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  1. Yeah I saw that.. and the listed options and sizes is what made me wonder if they got out of the shoe game
  2. I have been trying to find a new pair of Oakley Golf Shoes and can't find the anywhere in stores or online.. did Oakley get out of the Golf Shoe Game...?
  3. I am looking to Sell or Trade my Blue Catalina 2.0 Bag. (Have had it for about 6 months) Not a fan of the Color. (Cowboys Color Scheme) I would trade it for a TaylorMade RBZ Cart or Stand Bag, Micro Lite Bag in Slime Green, Stratus Stand Bag White/Green or San Clemente Bag White/Green.
  4. Found one.. Thanks.. How do I delete this post..
  5. I am looking for a Rocketballz 22* 4 Rescue/Hybrid.. Used or Demo in Good Shape.. I've tried Ebay, and either can't find a dealer I trust or get sniped over my limit in the closing minutes. Trying to keep it between $55-70 with shipping.. I live in Virginia, South of Richmond. The lack of Golf stores in the area is killer, I had to devert on a road trip through North Carolina to stop and test fit some irons at Golfsmith in Raleigh.
  6. I am trying to find a good site or store whre I could get a good deal on a new Full Set. (Irons, Driver, Fairway Woods) I am looking at getting a set of Rocketballz with the new Bladz coming out the prices are down. Buying the set in pieces from Golfsmith is a little over $1100 with tax and shipping. Great Golf Deals has the same set for $985. Both are more than I really want to spend, I am thinking about waitting till the Spring of 2014 and seeing what I could get then. Thoughts?
  7. What really gets me off my game is being stuck behind a slow group or guys playing for money that will stare down each and every putt like its Tiger putting for the win at Master's.
  8. Over the past month I have played 5 rounds alone averaging +7 and 3 rounds with a playing partner averaging +19. I think I just play better when I don't have to wait on other people or get held up behind slow groups. My two best rounds 76&77 were first tee times of day solo rounds. Does anyone else play better alone, I mean I enjoy playing with friends but I hate that I blow about 10 shots in exchange for conversation or time with friends.
  9. I have swung two different drivers on my last two rounds.. what they have in common is 10.5* Reg Shaft.. I am getting better accuracy and distance. So im looking at clubs and in my price range I am looking at Used or "Last Year Models" New. What Clubs of 2010 or 2011 would you all recommend.. I have looked online at Callaway FT-IZ and Burner Superfast 2.0 .. Yes No.. Something Else. Trying to stay under $150
  10. I am looking for a new driver and looking to save a little money at the same time.. I was searching used clubs on Google and this site popped up. http://www.yy**************/ Has anyone picked up any clubs off of this site or does anyone know where I could get a New or Used Driver.. for under $200. I demo'd a Reg Shaft, 10.5 Deg, RBZ today.. it was nice.. the $300 price tag not so much though.
  11. I currently have a Taylor Made R7 460 with a Stiff Shaft. After some lessons to fix my swing, part of the fix has been to slow my swing to prevent over hip rotation and hands being left behind. I am hitting the ball straight but I am only hitting my drives about 230 yds, 3-wood 210 (off the tee) ... What kind of Loft Shaft Combo would get me more distance with my more "controlled" swing. I did swing a friends 10 Deg reg shaft R9 and hit it the same. Is there a club that can help or is my only real fix to work my swing speed back up??
  12. I will give it a try.. I am currently going off what the pro at my club is suggesting I do.. I am told I bring my hips around before my hands ..
  13. I tried my friends r7 Limited with a regular shaft on a few holes and each shot was 5-15 yards shorter with my adjusted swing.. I think I just need to slowly work my speed back up.. bc my main issue is when i Swing Hard, I leave my hands behind = club face open = Slice..
  14. I have had to slow my swing to help prevent my slice.. which has reduced my distance.. will switching from my current stiff shaft to a reg flex shaft help increase distance on my now slower swing..
  15. I Play once a month with a guy that is worst... I recommend that people from Snickers find out who Na is playing with and provide him with free candy bars and cash to eat them in the backround while Na is prepping.. Hungry.. Why Wait...
  16. Adam Scott -273 Luke Donald -275 Webb Simpson -275
  17. Also I know I am the ticked off, shoulda done better, club slammer after hitting a bad shot that blows a hole..guy.. its bc I hate it that in High school I could shoot low 80s and now im lucky to break 90..
  18. I have come to the conclussion I cant stand someone that lines up and take a few practice swings that look great then.. sit on the ball for 60-90 seconds moving feet bouncing club then take the ugliest actual swing and ball goes no where... Tell them to not think so much about it take a few practice swings and then line up and hit while they are in the zone, and they hit a good shot.. then 2 shots later they are back to taking forever.
  19. Had a lesson today.. and found out that when I am turning my hips, my hands are lagging causing an open club face
  20. i hit my irons straight as an arrow but my woods are either straight or super slice...and my super slices cost me atleast 5+ strokes a game.
  21. SSgt United States Air Force. Air Transportation Technical Training Instructor. 2T2X1.
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