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  1. Webb, many thanks for taking time to reply to me. I'll try to seek out a member and hopefully get a game at QH. Maybe see you there out on the course (I'll play thru if you are struggling....ha ha). Best wishes again for the Masters and the Fedex Cup.
  2. Hi Webb, I am a Charlotte resident, but originally from the UK (Scotland). Have never seen this chat site before. Was simply looking in at how yourself and other Charlotte based tour guys are doing. Was also intrigued to read an article in the Charlotte Observer by Ron Green (plays at our club Cedarwood) in which he refers to yourself and Johnson Wagner hanging around at Quail Hollow CC. I am a huge fan of the game and particularly in attending the Wells Fargo Championship with my family (my young daughter loves it). Like many Charlotte residents, it is a dream to play Quail Hollow, but I guess I'm not sure how this is possible - or indeed if it is. Wishing you all the very best for the Masters, and whilst you don't know me of course, we'll be at Quail Hollow in May rooting for yourself and the other Charlotte based guys ( I note that a fellow countryman Martin Laird is moving to the area also). Best to your family also. David Westwood