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  1. Any suggestions on where to get fitted? There is a Golf Galaxy about an hour from us. Has anyone used Golf Galaxy?
  2. Where can I find info on how to get right shafts for slow swing speeds? I don't even know where to start.
  3. so what im picking up is that the shafts are more important for getting the ball up in the air, rather than the clubs? in that case, anyone have shaft recommendations?
  4. do you mean Cleveland in general or are you referring to their hybrid iron set?
  5. i guess my question now is, are these hybrid iron sets actually worth it? will they truly give a senior more distance and height? are there any alternatives?
  6. Good to know. I was looking at the Clevelands. There doesn't seem to be too many options in the hybrid iron market.
  7. Hi Everyone. I am trying to find a new set of irons for my father. Hes about 5'6 and can drive the ball around 200 yards. He has some issues getting his irons up in the air and most of his shots land short. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for him? I'd like him to be able to get his irons back up in the air and add some distance. Does anyone have experience with a hybrid iron set? Are these good for seniors? Also, we don't have access to any club fitters where we live. Is it possible to get fitted online these days? Thanks!
  8. Thank you Bill!!! Should have done a little more research before posting. Sorry about that.
  9. Just found this on their ebay page: We are a family owned retailer that has been in business since 1993. Each and every item we sell is authentic. We are an authorized dealer for all manufacturers. We only sell items we buy direct from the manufacturer. We have never once sold an item that did not come direct from the manufacturer. We stand behind all of our products. If there is a problem with any item please let us know and we can assist. In the event of a damaged item, mis-shipped item, or lost package, please rest assure that we will take appropriate actions and proceed accordingly
  10. So im looking to purchase a Mizuno JPX-825 Pro iron set. Golfsmith has them at $599 on their site however a very reputable ebay store called budgetgolf has them for 499. Has anyone purchased clubs from this store? Why are they $100 cheaper? Ive heard that it can be unsafe purchasing clubs on ebay due to knockoffs but this store has some great feedback. What do you think?
  11. Im thinking about grabbing a set and was just wondering what the difference was between the x-hot, x-hot pro, and the x-hot N14. Why is the N14 set $100 cheaper?
  12. So to my understanding, blades are a solid iron (such as mp69's) and are the toughest to hit. Cavity backs are irons with a cavity (such as rocketballz irons) and are easiest to hit. Then there are hybrids (such as mp58's), which are a mix of both? is this right? in terms of how easy they are to hit do hybrids lean more towards blades or cavity backs? I have heard that more than 50% of pros are using cavity backs now? is this true? do any of them use hybrids?
  13. I think you guys are right. Im pretty sure they are toe hits. Its not a shank. And I recall my buddy, who is a scratch golfer, once telling me that he doesnt think im getting my wrists through the ball and finishing my shot.
  14. half of my normal height. and only about 20 yards right.
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