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  1. i'm watching TGC right now. what do they mean by "complete LPGA coverage"? have'nt seen a tourney in two months, and they advertise that crap?
  2. if he told you you're coming in too steep, flatten out your plane.
  3. that part was easy. i don't know about the 2.5 units, they're advertised as "entry level". i see on the website that 3.5's are coming out very soon, but i think the only difference is the batteries. anyways, do they still make SG3 or SG4's? that would be my choice. SG5 is nice, but too $$ for just colour display. btw, SkyCaddie has done a lot of firmware upgrades recently. it now holds up to 20 courses, it keeps track of shots, putts, and it also has a clock on it now.
  4. Canuck, i read about a tourney being developed, the Vancouver Open. i read it in The Province yesterday. go to the last couple paragraphs.(keep clicking on it, it does become legible).
  5. i wear a 12 to 13 as well, but most golf shoes are still too narrow. i did find a golf shoe that is wide though, Byte BioSport. http://northvanmike.net/?p=639
  6. i was just "chatting" with him in Twitter. he just landed in Spain and is playing 4 tourney's this month, then back to the US for the St. Jude. before he left, he said he was going to miss having a Blizzard, which he treats himself to one once a week. now that he's in Europe, no Blizzards there so i said i'm going for one. he responded: "PGA_JohnDaly@NorthVanMike Blizzard Nite is Wed Bub --have one for me" he had lapband surgery, which if you may not know is where they "clamp" off part of your stomach.more than 50 lbs shed now.
  7. Twitter is lean,concise, to the point.unlike FaceBook, which is for your granny.
  8. if you want clubs that maintain some value, stay far away from Nickent. regarding which irons are for you, who knows? get some advice from a couple of shops after seeing your swing.go to the stores and hit some different sets in the net. don't just buy a set because they're cheap.
  9. what did Barkley say on the Haney Project? "If you have a house by a golf course, you have to expect to get hit."
  10. i've done a lot of this and the most difficult thing to capture is seeing the clubhead and how open or closed it is at any point in your swing. almost any camera can spot you chicken winging, but if you want to see the face angle of any club, 30 FPS won't cut it.
  11. i see these clubs got a #1 overall rating by RankMark . anybody here hit these? would a low handicapper consider using them?
  12. don't say "discuss", its controlling! and sharing clubs on a golf course is totally not allowed, why even ask.
  13. i pretty much gave away the #2 4DX IW i bought. felt like deadwood.
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