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  1. Hi guys I have had a overswing for a long time, been working on feeling much shorter in backswing this almost feels like I’ve Hardly taken club back yet on video it looks like a full swing, does this look a good postion at top with driver? Thanks for looking
  2. Sorry I’m doing from a iPhone with no luck thanks anyway
  3. Sorry here is a better view thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJabduDiIAo And side view thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4ijLLgLlb0
  4. Early release and over the top I feel I release club over my right foot or leg I've been Playing Golf for: 10 years My current handicap index or 18average score is: 90 My typical ball flight is: draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: shank Videos: [Delete this, Embed Videos Here]
  5. Hi ? Could anyone confirm that in my pic I’m reverse pivoting? I have an awful over swing and cast the club coming down and feel my weight is very much on my right foot, my right elbow unfolds over my right leg early, would the reverse pivot cause all of the above? Comments much appreciated
  6. Hi there like a said in previous, I have 20 years experience with paint and body repair and 100% understand the process on applying ceramic wax, the supplier offers a 4 year gaurentee as do most on a proper ceramic wax not just your cheap super guards, I myself being a paint professional working on high end vehicles thought waterless wash would scratch your paint but after extensive testing it is actually a brilliant product, I also stated the word cosmetic detailing which means no where near the cost of a detailing job of around £600. We would easily be able to apply the waxes properly
  7. Sorry for that I understand your opinion yes there are lots of car wash guys out there I meant more in specific golf clubs not while you wait scrub washes, every time I go to my club I see lots of nice cars dirty I thought why not while the cars sitting doing nothing offer a exclusive service NOT just a wash but cosmetic paint repairs while you play, i think there are differences areas as we have them in multi storey car parks doing very well in multiple sites. Cheers
  8. Depends what you’d like doing the best wash would be an Albatross then eagle ,birdie , par for your standard clean. Ranging from £7-£69 plus lots of extras like chips touched up scratches looked at professionally, 4 year guaranteed waxes ceramic etc...
  9. Yeah I understand exactly I’d do the same bud, it would be more towards your prestige customers
  10. The waterless solution lifts the dirt off the car when applied you then use a micro fibre cloth to remove the dirt it leaves a wax residue which then polishes your paint, I have 20 years in paint experience so no the crack:) these wash techniques are popping up all over now days in carparks and multi-storey where there is no water feed and do a superb job. It is the future as government are clamping down on over use of water at these dis used Peteol station washes. And again where could you if you had a expensive vehicle or pride and joy get paint work rectified while you get a wash at same ti
  11. All the more to have it cleaned while you enjoy a round? No body needs to drive your car. And your normal washes wouldn’t rectify scratches and offer a professional job Not to mention the saving our planet side of things?
  12. Yeah agree forget the clubs this would be professional vehicle cleaning to a very high standard, removal of scratches saving hundreds in paint shop bills applying high end waxes and polishes, offering loyalty cards you would book with your tee time also creating revenue for the club itself by leasing a dedicated area, I know I would pay for my pride and joy to be detailed and not to metion saving the environment with water and chemicals with these pop up washes using all bad stuff
  13. Hey totally agree with above club cleaned would just be an extra, the cars are priority, except it’s more than just a clean it’s more of a cosmetic detail as in removal of light scratches then waxed then all your chips touched in door edges etc... all while we enjoy a round of golf returning to a immaculate car( I have 25 years experience in motor paint repair)to answer other question it is a warterless wash system which is fantastic it literally lifts the dirt of your car and waxes at same time no mess no water very green. jamie
  14. Hey all simple question would you pay to have your car professionally cleaned or detailed while you enjoy a round? Then clubs cleaned when you finish. I’m a avid golfer and a local firm has started doing this and is brilliant! They use no water or bad chemicals so very echo friendly green. jamie
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