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  1. Hi all, thinking about customising my irons a bit. Looking at getting them coated in ceramic from this company below http://www.golfironsuk.co.uk/cerakote-ceramic just wondering, is this legal? As far as I can tell it does not affect the performance of the club however the coating is applied to the whole club (including clubface). Can anyone shed some light on this? Cheers
  2. let him play through, then tee off as he is just in range, and look on gleefully as he watches your ball roll past him on the fairway. These ones always please me with slow play/players that dont let you play through.
  3. what degree is your 3W and what degree is your 5 iron? my 3 and 4 iron are replaced with mizuno fli hi hybrid irons (21 degrees and 24 degrees). 2 forms of hybrids would fit nicely in that slot within your set I think.
  4. 5. Done this a few times a while ago, however in my last 2 rounds I have made 5 birdies in each round!
  5. unfortunately I am from the UK so a bit more difficult to try them! Interesting, thanks for the replies. Might be worth a punt as I also have a 20% coupon code too.
  6. Really? That is surprising as their spec sheet states the grooves are as deep as will allow, and closer together to generate more spin. Every review i'm reading is saying these are decent. Wish they sold in shops so I could try them out!
  7. Ok, who has these? Thinking of biting the bullet at only $99 for 3 wedges. They seem to have excellent reviews also.
  8. Ever heard of Donnay? Those clubs would break within 10 rounds almost guaranteed. Shoddy products. They used to be sold over here in the UK at a retailer known as Sports Direct. You could choose single clubs and they retailed for about £6 each. I think the driver was £9 or £10. So yea, there are terrible clubs out there!
  9. Nobody I have met uses the same ball as me....yet, so haven't ran in to this problem yet. If the guy knew that the other guy was hitting his ball he needs to take a serious look at himself though.
  10. Depends on a variety of factors. wind? pin location? In my mind this is a very open question as I could use 3, possibly more clubs for this distance. If we are talking about ideal conditions, middle of the green and no obstacles in the way it would probably be a 3/4 52 degree, fire it in lower and have a bit of check on it. I hate hitting full wedge shots.
  11. Looking to splash out on an electric trolley. I have narrowed it down to motocaddy S1 with a lithium battery (£399) or the powakaddy FW5 with lead acid battery (£349) Basically I dont want to spend more than £400. The motocaddy has the lithium battery but less features than the Powakaddy....but the powakaddy is lead acid.Is it really that much heavier? I am stuck in the middle here. Does anyone own these? any input or opinions? Would appreciate it!!
  12. 60 balls standard spread out over each club in the bag.
  13. http://www.vicegolf.com/uk/vice-golflabs-testing scroll to the bottom there's a PDF link :) They are, you might need to change the location to UK. a dozen Pro balls works out at £29 I believe. The more you buy the cheaper they get. I got 5 dozen for £107.
  14. Been playing these balls since around January this year. Amazing ball. I initially went with the 'Tour' version to see what the fuss was about and it was the best surlyn ball i've ever played. I then upgraded to the 'Pro' model and again, amazing ball. Will never use another ball. Check out the golf labs testing on these balls as they outperform Pro V1.
  15. left pocket - ball marker right pocket - broken wooden tee, pitch mark repairer and small pocket sized brush to clean grooves between shots. back left pocket - scorecard holder Always keep tees in right pocket as I hate it when you put a glove on and then forget to take the tee out of your pocket first...
  16. Not too sure. Although my home course is in very good condition at the moment, there are places where the lies can be dodgy, slightly inconsistent greens etc etc. I think that would shave a few shots off a mid/low 60 quite easily. My course is also about placement, you have to be good off the tee otherwise you are blocked out very easily. Without any course knowledge, sure a pro would probably shoot under par but not much. Really is a difficult question to predict in general though.
  17. amazing feat, just one of those days where you were striking pure and flag hunting? I'd love to play that course at only 6000 off the tips!
  18. i'm talking 4 yards behind me on the tee box - it wasn't the noise that was off putting, it was the fact that the club fell in my peripheral vision. Obviously if he was standing behind me I wouldn't have noticed it. Just think some people have really bad etiquette in regards to standing behind people on the tee, particularly with moving shadows, so I just don't take the risk unless it is in a scratch game and I know I am playing with 'players' who don't do it anyway.
  19. Don't like it. The reason for this is because in a competition once a guy stood behind me and dropped his club at the top of my back swing. Never again. Eliminates any risk of something happening. Obviously I ask them politely and am not a dick about it.
  20. Countless times I have shot my age........at pitch and putt.....does that count?!
  21. i think he should take up aim point.
  22. thanks. Assuming it is perfect conditions I would take my 3 hybrid iron, better to be long on that hole than short! Looks like a great golf hole though!
  23. these http://www.vicegolf.com/uk/vice-golf-tour shot some of my best rounds with these.
  24. whats the slope like? uphill? downhill? All depends on the day for me.
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