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  1. I think Como will work out great for Tiger. Foley also claims to have a focus on biomechanics but always seemed to be too much like paint by numbers for my taste. All the talk about the new old makes me smile and is more or less what every fan has been talking about for years. It's definitely exciting to have Tiger back in the game and he's still very good for golf.
  2. Maybe it sounds too simple, but just stop hesitating. Seems you just have to relax some. If you know that you are waiting too much. Focus on doing your routine and just roll the rock. And don't make each putt more important than it is. If you make it fine if not fine as well. You always play 18 holes.
  3. Hold your breath? That's the question. In a lot of other precision sports specific breathing patterns are very important. e.g. biathlon, swimming, shooting etc. So do you have a specific breathing pattern in your preshot routine? Have you even ever thought about that? By using google you can find a lot of information related to this topic. I just started experimenting myself. Taking a deep breath and holding my breath just before striking the ball gets my mind and my muscles focused. And I think it's helping my swing. So what are your experiences?
  4. First of all don't freak out. Look for the changes you made. You obviously must have made some. Take a break. Ask a pro. If you played consistent before, you'll get your game back soon enough. Just stick with it. Golf's a process. cheers mate
  5. Get my Handicap in the realms of 5 - 6. Which means improvement in all areas of my game from ball striking to short game to course management.
  6. I like this book for the clear instructions and training drills. If you are an absolute beginner you just have to follow along and will improve quite naturally. I also like the writing style. It's entertaining and professional at the same time.
  7. Well chipping helps the longgame. But if you really want to improve your longgame you should train exactly that. So I'd say it's synergistic but doesn't unlock it as your title says. Btw there is no unlocking and secrets in golf anyway imo. I think it's best to see golf as a process of always improving. cheers and good luck
  8. Webdesigner in a small agency which I can call my own.
  9. A general tip that helps the good and the beginner is to always work on your weaknesses. Many people invest most time on the area of their game they are already good at, just because they feel confident and good about it. For improvement you always have to look for your weakest link and start there. So take a look at your biggest weakness and start to grind your way through there. Also find people who excel in exactly this area and surpass your level of play and pick their brains. good luck mate
  10. Don't really have one. But I do like my 15$ Putter. Somehow cheap clubs always have a place in my heart
  11. First of all I suggest u focus on one to two things max at a time. Of course everything's mutually dependent on one another in the golf swing. But IMO one can learn much faster when focusing on one thing at a time. I suggest starting with your setup and posture. Cause that's the easy part, right? Take a look at a couple of pros you like. Try to mimic there setup. Againg try to focus most of your time on one. Use a mirror or your camera to compare. From the things I saw in your videos: Square up your right foot. Also square up and align your hips shoulders and f
  12. Hi there, I'd like to know what currently your biggest frustrations with your swing and golf in general are. Mine is performing under pressure. I'm not a scratch golfer by any means (yet :) ) but when I walk from the practice tee to the first hole especially in a tournament I seem to leave my skills behind. Under pressure I perform things I wouldn't even consider possible and I don't mean that in a good way So what's yours?
  13. Yes he his. First I thought is that some kind of trick or special effect? Yeah I know pretty ignorant. But I quickly realized that he's just plain awesomeness!
  14. Alot. And that's the official number. But at least I'd see alot of the course too. And it looks so pretty
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