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  1. I will be playing Blue Ridge Shadows for Father's Day. It's supposed to be really nice. I'll post up about it next week.
  2. A great leader once said "The difference between first and second place is the heart to win."
  3. Second best if first loser The fact that Bellicheat admitted he was aware of the 'cheating' when he took the job in 2000 and it continued speaks volumes about his integrity (or lack thereof). To me, sustained willful violations of the rules that materially affect fair competition is grounds for a banning a'la Pete Rose.
  4. Kirkland Lake. Isn't that near Swastika?
  5. I didn't call the Giants, but I did call how it would be won. D-line winning the battle and keeping the opposing QB on alert.
  6. The DOJ hits are bots checking content.
  7. Is that a side thing, or did you leave Elite?
  8. I'm currently using a MacGregor cart bag with six way divider (3 full length) and divide this way when looking from above, behind the cart: Top Left: D, 3W, Top Right: 3h, 4h, 5W Middle Left: 4i, 5i, 6i Middle Right: 7i, 8i, 9i Lower Left: LW, PW Lower Right: Putter, SW Too many clubs. I alternate my 5W and 4h since I rarely use either and get the same result from both (of course it's dependent on the lie). I always put my clubs into the divider they came from. The real question is, how many of you put the covers back on your clubs when you put them in the bag after each shot? How a
  9. Agreed...but reality is king and you need to do the best with what you currently have in your arsenal. Learn on the range, execute on the tee. So says the man who struggles to break 100. And if a frog had wings, he wouldn't bump his a$$ when he jumped.
  10. Not very good. You didn't even tell us what you sell
  11. My old company has HQ in Columbus and we always had an outing at Muirfield (Chairman lives in the community there, down the street from where Dave Thomas' house was). I love Columbus/Dublin. Welcome aboard.
  12. The question was "Who do you think will win" and not "Who do you want to win" Based on the posts and poll, I would guess that most responded to the latter.
  13. No worries. We were also supposed to have a clinic from David Toms, but apparently he injured his foot/ankle or something and couldn't make it. We played Southern Trace, which is Toms' home course. There was also a rumor that Terry Bradshaw would show, but no such luck.
  14. Hmm, OK. It was IRONIC. As in, unexpected . In case you wish to further bust balls, let me point you to a definition of ironic: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/ironic
  15. He was in a foursome in the scramble tourney I played in today. His caddy (Willie) rode on the back of the cart The most ironic thing is, his foursome lost by two strokes to a foursome of true amateurs.
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