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  1. I mean I can't believe nobody has brought this up, but it's pretty clear to me that Dechambeau realized he needed to add some size to stand a chance when Koepka physically pummels him the next time they're paired when Bryson plays a 6 hour round of golf.
  2. I get it, but you're also in the position (financially) to take that stance. Unfortunately for many, they aren't and they're facing the possibility of losing housing, food, businesses, etc. It's not just golf, it's many different industries and businesses that could certainly operate safely, but are being forced to remain closed, with dire financial consequences for many. You can't focus solely on one side of the equation here. Overreaching policies will have consequences too, including economic and increased deaths from other underlying issues. What our governor is doing in Michigan righ
  3. In Michigan, all the state parks are still open, and they're more crowded than a golf course would be. Liquor stores are open, Starbucks is open, you can buy lotto tickets, etc. There are plenty of businesses that are open that one could easily deem non-essential. Also I will add that "essential" may have different meanings to different folks. I can assure you that those whose livelihood comes from a golf course, or any other business that could certainly safely operate while not putting anyone at risk (lawn service for instance - also deemed non-essential here), would deem their pay
  4. It was even worse than that... The AG tweeted "I just can’t hear about one more black health care worker, police officer or bus driver die while getting a barrage of complaints from white folks outraged because they can’t go golfing." It's actually hard to believe that is an actual quote from Michigan's current AG. A lot to unpack there, but apparently only "white folks" golf, and only black people are working on the front lines and dying. Flip the races around and she would have already been forced to resign. Focusing more on the golf related aspect of that nonsense, the
  5. That half fromcasey May prove to be the difference
  6. Phil vs Molinari is a great pull for the US. The way Phil’s playing he’s not beating anyone. Essentially the euros “wasted” the guy playing the best for them to pick up a point that likely anyone on their team could beat handily.
  7. Well at least Furyk figured out the front load. I actually like the match ups too. Looks like the Eurostar tried to match the front load and put their foot on US throats. We will know early on whether there’s a chance or not. We also managed to sacrifice Phil to the guy who is playing the best on the European team. Can’t ask for much more.
  8. The pairings are blind. So each captain puts their order out and going down the list that’s who plays who
  9. Singles is a whole different game. Nobody there to pick you up. While they haven’t played well this far, I like their chances 1 on 1. Personally I’d go Thomas, Spieth, Koepka, Tiger, Finau, Fowler, Simpson, DeChambeau, DJ, Bubba, Phil, And let reed anchor and hopefully channel past Ryder cups if it comes down to him.
  10. Correct either way it’s going to be tough but the only chance you have is to pick up points early. It’s the same thing as Medinah with reverse roles. The only chance is to ratchet up the pressure and hope you pull it off. The euros need 4.5 to win, the only chance is to make them earn it at the end when the pressure is on.
  11. Front load the singles and try to put the pressure on the Euros out late
  12. They are rock solid. It also helps that they’ve played Tiger three times who has been pretty bad
  13. Europe is going to need at least a 2 point lead going into singles. Top to bottom in singles they don’t match up well with the US The good news is the US has kept these matches close on the front. They’ve fared pretty well on the back but were too far back in most matches for it to matter by tgen
  14. Pairings have been out DJ/Koepka, Simpson/bubba, Tiger/Bryson, spieth/Thomas. I would have swapped finau/fowler for one of the middle two
  15. Unfortunately bubba earned his way on, he never plays well overseas though. Phil On the other hand... At the end of the day the pairings have been bad more than the talent on the team. It’s like the US tries to get too cute with pairings and Democratic about playing everyone and not riding their best players. Europe in the other hand always does a good job of riding their strongest players and hiding their weakest.
  16. To be fair the US went 3-1 with those pairings Friday. Not unreasonable to put those same pairings out again. Now if they use the same pairings tomorrow afternoon then there’s a problem. Jinx
  17. Meh, Phil can ride the pine IMO, but I agree I’d like to see koepka go out twice tomorrow.
  18. Phil and BD pairing makes no sense. BD approaches the game like a robot and tries to approach every shot scientifically (literally). Why would you pair him out n alternate shot with a guy who is a total free wheeler on the course? Fourball would be one thing, but alternate shot is just stupid. Also why no Reed/Spieth pairing?
  19. They definitely need to tweak the format in how they handle WDs in this event. It didn't matter for Day (as he WD the first day) or Molinari, but in the case of Gary Woodland, if a player WDs before the end of pool play, they should forfeit all matches, including retroactively. It's unfair to reward remaining opponents with automatic Ws while keeping any losses incurred from opponents who had to play before the WD. IMO, because it's pool play, if a player does not finish pool play, then awarding everyone else a W effectively removes the player from the pool and allows the remaining players
  20. Agreed wholeheartedly and that's what I was alluding to above with the schedule as well. Spieth is the antithesis of a Rory McIlroy or a Dustin Johnson. Both Rory and DJ have a tremendous amount of natural ability. That's not to say they haven't worked to get where they are, but they were definitely born with some physical tools that make the game "easier" for them. They also seem to lack the drive to really reach their full potential. Both Rory and DJ appear to be content to be "one of the best" rather than the best. And both appear to be enjoying the lifestyle that comes along with the
  21. That I would agree with. The only thing that topped it was the Reed/McIlroy match on the front 9.
  22. One thing I think has contributed to Spieth's struggles (relatively speaking) this year, is simply burn out. He plays a REALLY full schedule. By my count, he's had about 3 weeks off this year, two of which were spent on the Bro-cation heard round the world. Outside of that he's played every week including a trip to Asia. I know he's young, but that still turns into a grind and can affect your overall performance.
  23. So then complain about those incidents, but all you've whined about is someone cheering a ball in the water? Again, please try to illustrate how you distinguish between cheering for a ball in the water which causes someone to lose a hole, or cheering a missed putt which causes someone to lose a hole? As I pointed out above, there were some things that crossed the line of acceptable behavior, but cheering a ball in the water is a big reach...
  24. I'm not really sure what your big hangup with this is. The Ryder Cup is a team event (and an exhibition with no money on the line mind you). Do you not cheer when your favorite football/soccer team's opponent misses a penalty kick? More importantly, how do you distinguish between it being okay to cheer when Rory misses a putt, causing the Americans to win the hole, vs. the ball going into the water and effectively losing the hole? There are definitely some things that were over the line (profanities, yelling during routine, etc.) but cheering a ball in the water? A biiiiiiiiiigggg re
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