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  1. I also narrowed it down to ap2/1 after testing everything on the market. Note that I actually did NOT & DO NOT want to play titileist, for some reason I just don't like the brand. Yet I play with ProV1's, vokeys & Ap2's... Looking at my hcp & what I was looking for in my irons Ap1 should have been the logical choice at the time. But it was a no brainer, the ap2 just felt soooo good. I have not regretted going with them even once.
  2. Ask if they can softstep a 6.0 or hardstep 5.5 once or twice, same thing as getting a number between the lineup as has been said. But if you ask for 5.7 straight out, that you can not get as a direct product. However, hopefully if the person you talk to knows what he is doing, he will know how step them to get what you ask, like a fitter will ;) You really should get fitted, ask around, it is not overrated. If anything, it is underrated. Could be that you need the shafts to be longer/shorter, could be that you need to alter the lie, could be that you want to slightly alter the loft on one or
  3. I'd say it is somewhere between v1 & v1x. All from my own subjective experince. v1 is the softest & spinniest, no doubt. v1x is the hardest. I can't say if v1x or IX spins more than the other, v1 spins more than both tho, quite a bit. On & around the green - V1 has the most feel, followed by IX & last v1x (of the 3 ^^). I play v1 for the feel & spin, if I wanted a ball with more distance it would be ix & not v1x I think, however I would play I over IX any day.
  4. Every now & then a lovely 2 decade old 70 degree wedge comes with me, lovely thing ^^ Stops on a dime
  5. Vokey, & I did, even tho I hate the look of them & love the cg12/14 design.. They simply are just that much better. The face really grips the ball, especially when it is wet. It scuffs the balls like no other club on every full shot, fyi.
  6. My 64 was a god-send. Use a 60 vokey bent to 62 now, would kill for a 64 vokey tho. I never ever hit full shots 100y & in. The 64 is in no way at all a distance filler, it is a trejectory filler. Also I often deloft my wedges very much in my stance so a 64 plays lower to me, but it is great for me to be able to play a 64 also. On extremly fast greens it is a killer, on really steep hills it is a killer, over high trees it is a killer & from really steep sand traps it is a killer. My 64 (62 now) is one of the clubs I use most often.
  7. No easy answer ^^ In the end, it all boils down to what you prefer & what gives you confidence. But it all depends on a number of factors. How long do you hit your driver? How well & consistent do you hit it? How big is your distance gap from 3h to your driver? How do the courses you play at look? How often do you use which clubs at them? At some courses long irons dominate, while others you only need a driver, the 6 iron & wedges. I'd say start from the green & back as well as working to not working. Happy with putter? 1/2 of your game is here. Happy with wedges? The scoring sector. A
  8. In general - distance. 3w goes further than a 1h (15*ish). 1/2h(18*ish) can be hit easier & more riliable from more type of lies, ie fairway bunkers. W3 - distance H1/2 - Easier to hit & more versatile I1/2 - Accuracy & swing judge ^^
  9. I have no problem with 1i. No problem with hybrids either. But when it comes to accuracy, no hybrid I've tried gets close the irons. Besides, long irons are good for your swing ;)
  10. i2 for precision I say. Some can hit irons better, some woods, that usually settles it for them. Others keep both & change depending on conditions. Windy/calm/steep etc. I pick the i2 any day as I can place the ball in a way I can't with the wood.
  11. I know Salming (famous hockey player) had this type of bent shaft with a number of patents for it, just a lot more than the picture, for his brand of floorball clubs & tried to get it into golf, with no success. Don't recall, but must have been 1996-8ish? There were quite a few arguments for it & it had moderate success in floorball but nearly none with golfers who were "too traditional". The company went bancrupt & haven't seen it since in any sport, til now that is.
  12. true 56 is no longer, but I've bought a batch of floridas, hoping the i's will be as good or better when it arrives. As with clubs, it all comes down to taste at one point or another. But still, if one ask for advice on a clube for shaping shots, you will get lots of advices, but few will say Callaway Fusion Wide Sole or something like it, just as asking for a "n00b" set few will say CG1. Same reason for this thread, as a starting point on where to go, having basically only hit random balls when I started it. If you look back here, no-one said "take the solid balls, wow at the feel!". Stran
  13. After having tested every ball there is thouroughly: The winner is Callaway tour HX-56 With Titleist tour NXT finishing #2 shortly after.
  14. I have a Tiffany, it performs better than my current one (ie spin right away, no score difference, but putting has never been an issue to me) but to me, it has no "feeling". That said, I have tried every putter on the market & the only one I really felt great feedback from is the one I switched to. A while I had both in my bag, but eventually I setlled on feedback. Still I keep it, torn between the two to some degree. I didn't like any of the others listed, but putters is really a personal thing, ignore what everyone else thinks. Go for one that makes you feel confident about & makes you feel
  15. Could only find up to 60 on Ram's website
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