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  1. Don't get me wrong I love the new fatso grip it feels so much better and more natural, I'm just trying to get to grips with pace at the moment. I also think its due to the greens coming back in at the beginning of the season.
  2. For what it's worth, in my opinion I like the Bridgestone E6, it's feels nice off the face, has good distance and performs well on and around the greens. I'm people sure people will disagree, this was my ball of choice because of cost, however in the UK we have had the larger stores selling the old Taylormade TP ball for less than £30 a dozen, and these bad boys really go off the tee with control and distance, however I don't think I could justify spending the full price for these?
  3. Hi everyone just got the fatso putter grip fitted and it's defiantly helped my grip, it now feels like I'm repeating my grip the same every putt and it's really making me feel more confident on the greens. The question I've got for people who have fitted one themselves is, did you find it difficult at first to get the pace/speed/weight of your putts, I seem to be racing them past the hole a lot more, I know it's going to take a big of time but has anyone else witnessed this? Cheers Dave
  4. Hi all, just thought I'd let you all know the outcome of the SGX. I managed to get my money from the guy I bought it from off eBay which I was really surprised about. Im now the proud owner of a brand new SGX, it arrived today and I can't wait to get out there and use the full potential of the device, and see if it really can save some shots. The problem I believe is the person hitting them ha:-D
  5. Played Eaglescliffe today for the first time, stunning course and the greens were in excellent condition for this early in the season. Very windy and intermittent rain, scored 36 stableford points and that was with 4 holes I didn't score on, had 2 birdies, the first on the 13th par 3, 1ft away from the pin off the tee. I had a fair few 1 putt holes and no 3 putts which is good, the new fatso grip is working well.
  6. Thanks for the info, I've been in touch with the guy I bought it off and explained to him I couldn't register it and he is willing to give me my money back if I can't sort it out. Apparently he bought it in good faith off someone else etc etc, I think I will just get my money back and buy a new one. Thanks again though for letting me know about you having the same problem it's saved me some problems:-)
  7. Hi everyone just thought I'd check with you all, I'm in the UK and have just bought a Skycaddie SGX off a guy from eBay, met up seemed like nice fella tried to register on line and couldn't , rang Skycaddie and it had been registered as lost! Anyway they tell me to ring back the next day and see what they can do about registering the device, my question is do you find it strange that they ate closed over weekends and holidays? It strikes me as really wierd as most people play their golf, and therefore I would think that's when most calls would be made??? Does anyone else think this is strang
  8. I have just joined and thought I'd take the opportunity to say hello. I started to play golf again last May after a break of about 8 years due finances and job etc. The bug has defiantly bit again and nearly all my time is spent on the course or practice ground. I have started having a few lessons and hope to get my handicap down under 18 this season. I have recently bought the new Titleist 712 irons and a set of Vokey wedges, I'm really happy with the way they ate performing and how much more forgiving they are than the MX200's I had. Well I hope to speak to you all soon, take care out there
  9. Hi everyone, I've just joined the forum and thought I would say hello, I'm in the UK and my profession is a soldier in the British Army, I'm currently coming to the end of my career after 25 years and am studying to become a teacher in FE. So hello to you all again;-)
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