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  1. I was going to post a review of the e6, but this thread seems to be a good place to share my experience as well. Let me first say that I have been seeing great improvement in my game and I had started to play a Pro V1 & the Pro V1x just because I thought I could. Seeing I don't have a 105 mph swing speed, I finally swallowed my pride of playing a top tier ball and move to a few mid level balls looking to get a little longer, straighter and not lose the touch I have created around the greens. I moved to the NXT S originally and really liked it, but still found myself playing out of the first or
  2. 18 degree and I haven't messed with the loft. I still carry my 15.5 3 wood; if anything I may adjust it up. I'm learning to hit it right now and will have a better feel for it in a week or so.
  3. Thanks all for the replies...long story short, I ended up buying the TM R11 Rescue...the guy at Golfsmith was insistent on me trying all the $200 hybrids when I finally just told him to go get the R11 that was on sale. $80 later I'm happy and have a decent 200 yd club that I can rely on (and the best one I hit in the bay). I've only had a it out a few times so far, but I'm getting used to the shape and swing plane I need to make it work.
  4. I find it hard to believe that an average golfer like myself couldn't benefit from a hybrid, but I went today and... Anyone had an experience of hitting a hybrid and having it only go as far as your 6 iron? I hit ball after ball today with a RBZ stage 2 rescue 3 19 degree and that was the outcome. I could have sworn the monitor was off so I grabbed a bunch of irons and they were spot on and consistent with my distances. Baffled as the hybrid made it feel as though the ball was flying off the face and they had a very straight flight. Moved is back in my stance, up in my stance, moved clo
  5. Been playing a Cleveland HiBore XL for years and found it time to move on. Went to the store with my club and got handed the Razr Fit first. Liked it better than the HiBore and then they put the R11s in my hands. Head to head to head for a couple hours and I walked away with another 20 yards on my drive, ability to hit it dead straight or a slight fade without effort and just something that felt great to hit...the R11s won out in the end.
  6. I can't question the collecting thing...to each his own. But I do have to agree that they are just putters and the only thing truly amazing about them is the marketing behind them and how much the marketing can make people spend on a putter. If SC was that great and so amazingly different, there wouldn't be a pro playing anything but an SC. This to me is like baseball cards...they are all pieces of paper with pictures on them, nothing more. As for your decision; go with what you feel would be best. And honestly, you should be over at the SC forum, because they'll know more thank us and
  7. Sadly, the clubs are "in the mail" and supposed to be here on the 1st. It's probably about 8.5 yards longer, but I got what I paid for, lol. Honestly, just getting fit and putting my current clubs head to head against the new ones on the range outside was a really incredible feeling. I've never taken the time to actually compare and evaluate my options like I did this time. Oddly, I spent more time looking at and making this decision than I have on a couple of the houses I've bought.
  8. So after a lot of reading, reviewing, hitting and going back and forth, I finally got a new set of clubs! Razr X Blacks, a new R11s driver and a fitting for the first time ever...this better lead to a breakthrough! Just thought I'd share.
  9. Fact is, the worse you are, the more getting fitted will help you. Whether it be for a ball or a club, the worse you are, the more you can benefit from a proper fitting. Think about it like this, if I gave a bad player top of the line stuff, would their score improve greatly? Now, if I gave a pro, beginner unfitted stuff, do you think their game would suffer greatly? The answer to both is obviously no. However, if a bad player gets fitted, their striking improves, distance improves, scores improve etc... for the latter, a pro is a pro. Hogan played with 50 year old technology, many pros
  10. I hope that you guys can help me out with a question I have... First a little background. I'm a rec player and I get out when I can; I don't run immediately to the course to get in 9 if I have the time, but I do really enjoy the game. Second, I'm a buy the right thing the first time type of person, regardless of costs. That doesn't mean that I buy the best or best marketed, I try to find out what fits me best and I go with it. Years ago it was the Cleveland CG4 irons and I still play them to this day. Problem is, I am really not comfortable with the length anymore (don't ask why,
  11. Most people sweat too muich because they are not adequetly hydrated. This doesn't mean drink water while you play (which you should do) but more in the day before. Drinking wine or beer with dinner is only going to hurt you the next day in the heat. Salt tablets or just drinking sports drinks will help as well. Other than that, not too much you can do except wipe off your hands. I can't say I've ever had an issue and it's been 100+ for I think ~60 days in a row here now and I've played in the middle of the day with no issues unless I drank the night before or just didn't hydrate the sday befor
  12. That's about right for that club. If you want more distance, get the appropriate wedges. PW, 52, 56 & 60 is about all anyone needs to have in their bag
  13. I hit all of my shots one handed, do you not? Seriously though, to those that do hit one handed (as there are some who have to) I applaud, that is a very difficult thing to do.
  14. Oddly, getting up and down from the sand has always come pretty easy for me once I learned to trust my swing. I used to try to pick the ball out as I would usually chunk it and it would go no where. What I figured out was that I was not accelerating through the ball. Now I do and I walk into any trap knowing I'm coming out and where my ball will end up. I don't put a whole lot of thought into my sand shots, I just go in, take a slightly wider stance then normal, face slightly left of target, don't open the clubface up very much and concentrate on hitting behind the ball and following through a
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