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  1. Thanks for the reply I was wondering if the R flex would better suit me as I hit them in both my Driver & 3 wood, but have always been fit to a Stiff shaft and my swing speed classifies me as a "tweener". I did hit the NSPro950 this weekend in an MC head and picked up 2mph in clubhead speed, but to be honest i don't seem to have any trouble getting the ball in the air and wonder if a lower launch shaft would be better. Hit the PX 5.5 which was nice, but a little harsh on mis-hits. Like you said i probably won't notice the difference enough to justify spending $300-$400 re-sha
  2. I guess i feel a little confused. I am currently playing a TT XP s300 shaft. I am a 10 handicap and hit the ball about 165 yards with a 6 iron. My swing speed is ~80mph. The mizuno shaft optimizer and fitters seem to agree that the TT XP or the PX 5.0 are the two best shafts for me. However all online shaft fits put me in a lighter shaft like the following: - TT Dynamic Gold SL - TT GS 85 - KBS Tour 90 I guess i'm just looking for a little peace of mind
  3. i just made an iron switch from the burner 1.0 to the taylormade cb last month. I made the switch hoping to get an iron to that would be more precise and help me transtion to a legit single handicapper. ( i played to as low as a 9 last summer) However i feel that i have lost tremendous distance 1 club +. Kind of expected going from an 85 gram shaft to a 117 grams shaft and normal lofts. My swing speed is around 80 with a six iron. The Mizuno shaft fit chose the following TT XP which is what i currently play in the CBs, the PX 5.0 and the KBS Tour. However, i played twice in Hawaii with
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