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  1. played on thursday, on the 4th green when a 4 ball decided that they were going to start on the 5th hole! they could clearly see us finishing up on the 4th green but decided to go ahead and tee off anyway. so f'ing annoying! we confronted them at the first chance and funnily enough claimed to not see us on the green and thought nobody was coming up behind..yea really.
  2. I personally have never heard of the brand, but im in the UK so maybe its an american brand. If you are just starting out they seem ideal, very cheap and have all the clubs you will need. If you enjoy the game and want to upgrade you can do it piece by piece. I would go for it as spending hefty amounts of money on something you are new to might not be the best idea! golf is an expensive hobby so this set seems a good place to start.
  3. Im in the UK and these are the balls i use too, i get them for £7.50 a dozen at a sports shop over here. Great ball
  4. i honestly have no idea.......i dont have a gps either. i play the same course every week so i know what club i need to hit from most parts of the course. sometimes im long or short but i go with my judgement and get it right a surprisingly high percentage of the time.
  5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wilson-Golf-Staff-2012-Ci11-Black-Iron-Set-4-PW-Steel-Stiff-Ci-11-NEW-/200722322776?pt=Golf_Clubs&hash;=item2ebbfb9558
  6. http://www.americangolf.co.uk/product/Wilson-Staff-Golf-Ci11-Irons-4-PW-Steel/p100635.aspx they can be found a lot cheaper.
  7. i have just bought the wilson staff DI11's, they are for high handicappers like me (28), but also in the range are the Ci11's aimed at mid-high. I tried the Ci11's but found the Di's more suitable for me, so the Ci's may suit you. They look great and can be picked up fairly cheap.
  8. my driver never comes out of the bag cos i just cant hit it. my 5 wood is my club, 5 wood off the tee on par 4's, i can hit it loooong so im not missing out too much cos my driver goes further right than it does forward.
  9. so if u cant break 80 you have to rush......i dont think anyone got good enough to break 80 by just "grip it and rip it" method......Iv never broken 90 but still take my time on every shot. im not excessively slow but i cant stand p****s behind who think i should rush because they are better than me.
  10. Rory Mcilroy, Ian Poulter, Keegan Bradley, Louis Oosthuizen, Rory Sabbatini......Dont know why i just really dont like any of them. iv never met them of course but Poulter is an Arsenal fan, thats enough for me.......
  11. maybe, just maybe he was speaking hypothetically and isnt actually expecting a call from Mr Furyk......
  12. thanks for the advice......fitting it is then
  13. I play with the same group every week, we are all close friends. 3 of us tell the truth, then we have the "golf liar", none of us are very good, all shoot mid 90's on a good day, but the golf liar hacks his way up the wrong fairway, 3 putts and declares a bogey. we all watched you slice your tee shot, chip out of the trees, duff two approach shots and 3 putt...........
  14. i would give it back to Louis. I would love to play at Augusta but would need 2 days to hack my way around
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