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  1. Agree and agree! In 2013 I bought a used r11 via eBay. I actually bought a couple: a 9° regular and a 10.5° stiff flex. I settled on the 10.5 regular combo, and re-sold the 9° stiff. I've made adjustments to the settings a couple times a year as my swing "adjusted." Just recently, I experimented with weight changes and found a significant increase in swing consistency by increasing over-all swing weight. I might be swinging it more slowly, but I'm certainly hitting it with more control and swinging fastest at the bottom of my swing. I'm hitting it longer and straighter, just by making adjustments. It's not scientific fitting, but it's cheap and it works, even for a 16-19 handicapper. I might just go see if getting fitted for a shaft might help. - Still cheaper than a new driver!
  2. Yes to global warming (if it's real) ! No to the 4th wettest year on record (2018) in the Philadelphia area. The greens on my home club were nearly destroyed by the wetness this past year. Yes to how inexpensive condos are in Myrtle Beach! The days are warmer and longer in the winter than the NE, and flights aren't crazy expensive! My game has improved here because of my MB winter trips. Get out there!
  3. I'm just coming back to this blog after about a year, but I'm going to add my 2 cents here because my R11 is old but awesome, and you can get one for cheap on eBay, which is what I think people should do! I just played with / adjusted the weights on my 10.5 R11, adding to the swing weight substantially, and got a significant boost in consistency in distance and dispersion. I've had this club for years and still love it. For the heck of it, I just bought a 2016 model M1 and am in the process of tweaking settings, but I think the R11 is going to stay in the bag. It's an awesome driver! I can imagine the R11s being slightly better because of the size being a bit larger. My R11 may be 7 years old, but it's a keeper!
  4. Different balls for different folks. Whenever Golf Digest posts their Hot List spin chart, I pay attention! https://www.golfdigest.com/story/spin-zone-hot-list-ball-spin-chart-shows-more-spin-at-lower-prices
  5. Heading back to Myrtle Beach in 4 weeks, staying at the Barefoot Resort. I'm leaving the course choices up to one of my buddies, hoping to play some places I haven't been before. So far my favs are TPC and Barefoot-Love. I've played quite a few thus far! Thistle, Oyster Bay, Tidewater, Eagle Nest, Barefoot-Norman, Legends-Heathland, Myrtle Beach National-Kings North and West, Man O'War, World Tour, Indian Wells, The International Club, and Caledonia (which was really nice but I think overpriced). Recommendations?
  6. The Golf Digest test in 2010 was awesome. I completely agree about the TaylorMade TP Black: It's the best, most under-rated ball, especially for the price. I wish Golf Digest would reproduce that test again with the new balls. They should make it an annual event.
  7. I found it: Z = U grooves. ZTP = V grooves, conforming to Tour Players' rules http://www.alibaba.com/product-free/111473435/ZTP_Z_groove_Face_insert_plate.html
  8. Still trying to figure out the difference between the ZTP and the Z inserts. Anyone?
  9. I tried a 50° after losing my gap wedge. Loved it. Just replaced my 56.12 RAC TP Satin with a 54.12 xft. Going to replace my 60° TP Satin with an xft next.
  10. Last yr I bought a 50degree xft wedge to replace my lost gap wedge. I really liked the idea of just having to replace the face when the grooves wear out. $30 is a lot cheaper than a brand new club. I found that I hit this club 20-25 yds farther than my TM CGB Max gap wedge (also 50°) which was my 100 yard club. Some of the difference was due to a swing change, but I really like the feel of the new xft club. My 56° RAC TP used to get me ~90 yards full swing, and is now my 100 yard club. I just replaced it with a 54° xft to reduce the gap between the two. Next I will replace my 60 RAC TP with a 58 xft. As you can tell, I really do like them!
  11. The plain RAC wedges aren't very good, but the RAC TP's (Y=cutter grooves) are excellent. I've used both. It didn't take me long to replace the RAC with a TP. Haven't tried the Z-cutter grooves yet. Ready for new ones though, as mine are a couple years old; Looking for feedback on the new, replaceable face versions. If they perform as well as the Y grooves they'll have a winner given you won't need to replace the whole club when the face wears out.
  12. My short game improved substantially after getting Dave Pelz' Short Game Bible and a set of GOOD wedges, including a 60°, which I use more than any club in my bag except my putter. I can play all sorts of trajectories from all sorts of lies with the 60 that I can't with even the 56. My 56 has 12° of bounce my 60 has half of that. Check how sharp the grooves are. My first 60 was a cheaper version. I couldn't get good spin with it.
  13. I agree. In fact, I learned to fade the ball by holding a bit tighter onto the club with my left hand. The 16th at my home club requires a carry over a quarry to a short iron dog leg right. The further right you hit your tee shot, the farther you have to carry the quarry, from 200 yds to maybe 240. To play it safe I usually hit a bit left and look for the fade & roll right. Regarding fighting the slice: I do sometimes get in a habit of not making a full shoulder turn back, which results in "coming over the top." - Even if I swing from the inside, I'm off the proper plane, which causes either a slice when I don't turn the club over, or a pull or duck-hook when I do.
  14. I have TaylorMade 3, 4 and 5 Duals. The 3 is one of my favorite clubs in my bag. I've learned to draw them fairly regularly when I want, but I do have a tough time fading them. The stock configuration favors a draw, so I'm going to reconfigure the weights for more of a neutral bias. God bless Movable Weight Technology! I tend to hit my hybrids 5-10 yards farther than equivalent irons, so I do have a gap between my 6 iron and my 5 hybrid. I choke down on the 5 to close the gap.
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