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  1. Try to do the oposite. Instead of leading the downswing with your lowerbody, try to cut the ball. You could also swing witha smoother tempo, or make your grip a little bit stonger.
  2. Stay away from leadbetter. Has famous golf coaches go, he's the worst...
  3. That's exactly why I play blades. When I tend to miss it usually goes anywhere. Therefore, if missing with a blabe means less distance forward, it also means missing less to the sides. So, instead of hitting a 5i on the toe into the water because it didn't carry the hazard, I hit a blade 5i in the toe and I'm still 10 meters short of that hazard and with a good chance for an up and down, where the oposite would mean atleast 1 more shot due to the penalty of hitting it in the hazard
  4. FortAsel


    I'd have a chance at making the cut though...
  5. FortAsel


    Here's a good story for ya'll: Last thursday through sunday (april 22-25), in Portugal, the Federation organized they're national amateur championship. 4 day's, with a cut in the end of the 3rd day with 50% of the field playing in the last day. You know how everybody tells you that your short game is the most important part of your game right? WROOOOOOOOONG! This golf course we played is like a linksy Augusta National. Very exposed to the Atlantic Ocean winds plus the fw's are surrounded by tall Pine Trees. I was getting around the green in 4 shots (I usually drove the ball in those d
  6. Well, Nike has everything. Titleist too (if you count FJ SC an BV as a part of titleist). Other than that, you cannot say which one is best. For me, since I've played with titleist clubs all my life, it is Titleist, but for another guy it could be Mizuno, Ping or even callaway
  7. I've returned every club, towel, headcover... I've ever found. I've never left a club on the course, but someone has stollen my 60º twice, my towel, and my cellphone also twice. Also, some golf balls have misteriously disapeared from my golf bag. I know who took my clubs and cellphone, but I have no evidence and I don't want to do anything before I have proof, that he did it.
  8. it depends on how the green slopes, hazards, etc. If there are no dangers, I'd play a 6 iron, hoping it would release
  9. Recently, during my practice time, I've been hooking the ball way too often (3 out 5 and the rest of them are big blocks). I've tried just about everything to stop it, but everytime it seems just to get worse. Therefore, I've asked my father to film me and according to the films, I was hoping if you could help me. Thanks in advance. The shots were both with a 4 iron. Both started right of the green (about 10 meters) and finished left in the creek (5 meters right of the green)
  10. Well, first of all, I think what is an A for me might be a B for someone else. So, for me, my grades are: Driving: B Willd thing, especially if my tempo/rythm is not good Iron game: B Again, it really deppends on how my rythm is. I could hit 16 GIR's in one day with a good tempo, and the very next day just 3 becaus Ilost my tempo Short game: B I can get up and down fairly easy from tricky lies, but when I have a more simple shot, I kidda tend to over think it Putting: A This is finnaly comming around, and thanks to it, I'm finally scoring better Over all gam
  11. To me there are 2 slams: Hogan's and Tiger's. Hogan won every major he could have won back in 1953, didn't he? So that should count as a slam (and if you think about it, the only Grand Slam really). I wouldn't consider ~Tiger's a grand slam, but rather just a tiger slam. And yes, he has a really good chance at the Grand Slam this year
  12. Too bad I can't see that in my country :K Either way, there are lots of software that enable the everyday guy (with too much time in his hands) to make that voice mail message. It could turn out to be that his aleged mistress made that up with the help of some geek
  13. As anyone ever told a lie? I mean, as far as we know, he could be sitting at his computer right now, reading this and just laughing his butt off. He is just trying to fool the media as far as I'm concerned. Besides, where did this last girl came out of? Firt it was Rachel, and then it was this Jaimee??? They might as well be 2 " 'round the corner girls " who got paid just to mess Tiger's good image.
  14. He still hasn't admited that he cheated... There could have been something else
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