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  1. Just drop one and play on. Too many silly rules that don't apply fairly to all golfers.
  2. Its pretty simple really... If you have marked your ball and it moves afterwards, just replace it. Whether you accidentally bumped it, the ground caused it, the wind caused, the rain caused it, etc. you just put the ball back to the original spot and play on. No need to get penalized for a ball oscillating, that's ridiculous. If you accidentally bump the ball returning the putter after a practice stroke, there should be no penalty as no advantage was given. If the player clearly didn't make an attempted stroke on the ball, just replace it and carry on.
  3. I was thinking the same thing. Oakmont is actually pretty ugly for a golf course. Last year at Chambers Bay was so much more impressive. I would take a sound over a turnpike any day!
  4. Disappointed. I was looking forward to golf at the Olympics but it seems everyone is gonna drop out. The IOC can't be happy. They bring golf back and the stars drop out.
  5. He finally is being smart about his recovery. He has to know this is his last chance and it's better to come back next year at 100% versus trying to get back now at 60% or whatever he is at.
  6. So stating facts is now immature? Go ahead and watch the tournament. It's the putting and scrambling that's winning
  7. Just showing more data points for the analytics community
  8. Just like the hockey analytics scene... Some new stat comes out with no historical data and you just assume it's the bible. I'll watch the tournaments instead of assuming stats paint the whole picture.
  9. DJ bombing his driver! But not scoring well. Wonder why...
  10. How do you know that!? That's just a huge assumption. If they putted and scrambled better they would make the cut...
  11. Not rooting against Lowry but I want this to come down to the last few holes and have like 5 golfers with a legit chance to win.
  12. I think my point has been misinterpreted. Of course you have to drive the ball really well. You also have to hit your approach shots well. But that alone won't WIN any tournaments. You have to be REALLY GOOD at scrambling and putting that week to win.
  13. Every PGA player hits the ball well off the tee and with their long irons each week, it's what they do around the greens that determines the winner.
  14. All move on when the winner stops being great in short game and putting each week...
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