troop count. Seriously. Some countries have 10 guys there, literally. I think outside of the US, UK, and Austrailia, every other country is there symbolicly.
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