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  1. local sale @saevel25 @iSank @Vinsk @bills80 @georgep @Reesh open open open
  2. OnPar GPS, all of my courses appear to be listed!
  3. I wholeheartedly second Angel Park, it's 15-20 minutes drive from the strip, course is relatively well maintained, and it's a great value play.
  4. Reesh

    SandTrap Invitational(s)

    depends on where in NJ!
  5. Every time I go to Vegas for 4-5 days with my wife, who is a non-golfer, I get up at 5AM every day, hit the course by 6AM, done by 9AM, back in the hotel & showered by 10AM, just in time to go out to breakfast. It's essentially going solo, and I love it....although I wouldn't mind a little more sleep!
  6. Reesh

    SandTrap Invitational(s)

    I'd definitely be interested, but I'm in northeast NJ, not sure if eastern PA is in my realm of travel... even getting down to Princeton would take me 1.5 hrs!
  7. Reesh

    Hawaii Courses

    I played the Wailea Gold course while in Maui, excellent golf course & staff. Rounds run for about $140, but you can really get value by playing again for the replay rate of $55.
  8. I don't think you can go wrong with the Vokeys, but I've never tried the Eidolons. I've tried the CG11s, I just like the Vokeys better
  9. Reesh


    32 here, only started seriously playing about 3 years ago, only 20-30 rounds a year unfortunately
  10. The only important thing to match is whatever clubs you hit the best, I wouldn't focus so much on pairing up manufacturers. Demo clubs and find the ones you hit best, and go with those
  11. Reesh

    Which Putter do you prefer?

    Just took the plunge with the Ping Karsten Anser model. I was torn between this and the Scotty Cameron Circa 62s, but I couldn't justify the $300 price tag, additional maintenance, and glare issues.
  12. Reesh

    Which wedges do you use?

    52* regular and 56* spin-milled Titleist Vokeys, oil-can finish
  13. Reesh

    Which Putter do you prefer?

    I'm taking a long hard look at the Yes! putters, particularly the Callie and Dianna models, both are sweet

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