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  1. Hi, Just a quick question, something i have been wondering. Where do shaft weight and shaft flex cross over?? I'll use the UST Proforce V2 series as an example to explain what i'm trying to ask. Example- Would a 66g V2 in stiff (67g) flex play the same as a 76g V2 in regular flex only at a lighter weight? I know theres no set rules as to how a shaft plays when comparing different flexes and weights, just curious. If this topic has been covered before i apologise, if it has could someone post a link for me. Thanks heaps.
  2. Full set same brand

    My first set was all Callaway pretty much. X460 driver X series 3 and 5 wood X-18 Irons 3-SW and an odyssey putter all came in a Callaway cart bag too. Slowly piece by piece i have been changing stuff but i cant see a problem with going with one company from top to bottom. Especially one like Titleist. In my opinion anyway most companies these days are pretty level when it comes to the equipment they produce. I think it would come down alot to "feel" and what you like. Personally i don't think i would be able to tell you the different between a Titleist driver and a Taylormade driver without looking at it. anyway my 2cents.
  3. "Zenofeller" Spam

    I got the message. I actually went to the website. Would seem (from what the site says anyway) that its a person outside the "Zenofeller" site that has an issue with the owners of the site. Apparently he goes around to random forums, signs up and spams people with the message we received with the hope that enough people will complain that some kind of action will be taken against the site. Theres actually a link on the first page of the site that reads "if you came to this site by following a link from an unsolicited email please click here" or something to that effect. When you click that link it opens a page that explains the whole situation. Either a really good way to spam people and try to cover your butt or it is actually someone doing it as per their story. Oh well. Odd.
  4. Once you're at address...

    Yeah, I'm usually just thinking about where i want it to go and the shot. I find if i stand there too long my brain starts running in overtime and 99% of the time i hit a terrible shot, and a terrible shot for me is really, really bad. I find now that if i stand there to that point i stop and start again from the beginning.
  5. TM Superquad driver?

    I have the SuperQuad. Bought it off ebay on a whim. Didn't really need it but i bought it. Has a Proforce V2 reg flex shaft in it. I tried a Burner in store hitting into nets and i didn't like the shaft, not that my opinion would really count towards much but it felt totally out of control. Way too whippy and i don't swing fast at all -100mph.
  6. It's all going to come down to what "you" like to feel. Personally i went with the White Hot XG #6. I have never tried a White Hot XG #6 on a real green (only on synthitic in the store) but have hit a White Steel #1 on a real green and i prefer the "feel" of the White Hot. They say feel is mostly sound, i tend to agree. The White Steel sounds and feels "harder" when compared to the White Hot. I find the White Steel feels more "solid" but i prefer the softer feel of the White Hot. Good Luck finding what you're after.
  7. Driver distance on draw vs. straight

    Hmmm. Yeah hard to give a correct answer. BUT..... If it was the standard X460 and not the tour it does set up with a closed face. Assuming you set it up how it "feels" like it should be set up (ground it at address) then the draws you were hitting were most likely caused by the slightly closed club face. Where as the straight shots were most likely caused by you having the club face square (open, when compared to the address position) at impact. Golf is full of physics and it may have been because of many, many other reasons but this is just a thought. Therefore if the club face is square (open) at address then the ball will launch on a higher angle, carry further but roll less. I'm pretty sure most manufacturers set the loft of their clubs to be correct when the club is grounded. With the Callaway Consistent Alignment Sole, makes sense to me that when grounded at address the club sets with the stated loft. I could be completely wrong. Just my .02c
  8. Which driver do you use?

    I had it and sold it to a friend. I suck at golf but he is decent, plays off 12. He likes it but has the tendency to lose it left sometimes cause of the closed face. He hits a natural draw so it doesnt help. If he sets it square hes hit a few over 300 yrds with it(with roll). Its kinda loud when its hit hard and well.
  9. Which driver do you use?

    I started with a Callaway X460 but a friend wanted to buy it so i found something else on eBay. Not that i needed it. Taylormade R7 SuperQuad Proforce V2 Reg Flex. I hit it better then i ever hit the Callaway. Still badly but better.
  10. What's In Your Bag?

    My Bag and Contents are much too good for how i play golf. Im actually waiting for one of the companies to turn up to the golf course one day and sue me for making them look bad.. Anyway(this is everything i currently own, starting to figure out i like buying golf stuff a bit too much. Some of this stuff gets used rarely) Driver: Taylormade R7 SuperQuad 9.5 UST Proforce V2 Regular Flex 3 Wood: Callaway X 15 Stock Fujikura/Callaway Regular Flex 5 Wood: Callaway X 19 Stock Fujikura/Callaway Regular Flex Hybrid: Macgregor Mactec NVG2 UT3 20 Precision Rifle Hybrid 5.0 Irons: 3-SW Callaway X-18 Uniflex Steel Wedges: Cleveland CG10 52-56-60 Standard Bounce TT Wedge Flex Putter: Odyssey White Hot XG #6 Bag: Callaway Big Bertha Balls: Anything including- V1's, One Platinums, HX Tour 56's, TP Red's, AD333's, Various "Distance"(read cheaper) balls for holes containing anything resembling water. Miscellaneous: Mizuno MP-37 Pitching Wedge (courtesy of eBay) Taylormade R7 TP 6 iron TT S300 (again courtesy of eBay) (i Pretty much got these 2 with the mentality that if i can hit these the Callaway's will be easier, i hit the R7 ok but the pitching wedge is something different all together) Wow took up way too much space. End of pointless rant. Thanks for reading dont blame you if you didnt.
  11. 60° Wedge, LOVE IT OR HATE IT?

    I have a 60 Degree Cleveland CG10 Standard Bounce which i'm very fond of. I should use it alot less then i do. I hit it good more then i hit it bad (was yesterday anyway) but im thinking it probably has too much bounce. Im considering changing it to a Vokey Spin Milled just for the chaos and stupidity of mega spin but tossing up on the bounce. Any suggestions on bounce?? 4 or 8?? Thanks in advance.
  12. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I'm a butcher. No internet use at all at work. Would be kinda hard to if i was allowed to anyway.